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Jade makes an ominous return in Beyond Good & Evil 2

The Verge - 12 Jun 2018
In Beyond Good & Evil 2, the prequel to the 2003 game, players will encounter a young, ferocious version of heroine Jade. Ubisoft dropped a new trailer today showing off the game's gorgeous, epic space vibes, featuring surprise appearances from several ...
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Beyond Good And Evil 2 Will Have More Clues And Less Words

SegmentNext - 24 Jul 2018
Beyond Good and Evil 2 is undeniably one of the most intriguing titles to be released in the future. Even if the game doesn't have a release date yet, fans have set the expectations high and the developers are delivering. According to the game's ...
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Beyond Good & Evil 2 early gameplay revealed

Polygon - 03 May 2018
Beyond Good & Evil 2's introduction at E3 2017 promised a galactic experience of extraordinary scale, and in showing some of the first gameplay footage of the game today, its developers provided a brief look at the way that players will be able to ...
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HitRecord, Beyond Good & Evil 2 and the #nospec backlash

Polygon - 16 Jun 2018
One of the more contentious conversations during E3 2018 focused on the partnership between Ubisoft and HitRecord for the upcoming Beyond Good & Evil 2. Ubisoft is teaming up with HitRecord to use its creative collaboration platform, through which fans ...
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Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a twist — character creation

VentureBeat - 03 May 2018
Ubisoft hosted a stream on Twitch today giving out some new details on Beyond Good and Evil 2, the upcoming action-adventure game from the man behind the first Beyond Good and Evil and the Rayman franchise, Michel Ancel. Notably, the stream ...
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E3 2018: Beyond Good & Evil 2's Gameplay Explained

GameSpot - 18 Jun 2018
If you haven't been following the development of Beyond Good & Evil 2 closely--from its rumored existence through to its official reveal at E3 2017 and its presence at Ubisoft's press conference during E3 2018--it's possible your current feelings ...
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Ubisoft to Hold Second 'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Stream on Thursday

Variety - 02 May 2018
Beyond Good & Evil 2” is the long-anticipated follow-up to Michel Ancel's 2003 cult-classic about a journalist who works with a resistance to uncover an alien conspiracy in a universe full of anthropomorphic animals. “BG&E2” is a prequel that takes ...
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What to know before you pre-order Beyond Good and Evil 2

Syfy Wire - 16 Jul 2018
If you were playing games back in the early 2000s, chances are you spent some time with Ubisoft's Beyond Good & Evil, a cult classic that followed the adventures of investigative reporter Jade, who became part of a resistance movement to unravel a ...
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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Draws Concerns From Hindu Activists

Comicbook.com - 20 Jul 2018
When Ubisoft finally, finally revealed Beyond Good & Evil 2 after years of not-so-patiently waiting, fans of Jade were thrilled to learn of a new adventure - a new adventure - in an expansive open world filled with new places to explore. The upcoming ...
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Ubisoft at E3: Beyond Good & Evil is back

Ars Technica - 11 Jun 2018
LOS ANGELES—Ubisoft held a press conference at E3 today to show off its upcoming slate of games. As is usually the case with Ubisoft, the conference was heartfelt, zany, and high on showmanship. The company announced very few new games, but it ...
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Is Beyond Good and Evil 2 more ambitious than Star Citizen?

Red Bull - 03 Jul 2018
Comparably, we don't have release dates for either game, and while Star Citizen has been in development now for seven years, Beyond Good and Evil fans have been screaming out for a sequel since Jade's journey ended way back in 2003. And Ubisoft ...

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