Blonde (stylized as blond) is the second studio album by... -
blonde (frank ocean album)

Blonde (stylized as blond) is the second studio album by...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Blonde (stylized as blond) is the second studio album by American singer Frank Ocean. It was released on August 20, 2016, as a timed exclusive on the iTunes Store and Apple Music, and followed the August 19 release of Ocean's visual album Endless. Initially known as Boys Don't Cry and teased for a July 2015 release, the album suffered several delays and was the subject of widespread media anticipation leading up to its release.
blonde (frank ocean album)

The 10 Best Rap Songs of 2018 So Far

Study Breaks - 19 Jul 2018
He does not disappoint, and this delicately lush cut off his relatively disappointing album hits the mark. French Montana comes into the mix on an eye-popping feature with vocals that will have you shedding tears of joy, and the iconic Frank Ocean's ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

How Troye Sivan Broke Free

Rolling Stone - 18 Jul 2018
He's got an excellent new album on the way, Bloom; a new single, “Dance to This,” featuring Ariana Grande, which premiered this morning; and a photo shoot this afternoon. But he's learned to carve out downtime for himself, ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

From Me to You: Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

The Michigan Daily - 16 Mar 2018
Frank Ocean's challenges, doubts, thoughts and experiences are brought into complete focus with Blonde. I am eternally grateful for the album and its essence, and how it showed me that I am not alone in my confusion about my sexuality and how it is ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

Inside Frank Ocean's Blonde

Pitchfork - 20 Feb 2018
Just months after releasing his first official album, to what felt like unanimous acclaim, Frank Ocean was already tossing around the idea of retiring from music. That was until he filled a duffle bag with hard drives of music and fled to London to ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

Frank Ocean Sues Producer Over Authorship of 'Blonde' Songs

Variety - 20 Feb 2018
Keith served as a producer on Ocean's first studio album, “Channel Orange.” Ocean's attorneys contend that Keith orally agreed to the same deal for the second album, “Blonde,” whereby Keith would get a flat fee for producing, but would not receive co ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

The new series of Dissect is all about Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

Dazed - 15 May 2018
After Dissect's quality quietly made waves across the hip hop world, the producer and host has now partnered with Spotify to develop the latest focus of his attentions – Frank Ocean's serene masterpiece Blonde, an album that's as beguiling as it is ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

Just Accept the Friend Request!

The Ringer (blog) - 23 May 2018
The 12th song on Frank Ocean's second proper album—the dazzling, uniquely brilliant Blonde—isn't a song at all. It's a skit called “Facebook Story.” It lasts exactly 69 seconds, and the whole thing is a French man telling a story about how one time a ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

Frank Ocean suing producer who claims he co-wrote songs on 'Blonde'

TheGrio (blog) - 22 Feb 2018
Frank Ocean is suing producer Om'Mas Keith to prevent him from claiming songwriting credit on the 2016 album Blonde. Keith reportedly claims he “co-wrote 11 songs” on Blonde and wants the credit for it. According to TMZ, Ocean has filed suit to block ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

What to Expect From Dissect's Deep Dive on Frank Ocean

Vulture - 17 May 2018
Dissect, one of the more interesting music podcasts around, returns for its third season this week, and this time, it's going deep on Frank Ocean's critically acclaimed 2016 album, Blonde. Self-described as a serialized music podcast, each season of ...
blonde (frank ocean album)

When is Frank Ocean's next album coming? (blog) - 30 Nov 2017
Given the gap between Frank Ocean's debut album, 'Channel Orange', and his next two – 2016's 'Endless' and 'Blonde' – it seems slightly optimistic to expect another one from him as soon as 2018. But the R&B genius appears to be teasing new music for ...

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