Ben Affleck As Batman And The 12 Best Superhero First Looks Ever -
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Ben Affleck As Batman And The 12 Best Superhero First Looks Ever - 13 May 2014
We got our first look at Ben Affleck as Batman yesterday courtesy of director Zack Snyder, and by all accounts, it was pretty wonderful. Our excitement over the new Bat-suit got us thinking: what's the best, most goosebump-inducing first look at a ...
ben affleck batman

How To Replace Ben Affleck's Batman In The DCEU - 27 Jul 2017
It's been a turbulent year for Ben Affleck and Batman. After gaining so much praise for his breakout role as DC Extended Universe Batman in Batman v Superman and (to lesser extent) Suicide Squad last year, Affleck caused major waves when he announced ...
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Kevin Conroy: Ben Affleck is the best live-action Batman

SYFY WIRE (blog) - 28 Jul 2017
Any Batman fan knows the name Kevin Conroy. He has been the voice of Batman in his many animated adventures for the last 25 years. He started his Batman career in 1992 with Batman: The Animated Series, and has appeared as the Caped Crusader in ...
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I'm (still) Batman: Ben Affleck denies being dropped - 27 Jul 2017
Ben Affleck dismissed speculation that he is being dropped as Batman during a Warner Bros presentation that introduced the Justice League and announced a sequel to summer smash hit Wonder Woman. Rumours have been swirling in the US ...
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Ben Affleck Isn't Ready to Hang Up His Batman Cape Just Yet

Vanity Fair - 24 Jul 2017
Who is Ben Affleck's Batman? In some ways, he's been a bit of a pointy-eared intermediary: flitting between superheroes and villains, popping by for a quick hello in Suicide Squad, getting the band together in the Justice League trailers. He's only ...
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Kevin Conroy says Ben Affleck is the best Batman

Flickering Myth (blog) - 27 Jul 2017
Voice actor Kevin Conroy is considered by many to be the definitive Dark Knight through his work on Batman: The Animated Series and numerous DC animated series and movies. But who does he consider to be the best Batman? Well, in an interview with ...
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Is Ben Affleck Quitting Batman or Being Pushed Out?

Newsweek - 22 Jul 2017
Rumors are swirling that Ben Affleck may be on his way out as Batman. The Hollywood Reporter, citing a film industry source, claims Warner Bros. are seeking to push Affleck out of the role in favor of a younger actor. The source claimed the studio ...
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Ben Affleck's Future as Batman Reportedly in Doubt - 21 Jul 2017
Warner Bros. is plotting a future for the Batman movie franchise without Ben Affleck. The Hollywood Reporter states that WB has plans to "gracefully" usher the movie superstar out of the DC movie universe as it moves forward with a planned trilogy of ...
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FLASHPOINT: Will the Flash Movie Reset Batman?

Nerdist - 25 Jul 2017
If Warner Bros. was given the chance to reset the timeline, then Flashpoint could be the ideal way to say goodbye to Ben Affleck as Batman. At Comic-Con, Affleck went out of his way to deny the rumors that he's looking to leave the cape and the cowl ...
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Ben Affleck denies Batman exit rumours

Star Local Media - 22 Jul 2017
The 44-year-old actor has played the iconic superhero in 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' and 'Justice League' and took to the stage at San Diego Comic Con on Saturday (22.07.17), where he insisted he would be continuing in the role. He said: "I ...
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Is Ben Affleck Done Playing Batman After Justice League?

LRM Online (press release) (blog) - 21 Jul 2017
Ben Affleck wasn't in the best Batman movie, but he still brought my favorite live-action portrayal of both the masked vigilante and his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, to life. Affleck first took on the role in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and ...
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The Batman: Ben Affleck's script has officially been ditched

Den of Geek UK - 14 Jul 2017
So, we could be looking at a whole new cast of characters surrounding Affleck as Batman when the film is finally released. DC and Warner Bros haven't even tentatively marked out a release date for the film yet, and we can probably expect plenty more ...

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