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beyond the lights

Beyond the Banks: Dragging between drive-ins

BlueRidgeNow.com - 11 Nov 2018
Hoots says, “The lights went yellow over Main Street after 10 p.m. When it was four straight lanes, some of those boys did 100 miles an hour!” Good eats. Southbound on Greenville Highway, Hoots points out where the Skyline sat just south of a present ...
beyond the lights

The best football movies on Netflix

The Daily Dot - 11 Nov 2018
A new documentary series from Friday Nigth Lights creator Peter Berg, QB1: Beyond the Lights follow three promising high school quarterbacks looking to make it to Division 1 college football. At only 10 episodes long and about 30 minutes a piece, you ...
beyond the lights

Beyond the Friday Night Lights: New Home Leopards

KCBD - 23 Oct 2018
NEW HOME, TX (KCBD) - Since 1984, the town of New Home has played six-man football. During those 34 years - the Leopards compiled a record of 170-158-2. But over the off-season, New Home made a change and leaped up to 11-man football, where ...
beyond the lights

Mitski's performance art took the Vic by storm, eventually

Chicago Tribune - 26 Oct 2018
When she looked out onto the crowd early on, it was as if she was looking through it — searching for something, or someone else beyond the lights. It was fitting, for “Be the Cowboy” is riddled with tales of anxiety, infatuation, and ugliness ...
beyond the lights

Full text of Cameron Frewer's letter from beyond the grave

NEWS.com.au - 09 Nov 2018
I stop at red lights, ride as far left as practicable, and do the best I can to keep myself safe on the roads. I don't shave my legs, I use flashing front and rear lights and wear cycling gear that always carries a 'safe passing' message, and I do ...
beyond the lights

Local temple prepares for the light of Diwali

Toledo Blade - 02 Nov 2018
When Rama and Sita returned to their own kingdom, Ayodhya, their people welcomed them back and lit their path with rows of clay lamps that became the precedent for the lights and fireworks that are today associated with the holiday. Diwali holds ...
beyond the lights

Corsair's latest all-in-one liquid coolers crank up the lights

PC Gamer - 01 Nov 2018
Beyond the lighting upgrade, they also feature an upgraded contact plate that is "larger and squarer" than previous versions, including to Bit-Tech, which spent some hands on time with the H110i RGB Platinum. The upgraded plate is presumably to ...
beyond the lights

Formula 1: Winners and losers from the 2018 Mexican Grand Prix

Beyond the Flag - 30 Oct 2018
The debate about who will take home the 2018 Formula 1 championship has finally come to an end with the Mexican Grand Prix providing excitement that extended beyond the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. While the resolution to the ...

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