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Avonte Oquendo Remains Found in Queens

New York Times - 21 Jan 2014
With the discovery last week of a body in pieces on the shoreline of the East River, and clothes that appeared to match those last worn by the teenager, hopes dimmed that the boy, Avonte Oquendo, would turn up alive. Those days of uncertainty ended ...
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Autistic boy vanishes from Harlem school and is found blocks away

New York Daily News - 19 Dec 2017
Paris' brief disappearance comes roughly four years after Avonte Oquendo ran out a side door of the Riverview School in Queens on Oct. 4, 2013. 'Kevin and Avonte's Law' to help track autistic kids passes House. After an exhaustive search and painful ...
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The Boy Who Ran: The Life and Death of Avonte Oquendo

New York Magazine - 01 Apr 2014
She was a teenager when she met Daniel Oquendo and just 19 when their first son, Jason, was born. Next came Anthony, Andrew, and Jovan and finally Avonte, the baby, in 1999, when she was 34. The family lived in the three-bedroom apartment in Rego Park ...
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Avonte Oquendo Remains Found in Queens

New York Times - 22 Jan 2014
Then there were the months of searching, the posters of a fresh-faced teenager that a city came to know simply as Avonte. With the discovery last week of a body in pieces on the shoreline of the East River, and clothes that appeared to match those last ...
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Avonte Oquendo's Grieving Brother Finds Mentor After Tragedy

DNAinfo - 23 May 2016
TRIBECA — Danny Oquendo just wrapped up his second year at New York Law School and ranks first in his class of about 90 students, but his current success likely wouldn't be possible without past heartbreak — and the guidance of an unlikely mentor ...
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Avonte may have drowned after running from dog: sources

New York Post - 19 Jan 2014
Missing autistic teen Avonte Oquendo was seen running from a dog at a nearby park right after he slipped out of his Queens school, and he likely fell into the East River in his panic, law-enforcement sources told The Post Friday. The drowning scenario ...
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Where Is Avonte Oquendo?

New Yorker - 24 Oct 2013
On October 4th, a boy named Avonte Oquendo walked out of his school in Queens in the middle of the day. He'd first approached one exit, where a security guard, with a degree of diligence that will long be debated, asked him where he was going. He didn ...
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NYPD searching for autistic teen who ran away from school

CNN - 08 Oct 2013
Police are still searching for an autistic teen that has been missing since he was last seen on video running out of his Long Island City, New York, school three days ago. Surveillance video shows 14-year-old Avonte Oquendo of Queens running out the ...
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Photo resembling Avonte Oquendo is not the missing teen, cops say

New York Daily News - 01 Nov 2013
A picture of a boy riding the subway that closely resembled Avonte Oquendo is not the missing teen, police said Thursday. The photo emerged Wednesday and even Avonte's father said there was a "close likeness." But police located the individual who was ...
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Somber wake, funeral held for autistic teen Avonte Oquendo

New York Daily News - 26 Jan 2014
The funeral for Avonte Oquendo took place Saturday morning at St. Joseph's Church in Greenwich Village. His father, Daniel Oquendo, touches the edge of the casket as it is brought inside. (Aaron Showalter/New York Daily News). BY Erik Badia Larry ...
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Senate unanimously passes Kevin and Avonte's Law

WABC-TV - 15 Jul 2016
The Senate on Thursday unanimously approved a bipartisan bill that aims to safeguard individuals with autism and other conditions. Originally introduced last March by Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-NY, Sen. Thom Tillis, R-NC, and Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-IA, the ...
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Avonte Oquendo's mother: 'There's no closure, there's no answers'

New York Daily News - 31 Mar 2014
It's assumed that Avonte — who loved to run — wound up tumbling into the East River sometime after he fled school grounds. From there, shifting currents would have carried his decomposing body back and forth until he came to rest at College Point ...

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