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Bethany Mota and Mediaplanet Rally For Teen Health & Safety

PR Web (press release) - 29 Dec 2017
Spearheading the issue, YouTube personality Bethany Mota speaks on her story of resilience and growth after her experience of being bullied as a teen, and how she embraced her platform to empower viewers with videos on beauty, fashion, self-love and ...
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Barbie's Youtube Channel: Everything You Need To Know

We The Unicorns - 23 Jan 2018
Barbie hasn't always been the world's greatest role model, but it seems as though the iconic Mattel kids' toy has undergone a serious attitude adjustment in recent years. Now she's running her own YouTube channel, and her empowering, entertaining and ...
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Bethany Mota On Why She's Ditching Digital Life for Real Life

Cosmopolitan.com - 11 Aug 2017
By Bethany Mota. Aug 11, 2017. Getty. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. We've all been there: out with friends at an amazing restaurant, and everyone is Snapping and Instagramming and no one's looking up from their phones. Don't get me wrong, I ...
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PODCAST: YouTube Star Bethany Mota Is An Author

Forbes - 05 Jul 2017
One of the original YouTubers, Bethany Mota has a gargantuan base on her YouTube channel with over ten million followers. Bethany Mota has made a name for herself through her YouTube videos. (Photo by Forbes). Bethany Mota has made a name for herself ...
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How YouTube Blew It

lareviewofbooks - 19 Jan 2018
With more producers investing their own time to produce for YouTube, they increased standards and volume, decreasing YouTube's interest in any one channel. Seven years later, YouTuber Akilah Hughes critiqued YouTube's lack of interest in its black ...
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Bethany Mota, fashion designer and author, talks to LI kids

Newsday - 03 Nov 2017
"Make Your Mind Up: My Guide to Finding Your Own Style, Life and Motavation" by Bethany Mota. Photo Credit: Gallery Books. What is some more advice you can give your young viewers for secret fashion tips? Secret fashion tips: Wear what you feel most ...
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Bethany Mota Says She's Cutting Back on Social Media

TeenVogue.com - 12 Aug 2017
Bethany Mota became famous through her internet presence, but now, she's rethinking her use of social media — and her reason why is extremely relatable. In an essay for Cosmopolitan, she explains that her phone came to have "too much power" over her ...
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A life in the day: Bethany Mota, social media queen

The Times - 26 Aug 2017
Bethany Mota, 21, is one of the world's most powerful voices in social media, with 25m followers across her platforms. Since uploading her first video aged 13, her beauty and lifestyle vlogs have been viewed more than 1bn times on YouTube alone. She ...
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We interviewed YouTube star Bethany Mota

Newsday - 14 Jun 2017
We had the opportunity to interview Bethany Mota, aka Macbarbie07. It was such an honor to interview her because she is the nicest, most welcoming person you could ever meet. We met her at Book Revue in Huntington. If you don't know who Bethany Mota is ...
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Bethany Mota Models 10 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes (Video)

Just Jared Jr. - 22 Oct 2017
The social star shared a video on her YouTube channel on Saturday (October 21) in which she shows fans exactly how to put together 10 easy, quick, and super creative costumes. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Bethany Mota. “Like, the effort level ...
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Bethany Mota Decodes What Girls Are Really Thinking!

Just Jared Jr. - 08 Oct 2017
The 21-year-old social media star is using some personal experience to help break down what girls mean versus what they actually say and it's SO relateable. Bethany brings up so totally true situations like when your friend asks you what food you want ...
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Bethany Mota Talks Debut Book

TenEighty - 28 Jun 2017
In her book Make Your Mind Up, Bethany Mota shares how she overcame her struggles with growing up, bullying, and a lack of confidence. Bethany Mota was crippled with shyness from a young age (so much so that people thought she was mute), and was ...

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