Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not ... -
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Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not ...

wikipedia - 22 Jul 2017
Businesses could interact with customers on social media, because not only they spend more time there, but also listen to recommendations from friends and family more than advertisers. Companies could reward customers for recommending products. Digital applications could include features that will allow them to share reviews or feedbacks on social media etc.
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Steve Dempsey: Ads row as data destiny day looms - 18 Mar 2018
Yes, that means creepy ads, but it also means crappy ads traded for next to nothing that are responsible for users' banner blindness. The framework also looks to add complexity and cost to an already overly complex and murky programmatic advertising ...
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Will the iPhone X mark the spot where mobile marketing changes?

Mobile Marketer - 08 Mar 2018
Much like consumers's need to sign into a portal to use a coffee shop or retailer's Wi-Fi, Phillips said brands might be able to similarly request information in exchange for offering them free wireless charging. Apps could also be created to push ...
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Give Consumers The Ads They Want

Forbes - 07 Mar 2018
Pexels. As advertising and ad measurement become more sophisticated, two things are certain: New technologies and channels are bombarding consumers with messaging, and consumers have become frustrated with advertising that they find irrelevant ...
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Why Retargeting is an Easy Way to Achieve Performance with Native

MarTech Advisor - 08 Mar 2018
Native advertising has long been seen as a tool exclusively for branding campaigns. That's not the case, and as native grows, it creates an open opportunity for the performance marketing community to leverage new data points for native retargeting ...
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Here's How to Unlock Major Returns with People-Based Marketing

MarTech Advisor - 27 Feb 2018
The difference between good and great digital marketing is contingent upon a brand's ability to market effectively to a person, not merely data points. In fact, 81% of consumers want brands to understand them better and know when and when not to ...
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Programmatic Native vs Display Advertising – 5 ways they differ

MarTech Advisor - 05 Mar 2018
Consumer Experience and Engagement: Programmatic Native Ads win hands-down when it comes to improved consumer experience and engagement. Because Display (banner) Ads scream they are an advertisement, the user gets immune to seeing them and in turn ...
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Finder founder Fred Schebesta challenges effectiveness of TV

AdNews - 01 Mar 2018
To achieve its goal of being “as big as Amazon”, Schebesta said the company also aims to ditch display advertising this year. “Display advertising is good for awareness, but Finder needs to become more creative and find more creative ways to have the ...
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8 Tips for Optimizing Your Mobile Emails

Business 2 Community - 07 Mar 2018
There's no doubt about it: these days, your messages are most likely going to be opened on a mobile device. The trend has been heading in that direction for quite a while, and it was confirmed in a study conducted by Return Path last summer of 27 ...
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Why you should be using programmatic native ads

Marketing Land - 16 Mar 2018
Doing native ads programmatically means you get many of the benefits of programmatic display: automated media buying, effective targeting and audience insights for further optimization. A 2016 Think With Google report found that when the “Flex Frames ...
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Letter: Objects to Keelan column on racism

Bennington Banner - 20 Feb 2018
I am astounded by the ignorance displayed in Don Keelen's commentary 'Does racism exist in Vermont?' (Feb 17-18). He says he doesn't see that racism exists in Vermont while conceding there might be residents who practice racism. Has he not listened to ...
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Is 'Content Blindness' The New 'Banner Blindness'?

Forbes - 23 Aug 2016
Now, over 20 years later, banner ads are almost universally considered the most annoying part of the internet experience. They're so annoying, in fact, that users are practically tripping over themselves to turn them off completely. As of last year ...
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How to combat banner blindness in digital advertising

Marketing Tech - 16 Aug 2016
Banner blindness is the phenomenon of users consciously or subconsciously ignoring web banner adverts. It can be so powerful that users tend to ignore all content resembling a banner advert – even if it is not one. The reason is obvious: users are ...
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Save the Banner, Ditch the Click (blog) - 10 Aug 2017
Although it was once a bona fide breakthrough in marketing, issues like banner blindness, ad blocking and poor performance have brought ROI into question. Add the fact that, according to an Adobe study, 33% of consumers find display ads completely ...
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So tickt die Generation Z

Adzine - 06 Mar 2018
Bei jedem Zehnten tritt Banner-Blindness auf – die Werbung findet keine Beachtung. Wenn jedoch die Werbung interessante Inhalte oder nützliche Hinweise bietet, schenken ihre immerhin 25 Prozent der Befragten ihre Aufmerksamkeit. Bild: elbdudler ...
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$1 billion Vision Catalyst Fund created to bring eye care to all

UK Fundraising - 12 Mar 2018
The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust is working with other leading eye health agencies under the “Vision for the Commonwealth” banner to call on Commonwealth leaders to bring vision to everyone, everywhere and for each country to commit to taking ...
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The best ads aren't ads

Marketing Land - 14 Nov 2017
The banner was big and bold because we wanted people to click on it and go to some paid content on another page. When we did user studies, however, again and again we saw users scroll right over the banner without clicking on it. Even when we told them ...

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