The capital of Finland, Helsinki was bombed several times during World... -
bombing of helsinki in world war ii

The Trump-Kim summit: what did it really achieve?

BBC History Magazine (blog) - 18 Jun 2018
Also, Washington has never officially recognized the DPRK as a sovereign state (even though Pyongyang, together with Seoul, was admitted to the UN in August 1991, at the end of the Cold War). In this light, North Korean state ...
bombing of helsinki in world war ii

PHOTOS: Today in History, May 28

The Fayetteville Observer - 28 May 2018
President Ronald Reagan presents the Vietnam War's Unknown Serviceman with the country's highest decoration, the Congressional Medal of Honor, during the funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery on Monday, May 28, 1984 in Arlington. (AP Photo ...
bombing of helsinki in world war ii

The Bizarre 'Sausage War' That Inspired Hitler

History - 30 Nov 2017
On November 30, 1939, Soviet forces bombed Helsinki and invaded Finland. The international community was outraged, but Soviet victory seemed inevitable. Given that Soviet forces outnumbered Finnish ones three to one, it looked likely that the war would ...
bombing of helsinki in world war ii

WWII bomb forces mass evacuation in central Berlin

Yahoo News - 20 Apr 2018
Berlin (AFP) - The planned disposal of an unexploded World War II bomb Friday will force a mass evacuation around Berlin's central railway station and likely spark transport chaos in the German capital. Trains, trams, buses and even some flights at the ...
bombing of helsinki in world war ii

Poland's World War II museum opens amid controversy

Deutsche Welle - 23 Mar 2017
Designed by the Polish architectural design studio Kwadrat, the ambitious building housing the new Museum of the Second World War, which opens its doors on March 23, features a glazed facade and roof that offers a clear view of the city center. But ...
bombing of helsinki in world war ii

Fall 2017 Movie Release Schedule

New York Times - 08 Sep 2017
RED TREES The London-based, Brazilian-born filmmaker Marina Willer delves into the history of her family, Jews in Prague during World War II. RYDE It was only a matter of time before the ride-sharing industry begot its own horror movie. Ryde is the ...
bombing of helsinki in world war ii

Unrecognized Courage

Huffington Post - 13 Apr 2017
How strange and unfortunate then is the refusal of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to commemorate a positive action unparalleled in World War II: Finland's saving 100% of its Jewish population, despite the presence of hundreds of thousands ...

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