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barack obama presidential campaign, 2008

John Brennan Fast Facts

erienewsnow.com - 17 Aug 2018
Was considered a shoo-in for the position of CIA director after President Barack Obama's election in November 2008. Brennan dropped out of the running for the job after being criticized for supporting the enhanced terrorist interrogation techniques in ...
barack obama presidential campaign, 2008

Obama Recalls Kofi Annan's 'Integrity, Persistence, Optimism'

HuffPost - 18 Aug 2018
“Kofi Annan was a diplomat and humanitarian who embodied the mission of the United Nations like few others,” Obama said in a Facebook post. “His integrity, persistence, optimism, and sense of our common humanity always informed his outreach to the ...
barack obama presidential campaign, 2008

Pete & Pat Likins: We expected better from Republicans in Congress

Arizona Daily Star - 19 Aug 2018
We expect our political leaders to be honest, principled, compassionate, courageous, intelligent human beings, the kind of men and women who set high personal standards to be emulated throughout America and around the world. Whether the race was ...
barack obama presidential campaign, 2008

Fact-Checking Trump's (Many) Attacks on Russia Inquiry

Seattle Times - 18 Aug 2018
The federal investigation into whether Russia actively sought to help Donald Trump win the White House in 2016 has been hanging over his head since even before the election. As president, he has repeatedly criticized the special counsel inquiry and has ...
barack obama presidential campaign, 2008

Trump confirms that White House counsel interviewed with Mueller

KIIITV.com - 18 Aug 2018
WASHINGTON – White House counsel Don McGahn, who had incredible access to President Donald Trump and some of his most controversial dealings, opened up to special counsel Robert Mueller in a series of extensive interviews. McGahn's cooperation ...

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