Bob Costas Is Not In Good Shape -
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Bob Costas Is Not In Good Shape

TIME - 08 Feb 2014
Bob Costas, who's anchoring much of NBC's primetime Sochi Winter Olympics coverage, is battling an eye infection — and he appears to be losing. Costas acknowledged having “some kind of minor infection which should resolve itself by the weekend” on ...
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An Oral History of Bob Costas Having Pink Eye at the Olympics

Vulture - 16 Feb 2018
What makes a standout Olympics memory? An elite talent at the top of their game, refusing to back down. A historic first. A triumph over adversity. It's an uncommon blend of elements, which makes those occasions when they converge all the more gripping ...
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Missing Bob Costas at the Olympics? You're not alone

Kansas City Star (blog) - 14 Feb 2018
When the Olympic Games began last week in Pyeongchang, South Korea, some viewers in the United States were crestfallen. That's because Bob Costas, 65, stepped down as Olympic host last year. He had worked as NBC's prime-time host for what the network ...
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Why we miss Bob Costas at the Winter Olympics

Los Angeles Times - 19 Feb 2018
Sadly, Costas will probably best be remembered not so much for the decades of first-class sportscasting, but for a stubborn case of pink eye that struck during the Games in Sochi, Russia, and became the talk of the nation. Here's what he told the New ...
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Fox Sports Sun coverage ramps up Lightning's fun level (blog) - 05 Mar 2018
ESPN reached out to Bob Costas about being the play-by-play guy for Sunday Night Baseball. The New York Post reported that ESPN met with Costas once. ESPN ended up going with the talented Matt Vasgersian to partner with Alex Rodriguez and Jessica ...
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Bob Costas: NFL is doomed, 'game destroys people's brains'

Toronto Sun - 09 Nov 2017
But Costas claims CTE is a much more existential problem for the scandal-plagued circuit, still the most popular in America. And the league has moved forward at a snail's pace in addressing the concussion epidemic. “There is this crazy notion that you ...
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Bob Costas Is Not In Good Shape

TIME - 11 Feb 2014
Props to Costas for hanging in there despite what looks like double pink eye (Or is that just “pink eyes?”). Just two more weeks to go, Bob! Update: But on Tuesday morning, NBC announced that Costas would be taking the night off from his Olympic duties ...
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5 things you forgot happened at the Sochi Olympics

For The Win - 23 Jan 2018
3. Bob Costas and pink eye. The longtime NBC studio host was afflicted with an eye infection early in the Olympics, but he carried on. He won't be in Pyeongchang, though, stepping down in 2017 with Mike Tirico taking over. 4. An Olympian locked himself ...
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Bob Costas: On pinkeye, how many Olympics he has left

USA TODAY - 04 Aug 2016
One of John Cena's jokes in his opening monologue at last month's ESPY Awards on ABC depended on viewers knowing a certain eye-opening fact about Costas's biography. There's a super bacteria recently found in Rio. Just what the Olympics needed: Another ...

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