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Jade makes an ominous return in Beyond Good & Evil 2

The Verge - 12 Jun 2018
In Beyond Good & Evil 2, the prequel to the 2003 game, players will encounter a young, ferocious version of heroine Jade. Ubisoft dropped a new trailer today showing off the game's gorgeous, epic space vibes, featuring surprise appearances from several ...
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Starlink Is The Key To Understanding Beyond Good & Evil 2

GameSpot - 20 Oct 2018
There's one specific thing that's really piqued my continued interest in Starlink, though: At E3 in 2018, I saw a behind-closed-doors demo of the then most recent technical demo of Beyond Good & Evil 2. And if you want to know what this mysterious ...
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Beyond Good and Evil 2 Introduces Legendary Characters

TrueAchievements - 30 Sep 2018
Ubisoft has shared more information about the characters seen in the E3 2018 cinematic trailer for upcoming prequel Beyond Good and Evil 2. They are mostly classed as "Legendary Characters", meaning players will meet and interact with them as they play ...
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Backlog Burner Episode 11: Beyond Good And Evil

IndianNoob (press release) (blog) - 29 Sep 2018
If it wasn't for one friendly boy (boi?), Ubisoft's Beyond Good and Evil would have been nothing but another member in my ever-increasing wall of shame. I might have been a little reluctant at first, but at the end of the day, I have nothing but ...
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'Nationalist': A president takes a mantle, then shows he means it

Christian Science Monitor - 23 Oct 2018
He said that it involved identifying oneself with a single nation or idea, “placing it beyond good and evil and recognizing no other duty than that of advancing its interests.” On Tuesday, Trump reiterated his embrace of the term. “I'm proud of our ...
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De Beyond Good and Evil 2 livestream is uitgesteld

Gamingnation.nl - 23 Oct 2018
In de livestream gaan de ontwikkelaars verder in op HitRECord, het programma aangekondigd op E3 wat iedereen content laat aanleveren voor de game. In Beyond Good and Evil 2 wil Ubisoft alle kunst in de omgeving door fans laten doen. De nieuwe ...
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Beyond Good and Evil 2, Ubisoft farà una diretta il 7 novembre

IGN Italia - 12 Oct 2018
Aggiornamento, 23 ottobre: Ubisoft ha annunciato di aver ha bisogno di più tempo per mettere insieme il materiale che andrà a comporre la diretta. Per questo motivo la trasmissione non andrà più in onda il 24 ottobre ma il 7 novembre alle ore 18:00.
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E3 Trailer: Ubisoft Space Opera 'Beyond Good and Evil 2'

Variety - 11 Jun 2018
Beyond Good and Evil 2,” announced at last year's E3, is a prequel to 2003's “Beyond Good and Evil”; it's in development at Ubisoft Montpellier. The game promises solo and co-op multiplayer in a “vast and seamless online playground,” which will take ...
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Ubisoft ci presenta i personaggi di Beyond Good and Evil 2

IGN Italia - 28 Sep 2018
Portando avanti lo sviluppo su Beyond Good and Evil 2, gli sviluppatori vogliono far conoscere i propri personaggi ai giocatori. Con un post sul loro blog, infatti, ci presentano alcuni dei personaggi presenti nel trailer mostrato all'E3 di quest'anno ...
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Beyond Good and Evil 2-stream op komst

Power Unlimited (Blog) - 10 Oct 2018
Ubisoft heeft op de website van Beyond Good and Evil 2 laten weten dat over twee weken, op 24 oktober, een stream plaatsvindt over Project Space Monkey, de bijnaam van Beyond Good and Evil 2. Gaan we eindelijk meer gameplay zien tijdens de live ...
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Beyond Good & Evil 2 early gameplay revealed

Polygon - 03 May 2018
Beyond Good & Evil 2's introduction at E3 2017 promised a galactic experience of extraordinary scale, and in showing some of the first gameplay footage of the game today, its developers provided a brief look at the way that players will be able to ...
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The Nuance Beyond Good and Evil

Harvard Crimson - 07 Sep 2018
A few days ago, as I was organizing my bookshelf, I came across a book that I read in my freshman year, a work which many Harvard students read at some point during their four years here: Friedrich Nietzsche's “On the Genealogy of Morality.” Seeing the ...
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Beyond Good and Evil 2 : Everything you need to know!

Android Central - 13 Jun 2018
During E3 2017 we got to see jetpacks, flying ships, hijacking, lightspeed travels, and a whole lot of explosions when Ubisoft announced they would be making a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil. Now, during E3 2018 they released another trailer for us to ...
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The good, the unknown and the ugly of Beyond Good & Evil 2

Eurogamer.net - 28 Jun 2018
Last week, Beyond Good & Evil 2 creator Michel Ancel told fans to expect a playable beta of the game towards the end of 2019. It was disappointing news, perhaps, for those eager to explore the kind of worlds glimpsed in last year's flashy E3 debut trailer.

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