Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize -
billion dollar bracket

Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize

New York Times - 16 Mar 2014
It is a rite of spring — a pencil, a bracket, a few bucks invested in a pool in the pursuit of picking the Final Four teams and, eventually, the last one standing in the N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament. None of us have dreamed of filling out the ...
billion dollar bracket

Chained CPI Hits Social Security Through Taxation of Benefits - 21 May 2018
For someone in the 25 percent tax bracket, that means earning a dollar of increment income can generate a tax of $0.46, or a 46.25 percent tax rate. So shifting tax brackets will have a shock value for future retirees. If you want to see how “bracket ...
billion dollar bracket

Trump's Tax Plan Could Mess Up Your Prenup

Bloomberg - 23 May 2018
For those in the top income-tax bracket -- the likeliest to have a prenup -- being able to deduct the payout from taxable income had been a big saving because every dollar in alimony reduces the payer's taxable income by the same amount. Top earners in ...
billion dollar bracket

The Complicated Taxation of America's Retirement Accounts

Tax Foundation - 22 May 2018
Under a saving/consumption-neutral tax system, each dollar, whether it is consumed immediately or saved for future consumption, is taxed only once, as in the case in the lower-left and upper-right quadrants of Table 1. Neutrality is violated when ...

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