The Lego Batman Movie celebrates Batman Day with new poster -
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The Lego Batman Movie celebrates Batman Day with new poster

Entertainment Weekly - 17 Sep 2016
The poster helps mark Batman Day, which launched with the character's 75th anniversary celebrations. This year, fans have the opportunity to get some free swag in the form of the Tom King-penned Batman #1 comic from DC's Rebirth. Six Flags, Barnes ...
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See The Bat Motorcycle Batman Almost Had In Justice League

Cinema Blend - 23 Nov 2017
With the fate of the Earth at risk with Steppenwolf's invasion and his army of parademons, it took every member of the Justice League (including Henry Cavill's Superman) in order to save the day. Batman was shown struggling to battle even one of the ...
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'Justice League' Box Office: Why A $94M Debut Is A Disaster

Forbes - 20 Nov 2017
It sold fewer tickets in its opening weekend than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part II ($92m in 2011) sold in one day, and grossed just slightly more than the one-day totals of Batman v Superman ($81m in 2016), The Avengers ($80m in 2012) and ...
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We Need to Re-Assess Who Batman Is

VICE - 23 Nov 2017
There's a generation of fans, most discovering the series via reruns, who will talk fondly of the '66 Batman without a hint of irony, because throughout the 70s and 80s it was the only live-action Batman around. The character hadn't reached ...
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Turkey Day movie guide: A suggestion for every holiday scenario

WBIR-TV - 23 Nov 2017
However, if you're a DC Comics fan who's been waiting for the onscreen collision of The Flash (Ezra Miller, who everyone agrees steals this movie), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Superman (spoiler, Henry Cavill is back), Batman (Affleck) and Aquaman (Jason ...
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Time Is Broken In The DC Universe, Batman Says So (SPOILERS)

Bleeding Cool News - 22 Nov 2017
New Order has a Jason Todd-future Batman… While in Super Sons we have the arrival of yet another Batman Of Tomorrow, the future Damian Wayne, come to the present day. And Batman Lost has its own future for Batman… To paraphrase Dire Straits, four ...
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Infinity Flux celebrates Local Comic Shop Day - 15 Nov 2017
The national event, which celebrates locally owned, independent comic book stores, will also mark Infinity Flux's third anniversary. The store—located at 3643 Hixson Pike—currently boasts over 25,000 comic books, graphic novels and hardcover comics.
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Movie review: 'Justice League' is breathtakingly bad - 16 Nov 2017
It's been a long, hard road to “Justice League.” Director Zack Snyder, who helmed the latest iterations of Batman and Superman in “Man of Steel” and “Batman vs. Superman,” stepped away for personal reasons during post-production. “The Avengers ...
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GHS students take part in Student Government Day

Bluefield Daily Telegraph - 27 Oct 2017
Councilman Ben Owens wants the town to designate Elvis Day and Batman Day for celebrations. Students in the audience also shared their experiences of the morning and what they learned with host teacher Woodward as well as Bluefield Town Manger ...
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Meet the 8-year-old superhero who beat brain cancer at St. Jude - 23 Nov 2017
Cameron Scott, 8, loves superheroes like Batman who use their brain and strong will in the place of superhuman powers. He has emulated his favorite cartoon character in the last year by showing his own toughness and strength after being diagnosed with ...

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