Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize -
billion dollar bracket

Plenty of Ways to Try for a Billion-Dollar Prize

New York Times - 16 Mar 2014
It is a rite of spring — a pencil, a bracket, a few bucks invested in a pool in the pursuit of picking the Final Four teams and, eventually, the last one standing in the N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament. None of us have dreamed of filling out the ...
billion dollar bracket

Market rally rockets 55 firms to billion-dollar orbit

Daily News & Analysis - 05 Jun 2017
"Some companies might have been sitting on fringes and 20-25% price movement has made them come in the billion-dollar bracket. But the market itself has moved 17-18% in this time period. And midcaps, small caps are a high-beta counter. If the index ...
billion dollar bracket

Prize Promoter Trudges Forward with March Madness Sweepstakes Lawsuit

Lexology (registration) - 07 Jun 2017
In January 2014, Yahoo changed its plans and worked out a deal with Quicken (and without SCA) to co-sponsor a very similar “Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge.” That same month, SCA filed a sweepstakes lawsuit against Yahoo, alleging breach of contract ...
billion dollar bracket

Exclusive: Money diverted from public schools?

WKBW-TV - 26 Jun 2017
In Alabama, according to Davis, if a donor in a 28 percent tax bracket contributed $50,000 to a scholarship tax credit program, the donor would get a $50,000 tax credit to offset state taxes owed. Combine that tax credit with a federal ...
billion dollar bracket

Enter the 2017 Million Dollar Bracket Challenge

ESPN (press release) (registration) (blog) - 13 Mar 2017
Each year millions of college basketball fans fill out their brackets and then site glued to their TV sets to see which teams will dominate, which teams will disappoint and which teams will don the glass slipper. They will shout with excitement when ...
billion dollar bracket

Dems propose big tax hikes as alternative

The Garden City Telegram - 03 Jun 2017
TOPEKA — A trio of House Democrats introduced competing bills Friday that raised Kansas taxes more than $1.2 billion over two years to resolve the state government's substantial revenue shortfall and to boost spending on public schools. It's unlikely ...
billion dollar bracket

Buffett vs. Yahoo

Slate Magazine - 20 Mar 2015
In its lawsuit, SCA claimed it signed an agreement with Yahoo to run its own billion-dollar bracket competition; according to SCA, the contract required Yahoo to pay half the insurer's $11 million fee in the event of a cancellation, but the company ...
billion dollar bracket

Don't Take Warren Buffett's Bracket Challenge

Slate Magazine - 16 Mar 2014
Just register online for the Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge, make your March Madness picks, and crack open a High Life. If you pick the winners of 63 NCAA Tournament games (you don't even have to pick the winners from the play-in round!), you'll haul ...
billion dollar bracket

Congratulations, Warren Buffett

Slate Magazine - 22 Mar 2014
He's not the only one: As of early Friday evening, after Gonzaga's win over Oklahoma State, there are just six perfect brackets remaining out of 11 million in's Tournament Challenge. And in the Buffett/Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket ...
billion dollar bracket

Angels & Demons

Tucson Weekly - 01 Jun 2017
Arizona would need an annual billion-dollar infusion just to move into 45th place. Neither Oklahoma nor ...

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