Ben Bradlee's Charmed, Charming Life -
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Ben Bradlee's Charmed, Charming Life

New York Times - 21 Oct 2014
Civilians, people who don't think the toppling of a sitting American president with newspaper articles is one of humankind's lasting achievements, will read encomiums to Ben Bradlee like this one and wonder: What's the big deal? After all, he didn't ...
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Post editor Ben Bradlee's widow writes about his dementia

Cape Cod Times (subscription) - 07 Sep 2017
Ben Bradlee, executive editor of The Washington Post from 1968 to 1991, died on Oct. 14, 2014, at the age of 93. Little known outside his closest circles, he had spent his final years grappling with dementia. This is an excerpt from a new memoir by his ...
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From atheism to magic, Sally Quinn on finding spirituality

CBS News - 13 Sep 2017
Quinn later returned to a successful print career at the Washington Post where she met her late husband and legendary editor, Ben Bradlee. Quinn's new book, "Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir," details their marriage and the defining moments that ...
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DC Media Covered Up Sally Quinn's Occultism, Hex-Casting For Decades

NewsBusters (press release) (blog) - 19 Sep 2017
Quinn, now 76, was married to Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee for 36 years until he died in October 2014. She spent most of her journalism career as a reporter for the paper's style section. From that perch, as one might expect, she dove into topics ...
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Sally Quinn's Next Act - 27 Aug 2017
Ben does not need me to keep the flame, you know? He didn't need that, and I don't need it.” It's a gorgeous spring morning, and Sally Quinn—the hotshot journalist turned wife of legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee turned gatekeeper of ...
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W. Post's Sally Quinn: Admitted Occultist, Placed Hexes on People (blog) - 13 Sep 2017
In her new book, Finding Magic: A Spiritual Memoir, Washington Post journalist Sally Quinn, the widow of former Post Executive Editor Ben Bradlee (d.2014), admits that she believes in and has practiced the occult since childhood, and even placed hexes ...
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10 films one critic is excited to see

Lowell Sun - 21 Sep 2017
Tom Hanks stars as Post editor Ben Bradlee, and Meryl Streep plays publisher Katherine Graham, in what's sure to be one of the big prestige movies of the season, and second this fall (after the Liam Neeson-starring "Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down ...
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Secularist Dogmas That Live Loudly Within Lefties

American Spectator - 15 Sep 2017
For years, the Washington establishment held up Sally Quinn, the wife of the late Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, as the society doyenne par excellence and a “serious” reporter. The Great and Good would gather at her mansion to bat around the ...
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Sally Quinn, Magic, and Meaning

Religion News Service - 12 Sep 2017
Journalist Sally Quinn has been a Washington insider for half a century, with an astonishing resume of journalistic credentials, as well as a longtime marriage to Post editor Ben Bradlee of Watergate fame. All of that is a backdrop for her new memoir ...
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Sally Quinn Talks About 'Finding Magic'

Georgetowner - 18 Sep 2017
However, when her husband, former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, died in October of 2014, she decided two weeks later to write a different story. “I need to write this,” she said to herself. The result is a book that covers Bradlee's decline and ...

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