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blue wall (politics)

"Blue wall" is a term that was used by some political analysts ...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
"Blue wall" is a term that was used by some political analysts and pundits referring to the theory that in Presidential elections in the United States, the Democratic Party had, between the 1992 and 2012 presidential elections, established such an advantage in many, mostly contiguous (hence "wall"), states that the electoral map made a Republican victory an uphill battle from the start. George W. Bush won the 2000 presidential election and the 2004 presidential election, but did not win any of the st
blue wall (politics)

What the 2018 results tell us about 2020

Vox - 14 Nov 2018
Does Stacey Abrams coming close in Georgia mean it's now on the table? And most of all, does Democrats' resurgence in the former “blue wall” states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania mean that Trump is doomed? ...
blue wall (politics)

Blue wave or red wall? These are the early races to watch

San Francisco Chronicle - 06 Nov 2018
Initial returns from other states could be especially revealing, because they will include mail and early voting ballots that are arriving in numbers never before seen, said David McCuan, a political science professor at Sonoma State University. “The ...
blue wall (politics)

Democrats look to rebuild Blue Wall in the midterms

The Boston Globe - 03 Nov 2018
WATERFORD, Mich. — Democrats woke up in November 2016 to the cold reality that the Blue Wall of reliable votes in upper Midwestern states that they counted on for years had crumbled, clearing a path for Donald Trump to take the White House. Two years ...
blue wall (politics)

A split America reasserts its divisions in the midterm elections

Washington Post - 07 Nov 2018
The deep divisions that have defined American politics in the era of President Trump played out across the country in Tuesday's midterm elections, as Democrats scored victories in key races in Republican-held suburban House districts but ran into a ...
blue wall (politics)

Stacey Abrams, a sea-blue dress and the politics of appearance

Washington Post - 08 Nov 2018
When Abrams's Republican competitor, Brian Kemp, spoke to his supporters, he stood in front of a wall of red — his wife and daughters, who were all wearing red or red-print dresses. He opened his remarks with a “whooo!” and a quip: “Sorry it took us a ...
blue wall (politics)

Trump wall stops Florida's blue wave

WFSB - 08 Nov 2018
In short, the Democrats' blue wave hit President Donald Trump's figurative red wall, and once again Florida maintained its reputation for close elections — with Republicans having the edge. Republican Ron DeSantis defeated Tallahassee Mayor Andrew ...
blue wall (politics)

Trump's Figurative Red Wall Stops Florida's Blue Wave

U.S. News & World Report - 08 Nov 2018
Business Case for Population Health. Politics. Election Confirms Virginia's Shift to Blue. National News. America's Military Might in Doubt. Best Countries. Countries and Antibiotic Consumption. Politics. Overheating Machines Complicate Recount.
blue wall (politics)

The Death of the Midwest Democrat Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

New York Times - 08 Nov 2018
“There's an argument to make that the blue wall is being rebuilt,” said Lawrence R. Jacobs, a political scientist at the University of Minnesota, who described the results in Minnesota as “at least a mini-blue wave.” There, Democrats held onto the ...
blue wall (politics)

Red wall in Blue Ridge blocks Democratic wave

Hendersonville Lightning - 07 Nov 2018
There was no blue wave here. Voters in reliably Republican Henderson County erected a red wall and re-elected incumbent Republicans against a hard charge by Democrats, who had fielded more candidates for the Legislature than in recent years and in ...

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