The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is ... -
black swan theory

The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is ...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
The black swan theory or theory of black swan events is a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. The term is based on an ancient saying which presumed black swans did not exist, but the saying was rewritten after black swans were discovered in the wild.
black swan theory

6 key takeaways from CNN's CITIZEN conference

CNN - 22 Oct 2018
Black swan theory, for those who don't know it, is the idea -- first described by scholar and essayist Nassim Nicholas Taleb -- that there are high-profile, extreme outliers that defy all known wisdom and expectations and, in their wake, reshape what ...
black swan theory

#ShopperInsights2019: Moving to frictionless commerce - 12 Nov 2018
The role of brands in people's lives has changed, says Alistair Duff, chief innovation officer, The Black Swan Theory Company. “Telling the story of a brand has led to brands becoming part of the social identity of the consumer. Therefore, purpose is ...
black swan theory

The paradoxical usefulness of 'useless' higher education

TODAYonline - 05 Nov 2018
Such daydreaming, curious tinkering, and the restless modifications to accepted ways of doing things might come across as intellectual hubris or extravagance. But Nassim Taleb, of “Black Swantheory fame, believes that these have been the primary ...
black swan theory

“This Current M&A Surge Is The Most Stupid Thing”

The Corner Economic - 23 Oct 2018
This was the Lebanese investor, resident in New York, who in 2007 developed the theory of the Black Swan, an unexpected event which changes the chain of events and which can only be rationalised after the event. Since then he has become a financial ...
black swan theory

Grand Old Paranoia

The New Republic - 14 Nov 2018
It was, as Jonathan Swan of Axios wrote, enough to “churn Republican stomachs”—a secret study of the “coming hell” that would “turn the Trump White House into a 24/7 legal defense operation.” The document was ...
black swan theory

Nassim Taleb's Black Swan Theory Explained

Seeking Alpha - 03 May 2018
Protect yourself from the most dangerous market events - the type that wipe out people's life savings and force them to start over from zero. In markets, if you're not prepared for a black swan, you're going to end up losing a lot of money. No matter ...
black swan theory

Finally An Intelligent Approach To Black Swan Investing

Forbes - 07 Sep 2018
In theory, a Black Swan fund takes advantage of the observation that there are relatively more extreme events than described by a statistically “Normal” distribution. For example, the Black Monday crash of 1987 was a 22-standard deviation event ...
black swan theory

This week's latest and greatest...

theMusic - 09 Nov 2018
Lady Linn & Her Magnificent Bigband - Black Swan (Caroline). Liela Moss - My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth (Bella Union/Inertia). Lil Peep - Come ...
black swan theory

RBI's reserves belong to the Centre

The Hindu - 11 Nov 2018
Mind you, the odds on the rupee trading at 1993 levels or even at rates that prevailed in 2000 are so low that it would truly be a 'black swan' event if it were to happen. So, the RBI has armed itself for a contingency that can only be described as remote.
black swan theory

Black Swans and 1000-Year Floods

Energy and Capital - 05 Jun 2018
I live about 15 miles from historic Ellicott City in Maryland. In the past week it's rained in buckets. On one afternoon, it dumped more than six inches in three hours. Due to development — the building of roads and parking lots — and the funnel ...
black swan theory

'Suspiria' Review

International Policy Digest - 26 Oct 2018
The reason there is an open spot in the company for Susie is that Patricia (Chloe Grace Moretz) has disappeared after unloading her 'coven of witches' theory on an aged psychiatrist Dr. Josef Klemperer. Dr. Klemperer initially thinks the hysterical ...
black swan theory

Public Employee Pensions: The Next Black Swan?

Nasdaq - 13 Jun 2018
Author Nassim Taleb brought the phrase into common parlance in 2001 with his “black swan theory,” which he used to explain rare but disproportionately impactful events that are extremely hard to predict. Some of the most famous events that have been ...
black swan theory

The theories of GE14

The Star Online - 16 Mar 2018
During a chat in a hotel lounge in Kuala Lumpur, a political operative reminded me of a “black swan” that can be a game changer in an election. He also warned that there could be black swans in the coming election. The black swan theory was developed ...
black swan theory

The six principles of personalization for hotel websites

PhocusWire - 06 Nov 2018
We all suffer from what psychologists call confirmation bias, as we have the tendency to focus selectively on the information confirming our pre-existing beliefs: Just because we haven't seen a black swan, it doesn't mean that there are no black swans ...

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