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O'Brien Introduced As Texans Coach

ESPN (blog) - 01 Jan 2014
The Houston Texans are taking a risk in hiring Penn State's Bill O'Brien as their new head coach. He's a man whose head-coaching experience comes down to two seasons at Penn State. He was an assistant in New England for four years before that, ...
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Colin: Does Bill O'Brien really know what he's doing?

FOXSports.com - 14 Sep 2017
But Bill O'Brien got a nickname-- and this is how the world works when you get a nickname-- Quarterback Whisperer. Why don't we rename Bill O'Brien to Backup-quarterback Whisperer? He's been great for Case Keenum and Ryan Mallett, terrific for T.J. ...
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Clock ticking on Bill O'Brien's job status with Texans

Houston Chronicle - 14 Sep 2017
That's basically what O'Brien's bruised Texans are saying as they pack up their scattered belongings and head north, just four days after a season-opening disaster at NRG Stadium. A short week with little preparation time. Eight Texans out, including ...
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Bill O'Brien, AJ Hinch have more than games to manage in Houston

Washington Post - 07 Sep 2017
Irma is barreling in on Florida, and as residents there board up and flee, a rubbernecking nation watches and waits. From afar, the post-Harvey problems of Houston can seem so last week. There won't be a Dolphins game in Miami on Sunday, so routines ...
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O'Brien: Texans Practice Surprise Tech Issues Often

CBS Houston - 22 Sep 2017
HOUSTON (SPORTSRADIO 610) — Should any surprise tech issues arise in Foxboro this week, the Houston Texans will be ready. Heading into this week's game against the New England Patriots, head coach Bill O'Brien was asked a general question about ...
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Bill O'Brien: Texans 'excited to be back' in Houston

NFL.com - 30 Aug 2017
Hours after leaving Plano, Texas, following the cancellation of their scheduled preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys, the Texans arrived back in a city still reeling from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. "We're excited to be back ...
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King Solomon's Mind: Texans' failures all on Bill O'Brien

Chron.com - 11 Sep 2017
It starts and end with Bill O'Brien. Yeah, the offensive line was bad. Duh. The starting quarterback looked lost. We know. And the defense wasn't its expected-to-be stingy self. Uh huh. But the key to the Texans' all-out failure against Jacksonville ...
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Bill O'Brien hopes Texans can return to Houston before Monday

ESPN (blog) - 29 Aug 2017
FRISCO, Texans -- The Houston Texans aren't sure when they'll be able to leave the Dallas area to get back home, but head coach Bill O'Brien said "there's a sense we can get back there, I would say, before Monday." The Texans have been in the Dallas ...
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What Bill O'Brien liked about Tom Savage

HoustonTexans.com - 07 Sep 2017
“I was always struck with his demeanor, his poise and his straightforwardness and you could just tell that he was a guy that believed in himself through all the things that he had been through and what he has been through up to this point," O'Brien said.
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Jaguars' Doug Marrone jokes: 'I never liked Bill O'Brien'

Chron.com - 06 Sep 2017
Jacksonville Jaguars coach Doug Marrone wanted to clear up all of those nasty rumors about his supposed longtime friendship with Texans coach Bill O'Brien. "I never liked Bill O'Brien," Marrone said during a Wednesday conference call with Houston ...

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