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best super bowl commercials 2014

Super Bowl rematch doesn't have a real super look

Daily Commercial - 22 Oct 2017
There's probably some games early in my career in the middle of October that I don't really remember that well, but I would say the Super Bowl ones you always remember pretty well. “I mean, there was a ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

3 Of The Best Brand Voice Moments On Twitter

MediaPost Communications - 17 Oct 2017
Social media is a landscape of daily strategies, conversations and influences. It picks up every new day just like we do, caffeinated and ready to converse with old friends and new faces. Then again, this routine is sometimes interrupted by pure ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

How Does Every NFL Owner Rank as a Businessperson?

Fortune - 27 Sep 2017
Perhaps best known for his delightful mustache, the Pakistani-born Khan is one of the NFL's richest owners, having built the car parts manufacturer Flex-N-Gate into a multi-billion dollar company. Khan paid roughly $760 million to acquire the Jaguars ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Super Bowl commercials 2017: Watch all of Sunday's best ads

SB Nation - 06 Feb 2017
With an audience that will undoubtedly eclipse 100 million tuning in to watch the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, advertisers pay huge amounts of money to get commercial time. And that big stage means companies doing their ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

The Best and Worst 2017 Super Bowl Ads

The New Yorker - 06 Feb 2017
But the best Super Bowl commercial of 2017 was one that first aired in 2014, for Coca-Cola, which features voices singing “America the Beautiful” in nine languages, accompanied by images showing what Americans really look like, and the wide range of ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

The 25 Most Influential Super Bowl Ads of All Time

TIME - 31 Jan 2017
How did the commercial sideshow become as engrossing as the main event? Between the first Super Bowl in 1967 and through the mid-80s, Super Bowl commercials were generally repeats. It was Apple's iconic 1984 commercial that turned them into a ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

All of the Best Ads From the 2017 Super Bowl

Vogue.com - 03 Feb 2017
There used to be a time when the only way to watch those highly anticipated, blockbuster Super Bowl commercials was to stay in on Sunday and enjoy them with the rest of the football fans. But in today's social media–dominated world, ads now come out ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Top 10 Super Bowl commercials since 2000

Sporting News - 03 Feb 2017
The price of a 30-second Super Bowl commercial has soared to $5 million, putting even more pressure on companies to hit home runs with their precious air time. Super Bowl 51 — which pits Tom Brady and the Patriots against Matt Ryan and the Falcons ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

My 10 Best Super Bowl Ads Of 2017

Forbes - 06 Feb 2017
Of course, each advertiser is hoping for an ad that's sticky, visible beyond Super Bowl Sunday, and viral – extending its life long after the end of the game. This year's commercial crop is not considerably different from those of previous years – lots ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl commercial already has people talking

kfor.com - 06 Feb 2017
Less than 30 minutes into the biggest football game of the year, a commercial has already grabbed fans' attention. Coca-Cola's Super Bowl commercial featured people of all different races singing 'America the Beautiful' in different languages.
best super bowl commercials 2014

8 of the most controversial Super Bowl commercials of all time

USA TODAY - 26 Jan 2017
The Super Bowl is supposed to bring us together. It's about Americans of all creeds cracking beers, plopping onto sofas and wondering why on earth Bruno Mars ended up performing in two of the last three Super Bowl halftime shows. But most years, amid ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

The 10 funniest Super Bowl ads of all time

USA TODAY - 25 Jan 2017
Serious Super Bowl commercials can leave a lasting impression, like Ram's “God made a farmer” commercial or Chrysler's “Imported From Detroit” spot with Eminem. But with 30-second ads ...

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