Bill Gross Built Pimco Empire on Prescience, Flair -
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Bill Gross Built Pimco Empire on Prescience, Flair

Wall Street Journal - 26 Sep 2014
Bill Gross's decadeslong run as one of the world's top fund managers started by accident—and with one. Bedridden at Duke University Hospital in 1966 after a car crash, Mr. Gross studied a book about counting cards. He healed and headed to Las Vegas, ...
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Bill Gross and BlackRock Ponder Flat Yield Curve's True Meaning

Bloomberg - 06 Nov 2017
Bill Gross at Janus Henderson Group has a gloomier view. For him, the central bank is nearly at its limit for raising rates, given how much debt is sloshing around the U.S. The yield curve from two to 10 years, which dipped to 71 basis points last week ...
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Bill Gross Made a Mess of PIMCO. Manny Roman Is Here to Clean It Up

Institutional Investor - 01 Nov 2017
Never before in the history of Pacific Investment Management Co. had $1.4 trillion looked so small. It was late September 2014. The firm's co-founder and chief investment officer — the brilliant but mercurial Bill Gross, known as the bond king for his ...
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Powell is not the best choice for Fed chair: Bill Gross

Fox Business - 02 Nov 2017
Janus Henderson Portfolio Manager Bill Gross on Thursday disagreed with President Trump's decision to nominate Powell as head of the central bank and discussed who he would have preferred. Many believe that Powell fits Trump's economic agenda ...
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Local to run 100th marathon on Sunday

Danbury News Times - 15 Nov 2017
Until he turned 50, Bill Gross was no athlete — certainly not a runner, unless you count dashing to the phone. But on Sunday, he will run his 100th marathon in Philadelphia, his native city —14 years after his first marathon. Gross, who owns the ...
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Gross Says Powell Needs to Find 'Magical Neutral Interest Rate'

Bloomberg - 03 Nov 2017
Jerome Powell's key task as the next Federal Reserve chairman will be finding a “magical neutral interest rate,” bond manager Bill Gross said. That rate is one “which keeps inflation at 2 percent or lower and growth at 2 percent or higher,” Gross ...
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The Bond Market's Moment of Truth Is Now

Bloomberg - 25 Oct 2017
Bill Gross at Janus Henderson Group said this month that it would take a sustained move in 10-year yields above 2.4 percent to convince him that the three-decade bond bull market is reversing. No matter how you look at it, Treasuries are at a make-or ...
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Why is this floppy disk joke still haunting the internet?

The Verge - 24 Oct 2017
Over the last week, this gag has been making the rounds on Twitter yet again, thanks to a user under the name Bill Gross. His tweet went viral, with more than 174K retweets to date. The catch? There is no smart-mouthed kid in this equation. Gross was ...
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Bond prince Dan Ivascyn drives Pimco's renaissance

Financial Times - 02 Nov 2017
When Dan Ivascyn and his colleague Alfred Murata won one of the biggest awards in the fund industry in 2014, it marked a rare bright spot during a notoriously difficult time for Pimco. Despite their modest fame compared with Bill Gross, the renowned ...
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Alpha Generation Is Getting Much Harder, Gross Says

Bloomberg - 03 Nov 2017
Bill Gross, a fund manager at Janus Henderson, says it's getting much harder to generate alpha and the Fed can't raise rates much further before it hurts the economy. Prior to that, Adam Posen, president of the Peterson Institute for International ...

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