Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights over Northern Ireland -
aurora borealis

Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights over Northern Ireland

BBC News - 12 Sep 2014
When these field lines "snap back" into position, charged particles from the solar wind are again pushed into the Earth's atmosphere, causing aurora. The more magnetic field lines that disconnect and snap back, the further south the Northern Lights can ...
aurora borealis

Aurora Borealis could be visible in Idaho this week

KTVB - 13 Sep 2017
BOISE -- Idaho residents could catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights as early as Wednesday night, if conditions are right. The spectacular sight is more commonly associated with the northernmost reaches of the U.S., but could be visible in the ...
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The science behind the Northern Lights

KVOA Tucson News - 22 Sep 2017
The magnetic fields of the North & South Pole draw these charged particles toward them, making the Aurora Borealis visible at higher latitudes. There have been times when the Northern Lights were seen as far south as southern California, but it takes a ...
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Northern Lights glow near Chicago

WLS-TV - 20 Sep 2017
Closer to the North Pole, the Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, can be seen frequently. Gyuk says the phenomenon comes from charged particles drifting away from the sun. This "solar wind" disrupts the Earth's magnetic field, creating the ...
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Powerful solar flare sparks widespread aurora borealis

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - 10 Sep 2017
FAIRBANKS - It may be the “quiet” low of the 11-year solar cycle, but turmoil on the sun's surface is keeping the northern lights on. Several solar storms, one of which is the strongest recorded in a decade, brought brilliant aurora borealis displays ...
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New Ways To Experience The Northern Lights

Forbes - 15 Sep 2017
Eskimos believed that the Northern Lights represented a soul's pathway to the afterlife. Vikings took the view that they were the effects of a vast cosmic battle. Today, to see them for the first time is still an eerie, otherworldly experience, a ...
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Another chance to see the northern lights over part of New England

WCVB Boston - 08 Sep 2017
While two hurricanes churn in the Caribbean, two storms of a different kind are hurtling toward Earth. Two coronal mass ejections have prompted the National Weather Service's Space Weather Prediction Center to issue a strong geomagnetic storm watch for ...
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Photos: Aurora Borealis dazzles Norway's Arctic skies

Hindustan Times - 12 Sep 2017
The Northern lights illuminated the sky over Uttakleiv beach in Arctic Circle. The biggest solar flare seen in 12 years erupted this week triggering the spectacular Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle. The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern ...

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