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Bethany Mota Talks New Music

Billboard - 20 Jun 2016
Influencer Bethany Mota, one of the biggest fashion and lifestyle video bloggers with 10 million YouTube subscribers and close to a billion views, actually ...
bethany mota

Bethany Mota Hair Tips

Allure Magazine - 26 Jan 2016
Bethany Mota—known for her approachable and friendly beauty videos— is superfamous in the beauty world. She has close to 10 million YouTube subscribers ...
bethany mota

Interviewing YouTube star Bethany Mota

Newsday - 14 Jun 2017
We had the opportunity to interview Bethany Mota, aka Macbarbie07. It was such an honor to interview her because she is the nicest, most welcoming person ...
bethany mota

What is Bethany Mota's Snapchat?

CelebMix - 29 Aug 2016
Some celebrity Snapchats are very hard to find! Well, we just made it much easier for you. Click the link to find out Bethany Mota's Snapchat and more!
bethany mota

Bethany Mota's YouTube Success Secrets

Glamour - 16 Mar 2015
Bethany Mota, YouTube queen and one of our 35 beauty superstars under age 35, wasn't always this confident. Here, a look into how she got there. New video.
bethany mota

True Life: I'm A YouTube Star

Elle - 13 Mar 2014
When 18-year-old Bethany Mota makes a public appearance these days, she's greeted like she's Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, with mobs of screaming teenage ...

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