Hot World Cup Fan Axelle Despiegelaere Loses Gig with L'Oreal Amidst Hunting ... -
axelle despiegelaere

How the 'honey shot' became a moneymaker

Sydney Morning Herald - 11 Jul 2014
TV insiders, at least in the US where it originated, refer to it as the 'honey shot'. It's the moment when action on the sporting field wanes, and TV producers cut to ...
axelle despiegelaere

11 of the worst social media blunders ever

Business Insider Australia - 22 Apr 2015
Social media gives you the freedom to share your thoughts with thousands of people around the world. But freedom comes with responsibility, and when you ...
axelle despiegelaere

Editorial: Leave Kendall alone! - 06 Nov 2014
How does someone like Kendall Jones fit in with modern society? Over the summer, the 20-year-old woman gained notoriety after posting pictures of herself on ...
axelle despiegelaere

The History of Female Hunters

Broadly - 02 Nov 2015
Although hot pink pistols and Katniss Everdeen are relatively recent phenomena, women have been hunting since the days the Neanderthals roamed the earth.

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