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BlackBerry Passport Wants to Make It Hip to Be Square

ABC News - 24 Sep 2014
There's something a bit different about being served a square slice of pizza. The same can be said about BlackBerry's new square smartphone. BlackBerry CEO John Chen unveiled the company's new Passport phone today at an event in Toronto where he ...
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BlackBerry Passport review: 10 things to know before buying

IT PRO - 04 Aug 2017
BlackBerry is perhaps one of the saddest casualties of the great smartphone arms race. Once the be-all and end-all of mobile technology (and arguably the progenitor of the modern smartphone), BlackBerry has fallen from favour in recent years. This is a ...
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BlackBerry KEYone Review

NDTV - 01 Aug 2017
You can read about each of these missteps in great detail in our analysis of the BlackBerry Z3 (Review), Passport (Review), Classic (Review), Leap (Review), Priv (Review), and DTEK50 (Review). In tracing that journey, you can see how the company tried ...
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Blackberry KEYone Limited Edition Black

Gadgets Now - 03 Aug 2017
The smartphone consists of the same top bezel with broken aluminium slot and the pill shaped ambient and light sensor seen in Blackberry Passport. The front of the device houses the same "squricle" front camera and machined holes covering the earpiece.
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BlackBerry KEYone Review: The Best BlackBerry Phone IN YEARS

Gears Of Biz - 26 Jul 2017
I've had many BlackBerry handsets over the years, but the last decent one was the BlackBerry Passport. All the other Android-powered BlackBerry phones I have tested in the past 18 months have felt like works in progress or handsets that never quite ...
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Blackberry KEYone review: They key to best of all worlds - 16 Aug 2017
It has a 4.5 inch touchscreen with off-screen Android buttons. Underneath that is the backlit 4-row QWERTY keyboard. The fingerprint scanner is cleverly built into the spacebar and like the Passport and Priv, the keyboard also doubles as a trackpad.
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BlackBerry Passport Akan Segera Dirilis di Indonesia

PCtren - 14 Aug 2017
PCtren – BlackBerry Passport merupakan handset terbaru dengan desain papan ketik fisik (keyboard) yang sempat dipamerkan oleh CEO perusahaan tersebut, yaitu John Chen. Selain memiliki bentuk yang unik, produk ini menawarkan sejumlah inovasi ...
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48-Hour Flash Sale On BlackBerry Passport Is Back

ValueWalk - 23 Feb 2017
BlackBerry fans cleared the stock of the Passport Silver Editions from ShopBlackBerry the last time the company hosted a 48-hour flash sale. Not even a single smartphone was left at that time. However, if you missed that time and want to get your hands ...
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BlackBerry admits dying BB10 is in pain

The Register - 20 Mar 2017
BlackBerry has finally acknowledged problems with the much-delayed 10.3.3 update to BlackBerry 10 that users began to receive late last year. In September 2015, as it announced the company's first Android device, BlackBerry CEO John Chen promised ...
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BlackBerry Passport Price Reduced In US

Tech Times - 25 Jan 2017
BlackBerry has cut down the prices of its Passport and Passport Silver Edition smartphones by $120, albeit for a short while. The offer ends in 48 hours and customers from many countries like the U.S. Canada and UK can avail the discount. This is not ...
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BlackBerry “Ontario” was another dream that never came to be

SlashGear - 15 May 2017
The BlackBerry “Ontario” is just one of many names that got leaked to the public but never took form. At least until now. The Ontario's name came up at the same time as the BlackBerry “Windmere”, which eventually turned out to be the BlackBerry Passport.
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Mobile01 - 20 Jul 2017
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