The 18th Berlin state election was held on 18 September 2016 to... -
berlin state election, 2016

The Cyber Threat To Germany's Elections Is Very Real

The Atlantic - 20 Sep 2017
One afternoon in early September, a small group of journalists, policy makers, and visitors in Berlin gathered for a lunch panel discussion, titled “Who's hacking the election—how do we stop the attackers?” Hans-Georg Maassen, the head ...
berlin state election, 2016

Weakened Merkel scrambles to form government

The Sun Daily - 18 Oct 2017
BERLIN: German Chancellor Angela Merkel, weakened by poor election results, will from Wednesday seek to forge an unlikely governing coalition from a motley crew of parties that span the political spectrum. Merkel's conservatives, who won a Sept 24 vote ...
berlin state election, 2016

Kulturkampf in Merkel's Germany

Australia-Israel Jewish Affairs Council - 03 Oct 2017
In the September 2016 state elections in Merkel's home state of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, the anti-immigrant AfD garnered 21% to push the CDU into third place, with a paltry 14%. In the Berlin state elections, the CDU gave its worst performance since ...
berlin state election, 2016

Russian Propaganda In Germany: More Effective Than You Think

The American Interest - 17 Oct 2017
In 2015 and 2016, Russian activity in Germany had followed the same toolkit applied in the United States and France: cyberattacks, hacks, and the spread of fake news through the active use of bots, trolls, and pro-Russian TV channels. There was a ...
berlin state election, 2016

Germany's Election Won't Stop the Slide in Relations with Turkey

War on the Rocks - 20 Sep 2017
Hopes for improved ties following the March 2016 E.U.-Turkey migration deal have been displaced by a diplomatic showdown that sees two powerful NATO allies locking horns — familiar ground for Erdogan, but almost unprecedented for post-war Germany ...
berlin state election, 2016

Germany: Facts and figures before Sunday's election

News24 - 21 Sep 2017
CAPITAL: Berlin, with 3.5 million inhabitants, is Germany's biggest city and the second biggest in the European Union after London. POPULATION: The EU's most populous country, Germany had 82.8 million inhabitants at the end of 2016, including 10 ...
berlin state election, 2016

Sebastian Kurz to Hitler comparison sparks uproar in Austria

Deutsche Welle - 16 Oct 2017
The suggested murder is admittedly there and you can see the target placed on him. But the entire context – the post all the way to the satire magazine – indicates that this is not a concrete incitement to murder. I therefore assume that state ...

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