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Billy Graham: The greatest battle ever fought was won by Jesus

Bowling Green Daily News - 23 Oct 2018
QUESTION: I worked a short time for an institute that studies battles and wars around the world and learned that some believe World War II was the most costly war. Isn't the greatest cost measured by the men and women who die in service to their country?
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Billy Graham Center Explains Survey on Evangelical Trump Voters

ChristianityToday.com - 18 Oct 2018
So concludes the Billy Graham Center Institute at Wheaton College from its new survey, released in CT's November issue, examining the oft-repeated statistic that 81 percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016. The institute commissioned ...
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What Nigerian pastors can learn from the late Billy Graham

Pulse Nigeria - 23 Oct 2018
I am an erring, fallible disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ and am subject to all the temptations, human frailties, and errors of other disciples of the Lord." This is a great lesson for our clerics. ALSO READ: Billy Graham's sermon notes to be ...
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Billy Graham: We should all aspire to be God's butterflies

Bowling Green Daily News - 19 Oct 2018
QUESTION: My sixth-grade class is studying caterpillars and learning how they change into butterflies. Does the Bible say anything about this? – S.G.. ANSWER: There is a spiritual lesson in the study of the caterpillar. The same God who changes the ...
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NC Baptist resolution to honor Billy Graham

Brnow - 02 Oct 2018
WHEREAS, The life and ministry of Billy Graham is a testament of God's promise to His church to raise up evangelists for the sake of proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ to every tribe, people, language and nation (Ephesians 4:11; Revelation 7:9); and
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Billy Graham on Why the Bible Warns against the Occult & Witchcraft

Crosswalk.com (blog) - 08 Oct 2018
The supernatural has become an increasingly popular topic in books, movies, and TV shows. But the late evangelist Billy Graham reminds us that the Bible very clearly warns against the occult and witchcraft. And for good reason — our own protection!
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Eugene H. Peterson, Scholar Turned Homespun Pastor, Dies at 85

New York Times - 23 Oct 2018
While televangelists like Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Bob Jones Sr. and Joel Osteen reached millions with more impersonal and lucrative mass-media techniques, Mr. Peterson deplored modern megachurches, virtual religions online, televised preaching and ...
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Photos: Today in History: Oct. 23

PostBulletin.com - 23 Oct 2018
A fence between them, Evangelist Billy Graham and his “pet” ram patch up their differences over a stalk of celery in Asheville, North Carolina on Oct. 23, 1957. The ram butted Billy Graham down the mountainside pasture on Saturday but Graham was ...
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Industrial development pegged for site of former prison in Charlotte

Charlotte Business Journal - 23 Oct 2018
Exeter Property Group, a real estate investment manager based in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, recently filed a rezoning request for a roughly 47.5-acre property at the southwest corner of Billy Graham Parkway and West Tyvola Road, the former Charlotte ...
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Evangelicals & politics: Reasons for voting 'complex'

BP News - 23 Oct 2018
A new survey from LifeWay Research sponsored by the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College explored the voting habits and political motivations of three groups of Americans: evangelicals by belief, self-identified evangelicals and those who are not ...
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Joel Osteen says he follows the 'Billy Graham rule'

ChristianToday - 11 Oct 2018
In an age in which pastors are frequently being brought down by sexual scandals, popular author and Pastor Joel Osteen says he follows what is known as the "Billy Graham rule." The 55-year-old Osteen, whose sermons are seen on television by millions ...
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CT, The 81%, and John Hawthorne

Patheos (blog) - 24 Oct 2018
This week Christianity Today reported on research sponsored by the Billy Graham Center and conducted by LifeWay Research. Titled “Why Evangelicals Voted Trump: Debunking the 81%,” it reported on data from 3,000 respondents. These respondents were ...
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Friendship UMC to host free conference

News Courier - 23 Oct 2018
Berry, who also served as the personal travel assistant to Anne Graham Lotz (daughter of evangelist Billy Graham) from 2009-2012, agrees with Gartman, noting she feels “there are a lot of people who are not enjoying their lives right now and are going ...

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