Meet the Star of 'Jem and the Holograms': Aubrey Peeples -
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Meet the Star of 'Jem and the Holograms': Aubrey Peeples

ABC News - 24 Apr 2014
Everyone meet Aubrey Peeples, who is "truly outrageous" and ready for her first starring role in "Jem and the Holograms." The Hollywood Reporter announced today that the young actress will take on her first major movie role as the hip singer from the ...
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What Matters in Hollywood Today

Hollywood Reporter - 09 Mar 2018
Robert Kyncl interview: "We should have done better," YouTube's chief business officer says of the recent Logan Paul fiasco. "We were fast on our PR response, but we were slow on our social response. I think that is what we got flagged for — and ...
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Peter Facinelli, Aubrey Peeples Join Chris Sivertson's 'Heartthrob'

Hollywood Reporter - 06 Sep 2016
Nashville actress Aubrey Peeples and Twilight's Peter Facinelli will star in the feature, a teen romance that spirals out of control into a teen thriller. It Follows' Keir Gilchrist and Ione Skye will also star, along with Jimmy Bennett, Felicity Price ...
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Aubrey Peeples, other stars of ABC's 'Nashville' to sing at Venetian

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 14 Apr 2016
They are actors who play singers on TV. So when they sing in real life, who are we seeing? When “ABC's Nashville in Concert” docks at The Venetian for one show Friday, will we be watching Aubrey Peeples or Layla Grant? Or is there even a difference (as ...
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Aubrey Peeples Embraces Her Inner Pop Star in 'Jem'

WWD - 16 Oct 2015
That's certainly true of Aubrey Peeples, the star of the upcoming film “Jem and the Holograms” (Universal Pictures), based on the beloved animated series about a young woman who transforms into a pop star whenever she utters the immortal phrase ...
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Leanne Passafonti Joins Citizen Skull Productions

Animation World Network (press release) (blog) - 29 Dec 2017
Recently completed projects are the upcoming features: 12 Feet Deep starring Alexandra Park (The Royals), Nora Jane Noone (Brooklyn) and Tobin Bell (Saw), and Heartthrob, with Peter Facinelli (Twilight), Keir Gilchrist (It Follows) and Aubrey Peeples ...
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Holy Sh*t! These Foods Are Vegan?!

Delish - 22 Apr 2016
Aubrey Peeples is what you might call an 'accidental vegan.' The actress, who plays country singer Layla Grant on ABC's Nashville, had been surrounded by cheesy, deep-fried foods, and challenged herself to eat two meat- and dairy-free meals a day for ...
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Nashville Tour Gives Special Memories to the Show's Stars

Sounds Like Nashville - 27 Jul 2017
Nashville has one of the most passionate fanbases of any TV show and its stars are so grateful, they're taking the show's hit songs, and some of their own, out on the road for the fourth year in a row on the 2017 CMT's Nashville in Concert Tour. After ...
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Aubrey Peeples Thinks You'll Be Happy With The Nashville Finale

Refinery29 - 16 Apr 2015
Aubrey Peeples is just 21 years old, but she's already got quite the acting career. She shared the screen with Nicolas Cage in Rage. She landed a series role on Nashville. And, later this year, she'll be playing the lead role in the '80s cult TV ...
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The 10 Best Original Songs from 'Nashville,' Ranked

Wide Open Country - 20 Dec 2017
Here it is, the best of the many amazing songs from Nashville. And guess who wrote it? None other than Maren Morris, with Trey Bruce and Derek Cannavo. If there's any one song that best encapsulates one of the best music tv shows ever, it's this season ...

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