Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize -
billion dollar bracket

Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize

New York Times - 16 Mar 2014
It is a rite of spring — a pencil, a bracket, a few bucks invested in a pool in the pursuit of picking the Final Four teams and, eventually, the last one standing in the N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament. None of us have dreamed of filling out the ...
billion dollar bracket

Savvy Shopper: Trip these tips to save - 16 Jul 2017
During March Madness one year, I filled out a bracket for a billion dollar challenge. Although the potential prize was spectacular, the 9.2 quintillion (9,2 followed by 18 zeros!) to 1 odds of winning meant that spending even one second on this contest ...
billion dollar bracket

Paramount Gets Paid While Best and Brightest Leave California

City Watch - 25 Jul 2017
High taxes is one. For the wealthiest taxpayers, the rate is shocking 13.3%. But for those who make the median, $51,530 annually – a low salary in an expensive state –– the rate is 9.3%, higher than the top bracket in most states. ...
billion dollar bracket

Why is tax reform so hard?

The Hill (blog) - 24 Jul 2017
Under what is called “baseline revenues” — revenue projected into the future — tax receipts as a percent of the economy grow year over year, due to real bracket creep and other economic factors. So when Senate Majority ...
billion dollar bracket

This is one Indigenous policy that really works

The Guardian - 03 Jul 2017
For growth, the government should be reviewing its future practices in relation to the “mandatory set aside”, as only 183 contracts were awarded to Indigenous businesses out of a total of 10,773 in the $80,000-$200,000 bracket. Imagine what larger ...
billion dollar bracket

Enter the 2017 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge

ESPN (press release) (registration) (blog) - 13 Mar 2017
Each year millions of college basketball fans fill out their brackets and then site glued to their TV sets to see which teams will dominate, which teams will disappoint and which teams will don the glass slipper. They will shout with excitement when ...
billion dollar bracket

Hey SC: Save Your Gas, Vehicle Maintenance Receipts

FITSNews - 02 Jul 2017
Allow us to explain: On July 1, South Carolina's gasoline tax increased by two cents per gallon – part of a gradual phase-in of a broader tax hike that will drain $1.8 billion from the state's economy over the next five years (and another $600 million ...
billion dollar bracket

Atlanta Falcons 2017 Team Preview and Prediction - 13 Jul 2017
What if you had told quarterback Matt Ryan, head coach Dan Quinn and owner Arthur Blank that the second year of Atlanta's Seattle-inspired “Brotherhood” rebuild would net an MVP award for Ryan, record-setting stats for Kyle Shanahan's explosive offense ...

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