Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not ... -
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Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not ...

wikipedia - 22 Jul 2017
Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not only they spend more time there, but also listen to recommendations from friends and family more than advertisers. Companies could reward customers for recommending products. Digital applications could include features that will allow them to share reviews or feedbacks on social media etc.
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Why Your Click-Through Rate is Getting Shittier Every Day

Business 2 Community - 09 Dec 2017
Advertisers often chalk up the click-through rate decline to banner blindness. By the time several impressions are served to any one user, that user is in one of two boats: they've clicked on the ad and done the thing you hoped they'd do, or they were ...
banner blindness

Why Dynamic Creative Optimisation Matters for 2018

ExchangeWire (blog) - 22 Nov 2017
Dynamic creative optimisation (DCO) is set to take on a whole new persona. Granted, DCO is nothing new but, as Francis Turner (pictured below), general manager, US and chief revenue officer, ADYOULIKE, explains in this exclusive piece for ExchangeWire ...
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Save the Banner, Ditch the Click (blog) - 10 Aug 2017
Although it was once a bona fide breakthrough in marketing, issues like banner blindness, ad blocking and poor performance have brought ROI into question. Add the fact that, according to an Adobe study, 33% of consumers find display ads completely ...
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Is 'Content Blindness' The New 'Banner Blindness'?

Forbes - 23 Aug 2016
Now, over 20 years later, banner ads are almost universally considered the most annoying part of the internet experience. They're so annoying, in fact, that users are practically tripping over themselves to turn them off completely. As of last year ...
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How to combat banner blindness in digital advertising

Marketing Tech - 16 Aug 2016
Banner blindness is the phenomenon of users consciously or subconsciously ignoring web banner adverts. It can be so powerful that users tend to ignore all content resembling a banner advert – even if it is not one. The reason is obvious: users are ...
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Native programmatic dotarł do Polski (komunikaty prasowe) (Blog) - 07 Dec 2017
Pomaga zwiększyć zaangażowanie, jest odpowiedzią na efekt banner blindness i zapewnia dotarcie na szeroką skalę do właściwego użytkownika w odpowiednim czasie oraz kontekście. Notuje średnio 6x wyższy CTR. To tylko niektóre z zalet reklamy natywnej w ...
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Can native advertising help brands overcome 'banner blindness'?

The Guardian (blog) - 05 Dec 2013
Does she still think her findings about banner blindness hold true? "Yes, I still think there would be the same response in users today, though the breadth of graphic design available to designers today has increased dramatically since the late 90s ...
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Why the Humble Banner Ad Is Not Dead

Adweek - 25 Nov 2015
By 2017, spending on native ads on social sites alone is expected to rise to $5 billion. Soon, native will be king, and the digital banner will join the browser pop-up in the graveyard of outdated, digital-marketing schemes. But the obvious conclusion ...
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The Death of Interstitial ads

Marketing Tech - 25 Apr 2017
Interstitial, also referred to as banner or pop-up ads, may be calling on death's door. Previously thought to boost conversion rates, prestitials (loaded at app and mobile website entry) and interstitial ads (displayed at intervals covering the entire ...

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