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best super bowl commercials 2014

Washington is America's Top State for Business in 2017

CNBC - 11 Jul 2017
Washington's first-place finish culminates a steady ascent since the state first cracked our top 10 in 2014 — the same year the Seattle Seahawks won their first and only Super Bowl. Also that year, Gov. Jay Inslee told legislators, "Washington's ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

The 75 Moments That Defined the Decade in Music (So Far)

Billboard - 20 Jul 2017
Britney Spears' Femme Fatale lead single, helmed by the early-'10s dream team of Max Martin, Dr. Luke, and Bonnie McKee, immediately returned the pop legend to the top of the charts with her first release of the new decade. ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Myspace Top 8 Players

Battle Red Blog (blog) - 21 Jul 2017
It was about connecting, not selling likes and cookies to advertisers to toss into the algorithm to deliver an ad of a romphim that you want but will never buy, because it makes you feel bad, because you would never look as good in it compared to the ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Super Bowl commercials 2017: Watch all of Sunday's best ads

SB Nation - 06 Feb 2017
With an audience that will undoubtedly eclipse 100 million tuning in to watch the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI, advertisers pay huge amounts of money to get commercial time. And that big stage means companies doing their ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

The Best and Worst 2017 Super Bowl Ads

The New Yorker - 06 Feb 2017
But the best Super Bowl commercial of 2017 was one that first aired in 2014, for Coca-Cola, which features voices singing “America the Beautiful” in nine languages, accompanied by images showing what Americans really look like, and the wide range of ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Friday's Sports Minute: Ole Miss coach resigns

KPUG 1170 - 21 Jul 2017
Freeze's resignation brings a stunning end to a five-year tenure that saw a Sugar Bowl victory, but also a wide-ranging NCAA investigation into rules violations. His ultimate downfall ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

10 of the Best Super Bowl Commercials

ELLE.com - 06 Feb 2017
There are two kinds of people watching the Super Bowl: Those who are actually watching the game, and those who are watching it for the commercials. Brands pull out all the stops for this precious, high-profile television time—just 30 seconds of ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

The 25 Most Influential Super Bowl Ads of All Time

TIME - 31 Jan 2017
Not that the playbook for a successful Super Bowl ad hasn't changed. While they were once top-secret, many companies today pre-launch their ads online, or post "teasers," to drum up attention. The average cost to air a 30-second Super Bowl spot is now ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2017

PopCrush - 31 Jan 2017
Everyone knows that, besides that whole football thing happening during the Super Bowl — oh, and the massive 12-minute Lady Gaga concert happening in between — the best (and worst) part of the annual game is the Super Bowl commercials that ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Patch Picks: 7 Best Super Bowl Commercials

Patch.com - 30 Jan 2017
Super Bowl 50 generated the third-largest Super Bowl viewership in the history of American television at 111.9 million viewers, falling in line behind Super Bowl XLVIII in 2013 at 112.2 million and Super Bowl XLIX in 2014 at 115.2 million. Super Bowl ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

My 10 Best Super Bowl Ads Of 2017

Forbes - 06 Feb 2017
The cost of a Super Bowl ad this year is about $5 million – and that's just for a one-time airing. Add the cost of production and all the marketing activity ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl commercial already has people talking

kfor.com - 06 Feb 2017
Less than 30 minutes into the biggest football game of the year, a commercial has already grabbed fans' attention. Coca-Cola's Super Bowl commercial featured people of all different races singing 'America the Beautiful' in different languages.
best super bowl commercials 2014

All of the Best Ads From the 2017 Super Bowl

Vogue.com - 03 Feb 2017
There used to be a time when the only way to watch those highly anticipated, blockbuster Super Bowl commercials was to stay in on Sunday and enjoy them with the rest of the football fans. But in today's social media–dominated world, ads now come out ...
best super bowl commercials 2014

YouTube Reveals Top 20 Super Bowl Ads From 2008-16

SocialTimes - 18 Jan 2017
YouTube said the share of Super Bowl ads that are released on the platform before the “Big Game” increased by more than 200 percent from 2008 to 2016, adding that 90 percent of the ads in the top 20 were shared on YouTube before the Super Bowl in ...

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