Bode Miller Apologizes for Bizarre Olympics Joke About Female Skier's Marriage -
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Bode Miller Is The Worst Sports Commentator Who Ever Lived

Deadspin - 21 Feb 2018
Give the job to Bode Miller, the worst and most poisonous broadcast sports commentator of my lifetime, and you get a dude talking about what should be some of the showcase events of the Winter Olympics like they are a dog that took a shit on his rug ...
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Bode Miller: 'State-sponsored doping is a disgrace'

Deutsche Welle - 08 Feb 2018
And with the international focus on what is a spectacular location for the Olympics, Miller has no concerns about security. "The Olympic compound is the safest place on the planet," he said. One thing that has changed over the years is Miller's ...
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What it's like to race a Winter Olympic gold ski champion - 15 Feb 2018
It's not often mere mortals get the chance to race against a world class ski champion, but at the end of January in the small resort of La Paganella, in the Trentino region, Italy, recently retired American ski superhero Bode Miller was taking on all ...
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“My own Bode Miller collection wouldn't help our brand”

ISPO - 29 Jan 2018
Bode Miller's second career is a real success too. After ending his career as a professional skier, the Olympic and four-time world champion now concentrates completely on business. He co-owns the US clothing manufacturer Aztech Mountain, where he is ...
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We Rank the Todds!

Slate Magazine - 25 Feb 2018
As everyone who watched Bode Miller's awful Alpine skiing commentary this year knows, it's a lot harder to find ex-athletes who are good on the air. Advantage: Richards! Insightfulness: Todd Harris: Harris isn't there for insight; he's there to keep ...

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