The Black Knight is a fictional character who appears in a scen... -
black knight (monty python)

The Black Knight is a fictional character who appears in a scen...

wikipedia - 14 Sep 2016
The Black Knight is a fictional character who appears in a scene of the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. As his name suggests, he is a black knight who guards a "bridge" (in reality a short plank of wood) over a small stream - which could have been easily stepped over by King Arthur but, for unknown reasons, he does not. Although supremely skilled in swordplay, the Black Knight suffers from unchecked overconfidence and a staunch refusal ever to give up.
black knight (monty python)

John Cleese and other funny folks coming to San Antonio - 13 Dec 2017
You're in luck, then, because a bunch of stand-up comedy shows and other silly stuff will be coming to San Antonio in the new year. At the top of the list is an appearance by John Cleese, who was in town not too long ago with his Monty Python colleague ...
black knight (monty python)

Ryanair chief finally armless against unions

The Times - 17 Dec 2017
Remember the date: December 15, 2017, the day hell froze over. Ryanair's Michael O'Leary famously said that he would cut off both arms rather than negotiate with the bearded brothers in the trade unions. He now resembles the black knight from Monty ...
black knight (monty python)

Peroxide blonde hair in Shogun-era Japan

VUE Weekly - 06 Dec 2017
This live-action version is, like many of its Hollywood comic book-blockbuster counterparts, so self-serious that it's rather silly (there's somehow peroxide-blonde hair in shogun-era Japan; no one thinks of just incinerating the immortal already; etc ...
black knight (monty python)

Laughter isn't canned at HHS production of 'Spamalot'

Holyoke Enterprise - 21 Nov 2017
It is there that the knights receive a quest from God: find the Holy Grail — not a quail and not just a missing cup. They travel through the seasons and across the land on their quest. They come across a French castle, where Bedevere's Trojan rabbit ...
black knight (monty python)

Q&A: After Queensland, it's all Daleks and constipation

Armidale Express - 28 Nov 2017
The path to doing so drove inevitably through Queensland, which is not usually a good place to start but under the circumstances is probably better than Canberra as presently constituted. A questioner, channelling Monty Python and the Holy Grail ...
black knight (monty python)

Godless: Why you should watch Netflix's new western - 20 Nov 2017
A heist gone awry, thanks to the intervention of his former partner Roy Goode (Jack O'Connell), has resulted in blood-soaked carnage, with only one passenger left alive. Even the seemingly indestructible Griffin has taken a bullet to the arm, although ...
black knight (monty python)

Des Houghton: Joh's son claims 'father was not a crook'

Courier Mail - 01 Dec 2017
LNP leader Tim Nicholls reminded me this week of the wonderfully macabre Monty Python scene where the Black Knight refuses to concede defeat even though both his arms have been hacked off. So it was with Nicholls as he continued his leadership charade ...
black knight (monty python)

'Clean Hands' - Manuel Delia

Times of Malta - 26 Nov 2017
There's a goose laying golden eggs somewhere in its hidden recesses and it is hopelessly superficial to consider this as just a problem for the PN that cannot keep up with the crushing sheer overwhelming force of the Labour juggernaut. The Nationalist ...
black knight (monty python)

Review of Spamalot at New Wimbledon Theatre London

London Theatre 1 - 23 Nov 2017
In its elaborate putdowns, the script (Eric Idle) demonstrates imaginative vocabulary. On the other hand, the show feels somewhat smug and, taken at face value, the show's conclusion as various storylines are resolved in order to serve up a happy and ...
black knight (monty python)

Trump: The art of the insult

American Thinker (blog) - 30 Nov 2017
The question most everyone had on the morning of November 9, 2016 was, "How in the world did Trump win?" Joel Gilbert entertainingly answers that question in his new film, Trump: The Art of the Insult. The short answer is, Trump stood head and ...

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