Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize -
billion dollar bracket

Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize

New York Times - 16 Mar 2014
It is a rite of spring — a pencil, a bracket, a few bucks invested in a pool in the pursuit of picking the Final Four teams and, eventually, the last one standing in the N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament. None of us have dreamed of filling out the ...
billion dollar bracket

Congress Just Opened This $10 Billion Can of Worms - 17 Jan 2018
For instance, during the most recent year for which tax information is available, the IRS reported that almost 600,000 taxpayers claimed deductible alimony payments, with the total deduction amounts adding up to $12.35 billion. You'd expect every ...
billion dollar bracket

Pennsylvania woman stunned by $284 billion electric bill

Fox News - 25 Dec 2017
After a call from Horomanki's son, Penelec fixed the statement to show that the actual balance was $284.46, the paper reported. Penelec spokesman Mark Durbin said somehow the decimal point was in the wrong spot. “I can't recall ever seeing a bill for ...
billion dollar bracket

Tax tips for hurricane victims

WTSP 10 News - 18 Jan 2018
The 2017 hurricane season wreaked havoc across the Southeast, but for those living in federally declared disaster areas, special disaster tax relief is available. Three Category 4 hurricanes — Harvey, Irma and Maria — ravaged parts of the continental ...
billion dollar bracket

When Lottery Tickets are Deductible - 16 Jan 2018
As of now, I expect to be in a much lower tax bracket next year. Suppose I wait until the start of next year to cash my ticket. That strategy would significantly cut the IRS's share. Will the IRS go along with my maneuver? A: Absolutely not. Because ...
billion dollar bracket

Curbed Cup Elite Eight results: Astoria topples Hudson Yards!

Curbed NY - 22 Dec 2017
(Okay, Astoria isn't exactly an upstart, but it's no billion-dollar megaproject.) Maybe the time just isn't right for Hudson Yards; as one Curbed staffer noted, picking between the still-under-construction neighborhood or the already-established one is ...
billion dollar bracket

Donald Trump signs Tax Cuts Act into law - 22 Dec 2017
Donald Trump has signed a contentious tax bill into law, the final step in the administration's push to undertake the largest overhaul of the US tax system in over three decades. The president signed the legislation at the White House on Friday, just ...
billion dollar bracket

How Trump's Tax Plan May Affect Your Business

Forbes - 28 Dec 2017
The plan allows corporations to deduct state and local taxes and doubles estate tax exemptions and helps the 1% who pay them while contributing about $17 billion in taxes. The Alternative Minimum Tax will remain, but will now raise the income bracket ...
billion dollar bracket

The Reality of the Trump Tax Reform

Uloop News - 11 Jan 2018
AT&T just announced that they're giving $1,000 bonuses to all 200,000 of their employees and increasing its capital expenditures budget by $1 billion in the United States. Now, of course, they announced this as a response to the tax reform bill ...
billion dollar bracket

New tax law scales back reward for giving, local charities concerned

Asheville Citizen-Times - 25 Dec 2017
They estimated in May that changes in the standard deduction and tax rates similar to those that made it into the final tax reform bill would reduce charitable giving by $4.9 billion to $13.1 billion across the country. That's a dropoff of 1.7 percent ...

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