Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not ... -
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Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not ...

wikipedia - 22 Jul 2017
Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not only they spend more time there, but also listen to recommendations from friends and family more than advertisers. Companies could reward customers for recommending products. Digital applications could include features that will allow them to share reviews or feedbacks on social media etc.
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3 Ways Content Beats Advertising

Business 2 Community - 11 Oct 2017
You probably use an ad blocker, and so do your customers. Those who don't can suffer from banner-blindness. So how can merchants drive customer engagement and boost sales? The answer is content marketing—a must-have in your digital arsenal.
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#EAPM: Diabetes and blindness in India and beyond

EU Reporter (blog) - 18 Oct 2017
The meeting comes as part of an 'ORNATE India' project to increase research capacity and capability to tackle the burden of blindness due to diabetes in India. It's a research-based approach between the UK and India. EAPM acts as a bridge to its many ...
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#EAPM: White Paper on Blindness to launch in European Parliament

EU Reporter - 04 Oct 2017
A White Paper on blindness, entitled 'Eyes Right: Preventable Blindness' is set to be launched in the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday, 11 October, writes European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) Executive Director Denis Horgan ...
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Is 'Content Blindness' The New 'Banner Blindness'?

Forbes - 23 Aug 2016
And so banner blindness, as it's known, has become a prevalent issue. We've begun to see a similar issue arise in our line of work called “content blindness." Though a relatively new concept, it's becoming an appropriate description of how much content ...
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Save the Banner, Ditch the Click (blog) - 10 Aug 2017
While there are some standout exceptions, the banner ad has seen better days. Although it was once a bona fide breakthrough in marketing, issues like banner blindness, ad blocking and poor performance have brought ROI into question. Add the fact that, ...
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Wake Up Call: Stop Wasting Time on Yesterday's Metrics

HuffPost - 18 Jul 2017
A decade ago, we were so successful in creating ad standards that “banner blindness” was decried as a full-blown epidemic by 2007. In other words, digital advertising was so predictable and so misaligned with our audience that it became virtually ...
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20 to get gift of clearer vision

The Star Online - 11 Oct 2017
(Front, from third left) Soon, Yeoh, Jayah and several visually impaired representatives holding a banner announcing the World Sight Day and White Cane Day events after the press conference in St Nicholas Home, Penang. TWENTY recipients will be picked ...
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W jakie działania marketingowe warto zainwestować? - 19 Oct 2017
Marketing jest podstawą rozwoju każdej firmy. Bez tych działań żadne przedsiębiorstwo nie byłoby w stanie zdobyć klientów, ani wypromować swoich usług bądź produktów. Czy jednak decydowanie się na tradycyjny marketing we współczesnych czasach ...

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