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battle of the sexes

Battle Of The Sexes Proxy For Sexual Abuse

Leadership Newspaper (press release) (blog) - 21 Oct 2018
Professor Blassey Ford is not Hauwa Liman, an African woman, the last time we checked but she carried all the stigma of Boko Haram girls that were sexually abused or killed. She predicted the pain and psychological trauma she would go through if she ...
battle of the sexes

How can we get beyond the battle of the sexes?

America Magazine - 17 Oct 2018
How is the war between the sexes treating you? Nice, isn't it? I enjoy knowing men loathe and fear me because I might decide out of the blue to destroy their lives, and I know my husband really relishes his popularity as a white, Catholic, beer ...
battle of the sexes

Newport Polo closes 27th season with a 'Battle of the Sexes'

What'sUpNewp - 27 Sep 2018
In 1993, the Newport International Polo Series staged its original Battle of the Sexes in a fundraising campaign for endangered species, with celebrity polo players including an all-women's team from California led by actress Stephanie Powers, and Ron ...
battle of the sexes

Media turn Kavanaugh nomination into a battle of the sexes

Washington Examiner - 25 Sep 2018
For some in the news media, Brett Kavanaugh isn't just an embattled nominee to the Supreme Court — he's a national symbol in a battle of the sexes. Ahead of Thursday's scheduled Senate hearing for both Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has ...
battle of the sexes

Who Wins The Sleep Battle of The Sexes?

Beliefnet - 17 Oct 2018
Does it seem like men get better sleep than women? If we battled it out, who would win? The minute my husband turns off the light at night, he falls asleep. It doesn't work that way for me. It takes me awhile. I am the one who seems to fall asleep ...
battle of the sexes

What Men Can Learn From the #MeToo Movement

The Good Men Project - 20 Oct 2018
The battle of the sexes is part of the old dominator culture that needs to end. Men and women are natural allies and we can work together to stop sexual assault now and forever. I look forward to your comments. Originally published on Men Alive ...
battle of the sexes

Battle of the Sexes – Sky Cinema Premiere

What's On TV - 26 Sep 2018
Emma Stone and Steve Carell are on winning form as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in this witty, charming, terrifically entertaining movie. The story focuses on the pair's notorious tennis showdown in 1973, an exhibition match that pitted feminism ...
battle of the sexes

Battle of the sexes

Townsville Bulletin - 06 Oct 2018
AS the sun begins to rise earlier and fill our mornings with warmth, many begin toying with the idea of kickstarting their fitness regime. Actually committing to the routine can be the most challenging part, which is why it helps to call on the help of ...
battle of the sexes

Can a sandwich be sexist? The internet is divided

Today.com - 19 Oct 2018
The argument over whether or not pineapple and other toppings belong on a pizza may continue to be a topic of conversation on social media for years to come, but a sandwich is the latest food riling up people. The point of contention was about whether ...
battle of the sexes

On Politics With Lisa Lerer: War of the Sexes

New York Times - 02 Oct 2018
But the past two weeks have transformed that discrete political battle into something far larger: A simmering war of the sexes that's deepening the divide between Democratic women and Republican men. These are tensions that have been mounting since ...
battle of the sexes

Sinfully entertaining battle of the sexes in small town suburbia

Wicklow People - 27 Sep 2018
Think Gone Girl with killer one-liners and perfectly shaken martinis and you'll be close to the lip-smacking delights of a battle of the sexes in small town suburbia, adapted for the screen by Jessica Sharzer from Darcey Bell's novel. Pitch Perfect ...

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