Bill Nye: Bible doesn't tell Earth's true history -
bill nye debate

Bill Nye: Bible doesn't tell Earth's true history

Washington Post (blog) - 04 Feb 2014
PETERSBURG, Ky. — True to his passionate and animated TV persona, “Science Guy” Bill Nye tapped on the podium, threw up his hands and noted that science shows the Earth is “billions and billions” of years old in a debate at a Kentucky museum known ...
bill nye debate

What Bill Nye Gets Wrong About Vaccines & Alternative Medicine

Collective Evolution - 05 Jun 2017
The theme of episode 6 is vaccines, and there's no debate on what side Bill Nye is on. Nye is extremely pro-vaccines, and he takes a very condescending tone towards anyone who questions them. This is an overwhelming issue when it comes to North ...
bill nye debate

VIDEO: Bill Whittle Demolishes Bill Nye On Climate Change

The Hayride - 01 Jun 2017
Our readers know we've been huge fans of Bill Whittle and his video presentations for a long time, and this one was one of his better efforts. It's a little bit of an overdue response to Bill Nye The Science Guy and the Netflix series the latter came ...
bill nye debate

Logical inconsistencies on both sides of climate debate

Lexington Herald Leader - 05 Jun 2017
Bill Nye led a demonstration in Washington the day after Trump's decision was announced, but he himself, as a self-identified atheist, believes life is nothing more than the infinitely improbable aftermath of a primordial chaos, an insignificant blip ...
bill nye debate

Fox News Host Tries To Take On Bill Nye In Scientific Debate

GOOD Magazine - 03 Mar 2017
Tucker Carlson has only been hosting his new Fox News show for three months but he's already emerged as the second coming of Bill O'Reilly for many of his conservative fans. But Tucker Carlson Tonight turned into an experiment gone wrong when its host ...
bill nye debate

Why Bill Nye Is Not A 'Science Guy': What He Gets Wrong About GMOs

Collective Evolution - 02 Jun 2017
When I first found out that 'Bill Nye the Science Guy' was making a comeback, I was stoked! My inner child surfaced and I immediately started reminiscing over watching episodes of his old show in my science classes in junior high school. I could see ...
bill nye debate

Science can be its own political enemy

Ellwood City Ledger - 24 May 2017
During Ham's highly publicized debate three years ago with Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” an audience member asked both men what would change their minds on evolution vs. young earth creationism. Nye replied, “We would need just one piece of evidence.”.
bill nye debate

Scientists forced to defend research

Baker Orange - 20 Jun 2017
Several large scientific organizations and public figures such as Bill Nye are backing the movement. Caroline Weinberg, a public researcher, conceived the ...
bill nye debate

Why liberals care about climate change, but not abortion

Lifesite (blog) - 08 Jun 2017
That is why Bill Nye the “Science Guy” muses aloud that there should be a punishment for people who have “extra kids” due to the familial carbon footprint but also releases idiotic videos defending abortion, with nary a scientific fact to be seen ...
bill nye debate

The Fanatical Prophet of Climate-Change Doom

National Review - 03 Jun 2017
That there are varying degrees of skepticism toward the large set of questions that constitute the climate-change debate, or that different people partake of different motives, seems not to have occurred to Mann. Skeptics are “deniers,” and ...

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