Ben Affleck's massive back tattoo mocked -
ben affleck back tattoo

Ben Affleck's massive back tattoo mocked

CNN - 19 Mar 2018
(CNN) Remember that huge back tattoo Ben Affleck said was fake? Apparently not so much. The "Justice League" star was recently photographed shirtless and the colorful phoenix in flight was on full display. In 2016 Affleck told "Extra" the tat was "fake ...
ben affleck back tattoo

What is Ben Affleck's net worth? He's no Bruce Wayne

Pulse Nigeria - 26 Sep 2018
Say what you will about his turn as Batman, but Ben Affleck has had a hugely successful Hollywood career. The actor, writer, and director has been a Hollywood mainstay for more than 30 years, inspiring fans with his performances in Oscar-winning films ...
ben affleck back tattoo

Ben Affleck finally speaks out about that back tattoo - 21 Mar 2018
The Ben Affleck back tattoo saga is ongoing. First it was fake, then it seemed real, and now the man himself has spoken out. For context, the actor was recently pictured with a massive SPRAWLING tattoo across his shoulders and spine, despite very much ...
ben affleck back tattoo

Matt Damon Defends Ben Affleck's Right to Choose His Back Tattoo

Vanity Fair - 23 Mar 2018
And for Ben Affleck and Ben Affleck's back tattoo, that friend is Matt Damon. Very few have chosen to defend Affleck and his ink choice when given the opportunity. Since the back tattoo depicting a large, colorful phoenix was first spotted in paparazzi ...
ben affleck back tattoo

The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck

The New Yorker - 24 Mar 2018
Last Saturday, almost exactly two years after Affleck denied its existence, the back tattoo returned to haunt the headlines, itself a phoenix rising from the ashes of gossip rags past. Affleck was on the beach in Honolulu, shooting the Netflix action ...
ben affleck back tattoo

Ben Affleck Keeps Scratching His Phoenix Back Tattoo

The Cut - 27 Jun 2018
It was mere months ago that we learned Ben Affleck's long-fabled giant back tattoo — you know, the mid-divorce phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes one that he claimed was for a movie but his ex-wife Jennifer Garner said “I refuse to be the ashes, so it ...
ben affleck back tattoo

What Matt Damon Thinks About Ben Affleck's Back Tattoo

E! Online - 22 Mar 2018
While appearing on The Daily Show on Wednesday evening, the Downsizing actor was asked about his pal Ben Affleck's giant back tattoo that sparked a social media frenzy over the weekend. Just days ago, pictures surfaced of Affleck on the beach in Hawaii ...
ben affleck back tattoo

Do we need to know so much about Ben Affleck?

Washington Post - 23 Aug 2018
This past year, the viewing public has seen myriad images of Ben Affleck: In February, looking “smitten” while taking a walk with girlfriend Lindsay Shookus. In March, gazing into the ocean off Hawaii, displaying his much-mocked back tattoo. In August ...
ben affleck back tattoo

Ben Affleck Tweets About His 'Garish' Back Tattoo

Complex - 29 Mar 2018
If you read last week's New Yorker article “The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck,” you're well aware that the Justice League star has become a popular target of lighthearted mockery online. Although public criticizing of Affleck isn't something exclusive ...
ben affleck back tattoo

Ben Affleck responds to ridicule over 'garish' phoenix back tattoo

The Independent - 03 Apr 2018
When photos of Ben Affleck sporting an enormous tattoo on his back surfaced online in March, taunting internet users were quick to mock both the illustration of a phoenix rising from the ashes and the fact that Affleck had previously stated that the ...
ben affleck back tattoo

*Borat Voice* Ben Affleck's Gigantic Back Tattoo Is NOT Fake - 20 Mar 2018
Do you remember a million (well, two) years ago when sad Ben Affleck debuted an unsettlingly large and colorful back tattoo of a phoenix or a dragon or something and insisted vehemently it was fake and for a movie? Well. It's not and it wasn't. image.
ben affleck back tattoo

Is Ben Affleck's Phoenix Tattoo a Majestic Shriek for Help?

Slate Magazine - 29 Mar 2018
Early last week, new photos revealed that the massive, multicolored tattoo of a phoenix rising from the ashes widely thought to be splashed across Ben Affleck's back was not, contrary to previous statements, “fake for a movie.” First glimpsed in 2015 ...
ben affleck back tattoo

Sorry, Ben Affleck, Make Way For Justin Theroux's Giant Rat Tattoo

HuffPost - 21 May 2018
“So I had two dogs, both rescues, pit bulls … and when they died, I dedicated half my back to one and half of my back to the other,” he explained. “So it's a picture of a rat because my dog used to kill rats in Washington Square Park. It was horrible ...

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