Ben Bradlee's Charmed, Charming Life -
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Ben Bradlee's Charmed, Charming Life

New York Times - 16 Jan 2018
Civilians, people who don't think the toppling of a sitting American president with newspaper articles is one of humankind's lasting achievements, will read encomiums to Ben Bradlee like this one and wonder: What's the big deal? After all, he didn't ...
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Daily Californian - 13 Jan 2018
Likewise, Tom Hanks rises to the occasion as Ben Bradlee, the Post's executive editor. The film is also timely; the sitting president, Richard Nixon, is portrayed as a bully and a threat to the freedom of the press. But frustratingly, “The Post” has a ...
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HBO film looks at legendary Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee

Reading Eagle - 30 Dec 2017
NEW YORK - The White House is hostile to the press, public figures misbehave and a vital Washington Post is at the center of the national conversation. Think any of those things are new? HBO's film on the legendary Post editor Ben Bradlee proves ...
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My fearless friend Ben Bradlee, buccaneering hero of The Post - 12 Jan 2018
Richard Nixon is in black profile at a west wing window, demanding, in a growling voice, that no reporter from The Washington Post be allowed to darken the doors of the White House ever again. It is 1971. The Watergate saga hasn't yet begun, but the ...
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The real journalists behind “The Post”

CBS News - 07 Jan 2018
Steven Spielberg's latest film The Post hits movie theaters nationwide on Friday, but it's already collected six Golden Globe nominations and landed on the American Film Institute's Movies of the Year list. In the early 1970s, The Washington Post was ...
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In honor of 'The Post,' the top 10 newspaper movies

Albany Times Union - 17 Jan 2018
In this image released by 20th Century Fox, Tom Hanks portrays Ben Bradlee, left. This photo provided by Open Road Films shows, Rachel McAdams, from left, as. In this image released by 20th Century Fox, Tom Hanks portrays Ben Bradlee, left. This photo ...
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A former Post editor reviews 'The Post' - Times Union

Albany Times Union - 16 Jan 2018
At the Capital Diner in Guilderland discussing "The Post": Anne and Harry Rosenfeld with (back row from left) Rob Brill, Paul Grondahl and Casey Seiler. Photo: (Courtesy Mary Grondahl). Image 2 of 4. In this image released by 20th Century Fox, Tom ...
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Who's Who in 'The Post': A Guide to the Players in a Pivotal Era

New York Times - 25 Dec 2017
The company was indeed, as the film has it, preparing to go public when the Pentagon Papers were leaked, and Ben Bradlee himself noted that the newspaper's Pentagon Papers experience made its coverage of the Watergate scandal possible. The Post later ...
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Spielberg's The Post Weaponizes Nostalgia — for Good

Phoenix New Times - 01 Jan 2018
I'll admit it. I started crying the first time I saw Tom Hanks' Ben Bradlee walk through a bustling, thriving newsroom in The Post, and I'm pretty sure that's what Steven Spielberg wanted. Countless films have shown crowded newsrooms in the past, but ...
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Lebanon's Hariri overrules ban on 'The Post' after public uproar

The Mercury News - 18 Jan 2018
In this image released by 20th Century Fox, Tom Hanks portrays Ben Bradlee, left, and Meryl Streep portrays Katharine Graham in a scene from “The Post.” Nominations for the 75th annual Golden Globes will be announced on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017. (Niko ...
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Trump, the Pentagon Papers and 'fake news'

The Boston Globe - 17 Jan 2018
Katharine Graham, left, publisher of The Washington Post, and Ben Bradlee, executive. AP Photo. Katharine Graham, left, publisher of The Washington Post, and Ben Bradlee, executive editor, leave US District Court in Washington, D.C., on June 21, 1971 ...
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Film review: 'The Post'

Daily Bruin - 09 Jan 2018
Ben Bradlee (Hanks), the executive editor of the Post, becomes increasingly motivated to expose the government's duplicity as soon as he acquires the papers, fueled by the Nixon administration's repeated attempts to silence the press. Meanwhile, Kay ...
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The truth is out there: A conversation with Bob Woodward

Creative Loafing Tampa - 17 Jan 2018
“Our boss, Ben Bradlee, was running around the newsroom saying 'No gloating, no gloating.' I remember going to the elevator to go down to get something to eat with Ben late that night. The elevator opens, and it's Sargent Shriver, who had run as vice ...
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Film Clips: Jan. 18, 2018 | Entertainment |

Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman - 17 Jan 2018
“12 STRONG” — The story of the first special forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon and ...
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Ben Bradlee: The man who defied a president - 12 Jan 2018
He's a legendary newspaper editor who's been played by Jason Robards, Tom Hanks and himself. Stephen Spielberg's The Post is now in our cinemas, but Soho beat it. The documentary Newspaperman: The Life And Times Of Ben Bradlee (Tuesday) tells the real ...

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