Ben Affleck As Batman And The 12 Best Superhero First Looks Ever -
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Ben Affleck As Batman And The 12 Best Superhero First Looks Ever - 13 May 2014
We got our first look at Ben Affleck as Batman yesterday courtesy of director Zack Snyder, and by all accounts, it was pretty wonderful. Our excitement over the new Bat-suit got us thinking: what's the best, most goosebump-inducing first look at a ...
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Justice League SHOCK: 'Ben Affleck now wants to stay on as Batman' - 16 May 2018
After both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League were panned by the critics and considered box office failures, it's no wonder sources have claimed Affleck wants out of the DC Extended Universe. Meanwhile with a Batman solo movie from ...
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Rumor: Ben Affleck Now Wants to Remain the DCEU's Batman

Screen Rant - 15 May 2018
Ben Affleck reportedly wants to continue playing the DCEU's Batman. One of the plaguing mysteries of the Warner Bros. franchise is Affleck's commitment to his superhero gig. Soon after Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hit theaters and was met with ...
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Jason Momoa Tells CinemaCon the Best Batman Isn't Ben Affleck

IGN (blog) - 25 Apr 2018
There were rumours that Affleck was keen to leave the DC Universe, but the actor said he was happy to keep the cowl for a while, saying that he is "the luckiest guy in the world" to be able to play the role. Momoa will appear sans Batman in his solo ...
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Rumor: Ben Affleck wants to keep playing Batman in the DCEU

Batman-News - 14 May 2018
The Ben Affleck Batman roller coaster never stops. For over a year now there have been reports that Affleck's days as Batman were numbered. Affleck himself even admitted that he intends to do the last movie on his contract and find a “graceful and cool ...
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Is that Gal Gadot or a wax figure?

The Jerusalem Post - 22 May 2018
Wonder Woman, ie Gadot, took her place in the museum in a special exhibit alongside her Justice League costars: Henry Cavill's Superman and Ben Affleck's Batman. "If you look in my eyes long enough I might blink," Gadot wrote on social media, sharing a ...
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'The Batman:' Ben Affleck Photo Shows Actor Is Back In Bat-Form

Heroic Hollywood (blog) - 06 May 2018
Ben Affleck is currently shooting the film Triple Frontier using the same stunt double he utilized in Justice League and Batman v. Superman. While Triple Frontier probably doesn't have the actor doing a lot of Batman things, it apparently is keeping ...
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Ben Affleck “Too Big” For Batman Suit?

Gossip Cop - 28 Apr 2018
But it was never said to begin with that Affleck might be portraying the Caped Crusader again at his current size. This report makes it sound like there's a new Batman film in the works for which Affleck tried on his costume and was “too big.” An ...
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The Batman: Every Update You Need to Know

Screen Rant - 26 Apr 2018
The Batman is currently in development under the direction of Matt Reeves after the departure of Ben Affleck as director. The original Affleck script was expected to include Deathstroke as the main villain, but it's currently unknown what Reeves ...
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New Images Of Ben Affleck As Justice League's Batman Emerge

We Got This Covered - 25 Apr 2018
So, when Ben Affleck came along in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I was more than thrilled to see him wearing a costume that was more in line with my expectations as a comic book reader. Naturally, that carried over to Justice League, but with a ...
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'Justice League': Zack Snyder Fuels Snyder Cut Fan Theory

Heroic Hollywood (blog) - 22 May 2018
Directed by Zack Snyder, Justice League stars Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher, Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Amber Heard, Jeremy Irons, J.K. Simmons, Connie Nielsen, Julian Lewis Jones and Ciarán Hinds.

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