The 18th Berlin state election was held on 18 September 2016 to... -
berlin state election, 2016

Turkmen election may become step in succession plan

Reuters - 23 Mar 2018
FILE PHOTO: President of Turkmenistan Kurbanguly Berdymukhamedov attends a news conference in Berlin, Germany August 29, 2016. REUTERS/Stefanie Loos/File Photo. Under the Turkmen constitution, the speaker becomes acting president if the head of state ...
berlin state election, 2016

Why Trump won't call Putin's election win a 'sham'

CNN - 21 Mar 2018
Those who believe Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election argue that the Steele dossier may be correct -- that Moscow does have compromising information about the President's past, that it can use as leverage over him. Another possible ...
berlin state election, 2016

Berlin mayor calls for basic income in Germany — or does he?

Deutsche Welle - 20 Mar 2018
Ronald Blaschke, a spokesman for the organization Basic Income Network, said the Berlin mayor was trying to "remarket old wine in new bottles" in a German-language post on the group's website. As Blaschke points out, even the SPD itself launched ...
berlin state election, 2016

Germany: Merkel seeks to heal divisions after migrant influx

Herald-Whig - 21 Mar 2018
BERLIN (AP) — Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that the migrant influx of 2015 led to deep divisions in Germany and renewed a promise on Wednesday that it won't be repeated as she embarked on her fourth term. Merkel was sworn in last week at the ...
berlin state election, 2016

Editorials from around New England

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 23 Mar 2018
Former Enfield state Rep. David Alexander, who is running for the state Senate seat held by Republican John Kissel , was arrested Saturday morning after allegedly throwing a coffee mug at his mother's head. Mr. Alexander has run afoul of the law before ...
berlin state election, 2016

'Sex and the City' star Cynthia Nixon running for governor

Virginian-Pilot - 19 Mar 2018
FILE - In this Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016, file photo, Actress Cynthia Nixon poses for the photographers during a photo call for the film 'A Quiet Passion' at the 2016 Berlinale Film Festival in Berlin, Germany. The former "Sex and the City" star says she ...
berlin state election, 2016

The Fall of Afrîn

Jacobin magazine - 22 Mar 2018
Turkey's 2016 “Operation Euphrates Shield” aimed at (and mostly succeeded in) clearing the area between Kobanê and Afrîn and blocking unification and logistic lines. “Operation Olive Branch,” the cynical name of the latest operation, seeks to further ...
berlin state election, 2016

Parsing the Red Sea

The American Interest - 23 Mar 2018
Indeed, with Egypt's domestic situation so volatile, drama over the dam could prove a tempting distraction in the wake of next week's elections (which will be less than free and fair) or any subsequent controversy. But would military action really be ...
berlin state election, 2016

Berlin police accuse far right of trying to exploit killing

Miami Herald - 13 Mar 2018
Bachmann later deleted the post, but could face charges of incitement to hatred, a crime of which he was convicted in 2016. Allegations against refugees were also circulated by members of Alternative for Germany, a right-wing nationalist party that ...
berlin state election, 2016

Why are Germans so obsessed with saving money?

Financial Times - 22 Mar 2018
The German city of Kassel lies a three-hour train journey west from Berlin, in the prosperous federal state of Hesse. It is best known as the venue for the Documenta, a provocative contemporary arts festival held every five years. The man I have come ...
berlin state election, 2016

There Is Life for the EU After Brexit

Carnegie Europe - 23 Mar 2018
These eight northern ministers, clearly worried that France and Germany will bypass smaller countries on euro reform and isolate non-euro countries, warned Paris and Berlin to avoid “far-reaching transfers of competence to the European level.” The ...
berlin state election, 2016

Heiko Maas: Who is Germany's new foreign minister?

Deutsche Welle - 09 Mar 2018
Maas began his political career in 1996 when he became the secretary of state for the southwestern German state of Saarland under Oskar Lafontaine. Two years later, he was named Saarland's environmental minister. At age 32, it made him the youngest ...
berlin state election, 2016

Euan MacDonald: Ukraine's Friend & Foe of the Week

Kyiv Post - 22 Mar 2018
With current UK Prime Minister Theresa May floundering after her disastrous decision to call a snap general election in June 2017, which saw her majority in parliament slashed, Johnson soon set out his stall for a leadership bid in an article on Brexit ...
berlin state election, 2016

Chaos has its limits even in Donald Trump's White House

Financial Times - 23 Mar 2018
It also sounds like the campaign for the UK to leave the EU in 2016. The Brexiters seemed hamstrung by the fact that they ran two mutually suspicious campaigns — Leave.EU and Vote Leave. “It wasn't one of my adverts,” said Nigel Farage about Vote ...

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