Bob Costas Is Not In Good Shape -
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Bob Costas Is Not In Good Shape

TIME - 08 Feb 2014
Bob Costas, who's anchoring much of NBC's primetime Sochi Winter Olympics coverage, is battling an eye infection — and he appears to be losing. Costas acknowledged having “some kind of minor infection which should resolve itself by the weekend” on ...
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2018 Tiger Mailbag: 3rd Edition (press release) - 17 Jan 2018
mexicojoe asks: In honor of Keith Jackson, Who is your favorite broadcaster? GD: I'm a huge Bob Costas fan, I love Kevin Harlan, who I grew up listening to do Chiefs games. Gus Johnson could make me watch turtles race and think it was exciting. Al ...
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Why Roger Craig belongs in Canton: 'He's a clear-cut Hall of Famer'

Fairfield Daily Republic - 06 Jan 2018
The former 49ers running back had no chance against this crop of modern-era candidates, where eye-popping numbers rule the day. The receivers alone among this year's finalist class represent three of the top five receiving totals of all-time: Terrell ...
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Bob Costas: Football 'Destroys People's Brains'

CBS DC - 09 Nov 2017
WASHINGTON — Not everyone at NBC Sports will be getting a holiday card from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. On Tuesday night, outspoken sportscaster Bob Costas was part of the Shirley Povich Symposium at the University of Maryland on the future of ...
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WATCH: WFAN's 'Chalk Talk' With Bob Costas

CBS New York - 09 Nov 2017
NEW YORK (WFAN) — Sportscaster extraordinaire Bob Costas joined Gary Myers recently for an entertaining edition of WFAN's “Chalk Talk.” The two Syracuse University graduates got into a host of topics, including a lengthy discussion about President ...
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Bob Costas: On pinkeye, how many Olympics he has left

USA TODAY - 04 Aug 2016
One of John Cena's jokes in his opening monologue at last month's ESPY Awards on ABC depended on viewers knowing a certain eye-opening fact about Costas's biography. There's a super bacteria recently found in Rio. Just what the Olympics needed: Another ...
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What's Happening With Bob Costas' Eye and How You Can Avoid It

TIME (blog) - 11 Feb 2014
Bob Costas put forth an Olympian effort, but his red, swollen eyes have gotten the best of him. For the first time since 1988, the veteran sports anchor will cede his his nightly Olympics hosting duties to Matt Lauer while his mysterious infection ...
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Costas' pink eye from 'botched Botox'

Page Six - 13 Mar 2014
Bob Costas got his infamous case of Olympic pink eye from botched Botox, a source claims to Page Six. NBC's prime-time Olympics host, who had to take a six-day absence after coming down with viral conjunctivitis in both eyes, contracted the infection ...
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Everything You Wanted To Know About Bob Costas's Olympic Pinkeye

Daily Beast - 12 Feb 2014
Speaking to The New York Times, Costas had this to say of his eye gone pink: “You hear it called pinkeye or conjunctivitis, but, as a practical matter, I haven't had it before,” he said.“You have swelling and stinging and burning and eventually tearing ...
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Bob Costas Eyewatch: The Return of the King

The Atlantic - 16 Feb 2014
Update, February 16: Bob Costas will return to his rightful place on the throne of NBC-prime-time Olympic anchorship Monday evening, the network just announced. Matt Lauer will stand in for Costas one final time, tonight. The unexpected journey of this ...

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