Blindspot premiere recap: 'In Night So Ransomed Rogued' -
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Blindspot premiere recap: 'In Night So Ransomed Rogued'

Entertainment Weekly - 14 Sep 2016
If you were at all worried Blindspot might not be the same show considering its new night and timeslot — a fear exacerbated by reports of dialed-back violence — tonight's premiere does a lot to assuage those concerns. “In Night So Ransomed Rogued” is ...
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Blindspot recap: 'Upside Down Craft' (blog) - 11 Nov 2017
Now that's more like it. After last week's solid but overstuffed episode of Blindspot, this week's episode does a much better job of telling a clear narrative while using its case-of-the-week structure to flesh out the stories of the main characters ...
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Rich and Patterson's history revealed in Blindspot sneak peek - 10 Nov 2017
Remember that little secret Rich and Patterson were trying to hide in the Blindspot premiere? Well, it may come spilling out during Friday's episode when the FBI starts hunting down a collective of dangerous hackers known as the Three Blind Mice. Could ...
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Blindspot recap: 'Enemy Bag of Tricks' - 04 Nov 2017
After last week's chaotic bit of catch-up storytelling — in which we learned how and why Jane went missing for months, and how Weller eventually found her — this hour is a little more traditional. It's a case-of-the-week style episode that ties in ...
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Louis CK Exposes Late-Night Television's Most Glaring Blind Spot

Daily Beast - 16 Nov 2017
Louis C.K. Exposes Late-Night Television's Most Glaring Blind Spot. The many straight white male late-night TV hosts don't know how to handle the disturbing sexual-harassment allegations against one of their own. And it points to a bigger problem.
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Blindspot: What Were Jane and Weller's Wedding Vows?

TV Guide - 10 Nov 2017
Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) finally tied the knot after a rocky Season 2 of mistrust and family drama. The opening scene gave us a glimpse of their wedding and it looked like a blast with smiles, dancing and cake cutting ...
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Blindspot premiere recap: 'Back to the Grind' (blog) - 28 Oct 2017
In Entertainment Weekly's own interview with Martin Gero, the Blindspot producer said that season 3 would represent a “soft reset” for the show. That makes a lot of sense when you consider how last season ended. Sandstorm had been stopped, the FBI was ...
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Blindspot taps Steve Kazee in mystery role - 03 Nov 2017
After its 18-month time jump, Blindspot has a lot of holes to fill — and the plot thickens with this new casting! EW can exclusively reveal that Steve Kazee has joined the cast in a recurring capacity, but details on his role are being kept tightly ...
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Trump's Twitter Takedown Reveals Another Tech Blind Spot

WIRED - 03 Nov 2017
Having such a massive blind spot exposed would be wounding for Twitter no matter when it was revealed, but the timing of this epic exit was particularly apt. This week, three congressional committees grilled Twitter, Facebook, and Google about the role ...
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When Does Blindspot Season 3 Premiere?

TV Guide - 24 Oct 2017
Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) lit up like a Christmas tree at the end of Blindspot's second season, so when will we find out what that was all about? We'll get those answers and more when Blindspot returns for its third season on Friday, Oct. 27 at 8/7c ...

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