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austin bombings

2nd suspicious package found at FedEx after blast

CNN - 19 Mar 2018
Preliminary information indicates there could be a connection between the Schertz blast and the four Austin explosions, FBI San Antonio spokeswoman Michelle Lee said. • But FBI special agent James Smith said it was too early to know whether the Schertz ...
austin bombings

Austin bombings response a model for future attacks, McCaul says

MyStatesman.com - 19 Apr 2018
Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, who worked with federal agents after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent investigation, and Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Peter Newsham also spoke on Capitol Hill about how collaborations ...
austin bombings

The Inscrutable Terror of the Austin Bombings

The New Yorker - 28 Mar 2018
With a bomb, things are less certain. “We can't rule out that Mr. House didn't construct this himself and accidentally detonate it, in which case it would be an accidental death,” Joseph Chacon, the assistant chief of police in Austin, said at a press ...
austin bombings

After the Austin Bomber's Terror

Austin Monthly (blog) - 20 Apr 2018
On March 20, the day before our collective nightmare came to an end, the Associated Press ran a story with an appallingly playful headline: “Can Austin Stay Weird Despite the Bombs That Keep Exploding?” The parade of stereotypes masquerading as ...
austin bombings

The Dramatic Last Hours as Agents Stalked the Austin Bomber

New York Times - 24 Mar 2018
AUSTIN, Tex. — It was past midnight when the call finally came crackling over the radios of agents pursuing the man who had been terrorizing Austin with his homemade bombs. An officer had sighted an aging red Nissan Pathfinder in the parking lot of a ...
austin bombings

What Makes a Serial Bomber Tick?

The Atlantic - 30 Mar 2018
Investigators probably know the makeup of the mechanical switches he used to detonate his seven explosive devices, ones filled with smokeless powder along with nails to enhance their shrapnel effect. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and ...
austin bombings

Austin bomber was 'domestic terrorist,' police chief says

NBCNews.com - 30 Mar 2018
Austin's police chief said Thursday that the bomber who sparked fear in the Texas city was a “domestic terrorist," which is a stronger characterization than authorities had previously used. "I am now believing and comfortable saying that this was a ...
austin bombings

How Austin bombings fit a system of racism

mySanAntonio.com - 14 Apr 2018
With seeming compassion for Conditt, the police described him as a troubled and anguished youth. Where was that empathy and compassion toward Stephen, Draylen, Shamika and Esperanza, and toward people of color on Austin's East Side who were traumatized ...
austin bombings

Austin Bombing Suspect's Housemate Called a Person of Interest

New York Times - 27 Mar 2018
AUSTIN, Tex. — One of the housemates of the man responsible for a series of bombings in Texas has become a “person of interest” in the investigation, and the authorities now have evidence that the explosive devices were constructed at the suburban ...
austin bombings

Terrifying Bombings Leave Cracks In Austin's Facade Of Cool

NPR - 25 Mar 2018
"But big cities come with big-city problems, one of them being serial-killer bombers." Of course these days, communities of every size are targeted by active shooters, with terrifying regularity. But there is a palpable sense here in the once-mellow ...
austin bombings

19 days of terror: Inside the Austin bombings investigation

KPRC Click2Houston - 03 Apr 2018
The effort was aimed at getting “DNA, fingerprints and most importantly tell us what the explosive mixture was in these devices,” Milanowski said. Once they knew the components, ATF and FBI agents, along with Austin police, began scouring stores that ...
austin bombings

Austin bomber's roommate still being questioned, lawmaker says

CNN - 28 Mar 2018
Interim Austin Police Chief Brian Manley had left open the possibility the roommates could face more questioning as the investigation continues. Manley has declined to discuss details about the investigation, CNN affiliate KXAN reported. "Any person ...
austin bombings

Why People Are Reluctant To Call The Austin Bomber A Terrorist

NPR - 23 Mar 2018
CORNISH: One argument I've seen is that somehow we should just expand the definition of terrorist - right? - so that it would include someone like Dylann Roof or the Austin, Texas, bomber. DEMBY: So this is what a lot of people want. They're frustrated ...
austin bombings

'He Is Not a Victim': Our Austin Bomber Coverage Explained

New York Times - 29 Mar 2018
Many news organizations, including our own, came under criticism from some readers last week for coverage of the bombings in and near Austin, Tex. Some said The Times's initial reporting on the suspect, Mark Conditt, treated him too lightly or did too ...
austin bombings

Austin bomb suspect called self a 'psychopath,' congressman says

Reuters - 25 Mar 2018
Federal investigators have been hunting clues about what drove Conditt, who was unemployed and lived with roommates in the Austin suburb of Pflugerville. They also want to know whether he had help building or planting the bombs. Three of the devices ...

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