Bill Gross Built Pimco Empire on Prescience, Flair -
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Bill Gross Built Pimco Empire on Prescience, Flair

Wall Street Journal - 26 Sep 2014
Bill Gross's decadeslong run as one of the world's top fund managers started by accident—and with one. Bedridden at Duke University Hospital in 1966 after a car crash, Mr. Gross studied a book about counting cards. He healed and headed to Las Vegas, ...
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Bill Gross' ex-wife says billionaire left dead fish in air vent

CBS News - 18 Jun 2018
Bill Gross' 32-year marriage legally ended in October, but the nastiness that came with the billionaire hedge fund manager's divorce continues unabated. Sue Gross won a temporary restraining order against Gross last week, alleging in court documents ...
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Bill Gross, Revered Fund Manager, Is Having a Year to Forget

New York Times - 30 May 2018
William H. Gross, one of the world's best-known investors, is having a very bad year. There was an acrimonious divorce. And now he is getting pummeled in the markets. On Tuesday, the mutual fund that he runs at Janus dropped 3 percent — an ...
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Bill Gross's 'Trade of the Year' Misses a Key Fact

Bloomberg - 14 Jun 2018
What that means, of course, is that the spread widened between 10-year U.S. and German yields — the opposite of what Gross is betting on in his $1.7 billion Janus Henderson Global Unconstrained Bond Fund. The gap reached 2.59 percentage points in ...
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Bill Gross' Janus fund down

CNBC - 30 May 2018
CNBC's Brian Sullivan discusses how massive drops in yields in Germany may be affecting the Janus Fund. Watch CNBC Live TV. You May Like. ‹ › Latest Video. ‹ 01:45. Hard to see a 'significant improvement' in Japan's inflation outlook: Economist. 01:45 ...
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Funds Like Magellan Need Gamblers Like Bill Gross

Bloomberg - 07 Jun 2018
They should take a cue from bond maven Bill Gross. Financial pundits pounced on Gross last week after his Janus Henderson Global Unconstrained Bond Fund slid 3 percent on Tuesday — an unusually large one-day decline for a bond manager, particularly ...
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Pimco Rises Under a New Team at the House That Bill Gross Built

Bloomberg - 05 Jun 2018
Together, they are in charge of the $1.77 trillion fixed-income colossus built by Bill Gross, the vaunted “Bond King.” But things are different since Gross decamped four years ago, pushed out in an awkward coup. For one thing, the era of one-man rule ...
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The Battle of German Yields: Bill Gross vs. Eurozone Politics

Wall Street Journal - 06 Jun 2018
Higher inflation and less central-bank stimulus should equal higher bond yields, right? The answer has been yes in the U.S., but not in Germany, where Italian political turmoil has pushed yields lower, wrong-footing even Bill Gross. A battle that will ...
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Bill Gross's second act isn't running to script

Financial Times - 01 Jun 2018
When “bond king” Bill Gross shocked the finance industry by jumping ship from Pimco, the fixed income investment house he founded and led, it was widely seen as a stunning coup for smaller rival Janus Henderson, which offered him refuge. Janus' shares ...
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Bill Gross Explains Basis for 'Bad Day and the Bad Trade'

Bloomberg - 01 Jun 2018
Bill Gross, fund manager at Janus Henderson, discusses the loss his fund suffered as a result of a widening gap between U.S. and German bonds related to uncertainty out of Italy. He speaks on "Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas." (Source: Bloomberg) ...
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Bill Gross Is Desperately Horny For The Death Of Antitrust

Dealbreaker - 14 Jun 2018
And the sweaty gross bacchanalia M&A orgy that's about to break out is great news for a lot of deals that looked hinky before Tuesday. Aetna and CVS know what we're talking about, cuz they're deal is pretty big and could raise the tide of a lot of ships.

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