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BlackBerry Passport Wants to Make It Hip to Be Square

ABC News - 24 Sep 2014
There's something a bit different about being served a square slice of pizza. The same can be said about BlackBerry's new square smartphone. BlackBerry CEO John Chen unveiled the company's new Passport phone today at an event in Toronto where he ...
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If foldable phones catch on, you can thank an unlikely source

CNET - 19 Jan 2018
Smartphones with foldable displays are either a waste of time or the next breakthrough in handsets. It just depends on whom you ask. You can count Lixin Cheng, head of ZTE's mobile business, as someone solidly in the pro-foldable camp. Last year, ZTE ...
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Will WhatsApp work on your phone in new year 2018?

Business Standard - 26 Dec 2017
About 70 percent of smartphones sold at the time had operating systems offered by BlackBerry and Nokia. Mobile operating systems offered by Google, Apple and Microsoft – which account for 99.5 percent of sales today – were on less than 25 percent of ...
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How to download WhatsApp on BlackBerry 10

Tech Advisor - 07 Dec 2017
Here we show you how to download WhatsApp to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone using the free software Snap. Snap allows you install Android apps to your phone as though they have been downloaded from the Google Play Store. Snap is free, though the ...
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BlackBerry won't kill BB10 until 2020, pulls regular Priv updates

The Register - 15 Dec 2017
BlackBerry has announced "continuing support" for the legacy BB10 OS phones it once made – but won't be updating its first Android phone, the Priv, regularly any more. "Support" means many things, and though owners of phones like the BlackBerry ...
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The best BlackBerry phones for 2018

Tech Advisor - 23 Nov 2017
If you want a handset primarily for emails, SMS, IM and - yes - making phone calls, a BlackBerry is still a good choice. With a hardware qwerty keyboard, most BlackBerrys are designed for regular lengthy hammering by even the least dextrous fingers ...
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6 tips for taking better pictures with the Blackberry Passport

KnowTechie - 31 Oct 2017
Here's some helpful tips that will help you take better picture with your Blackberry Passport. by. Chris Smith; October 31, 2017. Image: CNET. Blackberry Passport smartphone packs two cameras, each capable of shooting HD video. However, different users ...
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BlackBerry OS autoloader files now available! - 23 Oct 2017
Seems BlackBerry has had an older OS floating around their servers for BlackBerry 10 devices that someone decided should be rolled out at some point. The files needed to create OS autoloaders have now been posted in the forums for all ...
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BlackBerry Passport Price, Specifications & Review

TechJuice (press release) (blog) - 04 Jun 2017
Blackberry Passport Price on its release was around 600 dollars i-e Rs. 60,000 in Pakistani currency. Currently it may be bought in price of 200 dollars i-e Pakistani 20,000 Rs. In black colour. The big drop in price is over all decline in the repute ...
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Uber reminds people BlackBerry still exists and launches on BBM

The INQUIRER - 18 Dec 2017
BBM MESSENGER - that thing you forgot was actually ever a thing - is back and in the headlines. And why on earth is that the case? Well, ride hailing app Uber has decided to join forces with the platform to allow users to book rides via BlackBerry's ...
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BlackBerry Motion Review: Hands On First Look

Know Your Mobile - 13 Nov 2017
I don't exactly have a long history with BlackBerry, I pretty much skipped over the whole phenomenon in favour of Android-based devices, which were my introduction into the smartphone world. Sure, I've played with the odd one or two over the years and ...
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BlackBerry Passport review

The Verge - 24 Sep 2014
But the Passport's three row layout isn't as good as the older designs. It's too wide, making it all but impossible to type the simplest words with one hand. And for some reason, the spacebar is jammed up into the third row of letters, splitting the ...

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