Big Brother: The final three speak! -
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Big Brother: The final three speak! - 21 Sep 2017
The most predictable Big Brother season finished in the least predictable way. In perhaps the most shocking final vote in Big Brother history, meatball lover Josh Martinez defeated self-proclaimed puppetmaster Paul Abrahamian by a vote of 5-4 to be ...
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'Big Brother' Celebrity Edition: Everything to Know So Far

Hollywood Reporter - 16 Oct 2017
Says executive producer Rich Meehan: "With success for 19 seasons and always being a strong performer, which in today's market is really rare, it's a fun new way to expand the brand and the Big Brother universe." Adds Chen about the conversation she ...
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Celebrity Big Brother America! - 19 Oct 2017
Perez may regret this - but he probably won't!. Watch and definitely SHARE this one! Tags: lance bass, pereztv, personally perez, spencer pratt, tv news, youtube. Related Stories. Where The Most Loved Bachelor Contestants Are Now! Jenelle Evans Is ...
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Cellphone Privacy Laws: Big Brother's in Your Pocket

The Emory Wheel - 18 Oct 2017
If the U.S. Supreme Court's previous term was like canned pork and beans, then the upcoming term will be like a Kobe beef steak. This upcoming term, in other words, is full of blockbuster cases. One such case is Carpenter v. United States, which ...
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Big Brother has its eye on bank employees

American Banker - 16 Oct 2017
Large banks have begun using IBM's Watson artificial intelligence software to monitor employees for signs of misconduct. Between six and 12 large banks are piloting the use of Watson for surveillance and deeper analysis of consumer complaints ...
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Big brother returns home, surprises Will East girls soccer player

Buffalo News - 17 Oct 2017
Private first class John Crawford returned home from overseas deployment on a 14-day leave and surprised little sister Liz before her Flames modified team's game Monday. This clip and photo were tweeted out Monday by the Williamsville East girls soccer ...
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Big Brother finale recap: Not Again (blog) - 21 Sep 2017
Autumn is near. OTEV is asleep for the winter (JK, maybe he'll be back for Celebrity Big Brother!). Julie is wearing a muted tone pantsuit, and Raven is exhausted from all this puppeteering! It's time to pack it up for the summer and crown us a winner ...
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Bridgewater's Big Brother stars Schlehuber, Soto join forces

Wicked Local Walpole - 16 Oct 2017
Kerri Lyons, of Hasnon, takes a photograph of "Big Brother 19' Kevin Schlehuber of Bridgewater socks on Sunday, Oct. 15, 2017 at Mick Morgan's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Walpole. (Marc Vasconcellos/The Enterprise). Hide caption. Meet and greet with "Big ...
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Trump owes Orwell for '1984.' Big Brother is his role model.

USA TODAY - 09 Oct 2017
In George Orwell's prophetically dystopian novel, 1984, Big Brother's regime uses a “memory hole” to destroy any facts or documents that become inconvenient to the regime's preferred narrative. Citizens are then taught alternative facts — and they ...
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Playing Big Brother with Fireworks

Santa Clarita Gazette (satire) (press release) (blog) - 19 Oct 2017
Fireworks — all of them — are illegal in Los Angeles County. Yet, people still possess them and shoot them off with little or no consideration of the ramifications — injury, fire, loss of life, limb or property. It's a concern city leaders are well ...

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