The Avars (Avar: аварал / магIарулал, avaral / maⱨarulal; "moun... -
avar people (caucasus)

The Avars (Avar: аварал / магIарулал, avaral / maⱨarulal; "moun...

wikipedia - 13 Nov 2016
The Avars (Avar: аварал / магIарулал, avaral / maⱨarulal; "mountaineers") constitute a Caucasus native ethnic group, the most predominant of several ethnic groups living in the Russian republic of Dagestan. The Avars reside in a region known as the North Caucasus between the Black and Caspian Seas. Alongside other ethnic groups in the North Caucasus region, the Caucasian Avars live in ancient villages located approximately 2,000 m above sea level. The Avar language spoken by the Caucasian Avars belon
avar people (caucasus)

Kadyrov's Evolving Role In A Chechen-Avar Standoff In Daghestan

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - 26 Jul 2017
Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov appears to have capitalized on Daghestani authorities' perceived failure to address grievances that led to a brawl between Chechens and Avars last month in order to cast Chechnya's controversial parliamentary ...
avar people (caucasus)

The Many Languages of Islam in the Caucasus

LobeLog - 10 Nov 2017
Alongside the different legal schools, Islam in the Caucasus is exceptionally multilingual. The languages of the Islam here include but are not limited to Azeri, Georgian, Russian, Chechen, Avar, Dargin, Qumyq, Lak, and Lezgi. Although the many ...
avar people (caucasus)

The burning land of Lenin-Aul

Open Democracy - 11 Aug 2017
Lenin-Aul is a town of some 10,000 in the Republic of Dagestan, in Russia's North Caucasus. Chechnya is not far from ...
avar people (caucasus)

Is Kremlin Struggling To Pick New Daghestan Leader?

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - 02 Oct 2017
The first is the unwritten rule that the post of Daghestan leader is held alternately by representatives of the republic's two largest ethnic groups: Avars and Dargins. Abdulatipov is an Avar; his predecessor, Magomedsalam Magomedov, is a Dargin.
avar people (caucasus)

Avar Theologian Named To Succeed Umarov As Insurgency Leader

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty - 19 Mar 2014
Aliasaskhab Kebekov (aka Ali Abu-Mukhammad), the "qadi" (supreme religious authority) of the Caucasus Emirate proclaimed in 2007 by then-Chechen Republic Ichkeria President Doku Umarov, says he has been chosen to succeed Umarov as Caucasus ...
avar people (caucasus)

FGM Uncovered in Georgia

Institute for War and Peace Reporting - 04 Nov 2016
Georgians generally know very little about the Avar community, a native ethnic group in the Caucasus that was historically based in the mountainous part of the Russian republic of Dagestan. As a result of trade relations with the neighbouring Georgian ...
avar people (caucasus)

The Eagle, the Bear, and the Fighter

Bloody Elbow - 02 Mar 2017
Surrounded by his usual entourage of Caucasus-born fighters and fellow Russian UFC competitors, Khabib arrived at the high-class hotel in a snow white Rolls Royce Phantom, gifted to him by Kazakh oligarchs for the duration of his stay in Almaty. Those ...
avar people (caucasus)

Russia Building New Road From Dagestan to Georgia

The Jamestown Foundation - 29 Jul 2017
This road is most often called Avar-Kakheti, by the name of Georgia's eastern region of Kakheti and the Dagestani region populated by ethnic Avars (, January 13). Zurab Abashidze claims that Grigory Karasin “did not raise the topic of the ...
avar people (caucasus)

Ethnogenesis of Karachays and Balkars

vestnik kavkaza - 26 Mar 2018
There is no categorical version of the Karachay's origin. According to anthropology, they belong to the central cluster of the Caucasionic race, which is one of the sub-races of Caucasian race, like the Balkars, Ossetians, Ingush, Chechens, Bats, Avar ...
avar people (caucasus)

WEEK OF PRAYER: Ministry among Muslims in Moscow

BP News - 04 Dec 2017
Muslim groups are indigenous to the North Caucasus region of Russia, a mountainous area between the Black and Caspian Seas. Chechens live there, but also Circassians, Ingush, Dargin, Avar and Lezghi and 45 to 50 subsets of people, all with their own ...

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