BlackBerry Passport Wants to Make It Hip to Be Square -
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BlackBerry Passport Wants to Make It Hip to Be Square

ABC News - 24 Sep 2014
There's something a bit different about being served a square slice of pizza. The same can be said about BlackBerry's new square smartphone. BlackBerry CEO John Chen unveiled the company's new Passport phone today at an event in Toronto where he ...
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BlackBerry Passport review

The Verge - 24 Sep 2014
"BlackBerry is still around?" I've heard that question quite often the past few weeks, as I've been using the BlackBerry Passport. Contrary to what many people in ...
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How to Get WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10

Tech Advisor - 11 Apr 2018
BlackBerry devices cannot officially run WhatsApp, but there is a workaround for phones running BlackBerry 10. Here is how to download WhatsApp for ...
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Best BlackBerry phones 2018

Tech Advisor - 17 Oct 2018
BlackBerry is back in 2018, and it has some great phones on the market. Here are the best BlackBerry phones and where to buy them.
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BlackBerry Passport Price Reduced In US

Tech Times - 25 Jan 2017
The price of the Blackberry Passport has been slashed for a limited period. This reduction in pricing is only for 48 hours and can be availed in the U.S., UK and ...
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BlackBerry admits dying BB10 is in pain

The Register - 20 Mar 2017
BlackBerry has finally acknowledged problems with the much-delayed 10.3.3 update to BlackBerry 10 that users began to receive late last year. In September ...
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BlackBerry Passport Review: Be Square

Brighthand - 20 Nov 2014
The BlackBerry Passport does the basics well, but suffers from BlackBerry 10's weak ecosystem and a build that's both bizarre and inconvenient.
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Join the BlackBerry Fan League today! - 20 Mar 2018
Over the past few weeks, behind the scenes, BlackBerry Mobile has been working hard to put together a sweet new initiative for fans to help spread the ...

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