Boobquake was a rally which took place on April 26, 2010. The r... -

Boobquake was a rally which took place on April 26, 2010. The r...

wikipedia - 07 Nov 2016
Boobquake was a rally which took place on April 26, 2010. The rally served to protest news reports of controversial beliefs espoused by Hojatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi, an Islamic religious authority in Iran. Seddiqi blamed women who dress immodestly for causing earthquakes. On April 19, it was reported that Seddiqi advised his listeners that "Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes" and Iranians should

Boobquake: Proving That God Hates Sex

Huffington Post (blog) - 29 Apr 2010
What more proof could anyone want? Certainly not senior Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi. He's the boob who touched off Boobquake by telling followers at Friday prayers, “Many women who do not dress modestly ...

Women strut their stuff for Boobquake

Toronto Star - 26 Apr 2010
Is the Iranian cleric right? On April 16th senior Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi suggested women who wear revealing clothing are to blame for earthquakes. “Women who do not dress modestly…lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and ...

Was Today's Earthquake Another Boobquake?

Gawker - 23 Aug 2011
Remember when an Iranian cleric said earthquakes were God's punishment for scantily-clad women, and then a bunch of scantily-clad women organized a naked protest to disprove the cleric, but then an earthquake actually occurred at the moment they ...

Atheism - Sexism = Atheism +

VICE - 25 Oct 2012
Atheist blogger Jennifer McCreight became well versed in godless misogyny when in 2010 she devised a stunt called “Boobquake” via her blog that called on women to dress immodestly for a designated day (April 26) in response to Iranian cleric ...


Calcutta Telegraph - 05 May 2010
As soon as the comment was made, women around the world went into a tizzy, setting up facebook groups and staging demonstrations in protest. The result: April 26 was declared 'boobquake day', WITH scores of women turning up in minimal clothing. there ...

Was wäre, wenn aufreizende Kleidung Erdbeben auslösen würde?

Spektrum der Wissenschaft - 14 Apr 2018
April 2010 forderte sie über ihre Facebookseite kanadische und amerikanische Frauen zu einer heiklen Mission auf. Sie sollten an diesem Tag tief ausgeschnittene T-Shirts ohne BH tragen, um ein »Boobquake« auszulösen. Fast 200 000 Frauen beteiligten ...

Erdbeben – durch Brüste!

BLICK.CH - 22 Apr 2010
McCreight gründete nach ihrem Blogeintrag eine Facebook-Gruppe names «Boobquake» (etwa: Brust-Beben) und erhielt begeisterten Zuspruch. Innert Kürze traten mehr als 30000 Frauen der Gruppe bei. Sie alle wollen sich nun am 26. April möglichst sexy ...

Is There Any Point to Protesting?

The New Yorker - 14 Aug 2017
Abroad, activism drove the Arab Spring and labor movements in Macau, while outrages shared across continents triggered such events as the feminism-and-rationalism-flaunting event known as Boobquake. So strident was Boobquake that it elicited a ...

Will Misogyny Bring Down The Atheist Movement?

BuzzFeed - 12 Sep 2014
Meanwhile, Jen McCreight called her movement “Boobquake” and urged skimpy clothing. “It wasn't until I started getting hugely sexually objectified by skeptics and atheists, and would say mildly, 'Please don't do that,' and get shit in return — that's ...

Americanas exibem decotes em protesto contra religioso iraniano - 26 Apr 2010
McCreight decidiu que há uma maneira de refutar a ideia e criou na rede social Facebook um grupo denominado "boobquake" (literalmente sacudimento ou terremoto dos peitos) que até hoje conta mais de 120 mil pessoas. O propósito do "boobquake", ...

Wear black to look fat (blog) - 22 Apr 2010
And if I found something that would rival anything someone might wear for Boobquake Day, then all the better! Of course wearing all one colour can just change that black ball into a red or purple or orange one, so it's important to mix it up a little ...

'Göğüs çatalı' deprem yaratmadı

Hürriyet - 26 Apr 2010
McCreight'in “Boobquake' adını verdiği deneye katılım çağrısı şöyleydi: “26 Nisan'da göğüs çatalımı en çok gösteren tişörtümü giyip deneye başlıyorum. Diğer araştırmacı kadınları da aynı şeyi yaparak, göğüslerine atfedilen süper güçleri test etmeye ...

Atheism+: the new New Atheists

New Statesman (blog) - 23 Aug 2012
She first came to prominence as the creator of 2010's "Boobquake", a satirical response to claims by an Iranian ayatollah that women who dressed immodestly were responsible for earthquakes. McCreight wondered if encouraging women to wear tight t-shirts ...

Grupos más absurdos de Facebook

SDP Noticias - 24 Sep 2013
A continuación algunos de los grupos de Facebook más bizarros que existen, únanse y diviértanse, tal vez también les sean útiles. Boobquake: Este grupo intenta demostrar que los senos grandes no provocan terremotos. Luego que Hojatoleslam Kazem ...

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