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Boss's Day Quotes 2014: 12 Last-Minute Sayings For The National Day

International Business Times - 15 Oct 2014
National Boss's Day is celebrated on Oct. 16 every year. It's a good date to mark on the calendar to show appreciation to your boss, especially if you have a good one. For those who didn't know about the unofficial holiday, or didn't have enough time ...
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'Lodge 49' Bosses on Making a 'Modern-Day Fable'

Variety - 30 Jul 2018
Some series can be summed with a simple logline — and then there's “Lodge 49,” AMC's new “modern-day fable” set to debut on August 6th. Executive producers Peter Ocko and Jim Gavin (who created the show) admit their series defies any concise elevator ...
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Destiny 2 Reddit Celebrated Gjallarhorn Day with Takeover

Game Rant - 18 Aug 2018
Destiny 2 players took over the Destiny subreddit on Friday, in celebration of Gjallarhorn Day. Every post, save for one about the Redrix's Broadsword quest, was themed around Gjallarhon and the moderation of those posts was at a minimum. It was a rare ...
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Treasury Wine Estates boss Michael Clarke's $18 million pay day

The Australian Financial Review - 16 Aug 2018
The chief executive of Treasury Wine Estates, Michael Clarke, will take home more than $18.6 million this year, after the maker of Penfolds and Wolf Blass met earnings guidance on Thursday. The pay day for the South African-born Mr Clarke makes him ...
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'GLOW' Bosses on the Importance of a Kid-Friendly Workspace

Variety - 09 Aug 2018
Every day can be Take Your Children to Work Day at “GLOW.” Spread out on the second floor of Jenji Kohan's Los Angeles writers' offices, showrunners Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch each have their own workspace, plus there is a designated playroom for ...
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Trump's résumé is rife with mob connections

Washington Post - 10 Aug 2018
When Manafort's turncoat lieutenant Rick Gates took the stand to detail their alleged conspiracies, I was transported to the day back in 1992 when Gotti's underboss Sammy Gravano began singing at the federal courthouse in Brooklyn. Gotti's lawyers ...
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Turkey buys time before day of IMF reckoning

The Guardian - 16 Aug 2018
Chief executives of the top 350 stockmarket-listed firms in the US took home $18.9m (£14.9m) on average last year, or a lot more than the average £3.9m collected by the bosses of FTSE 100 firms, as we learned this week. The sums are extraordinary on ...
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Pike River boss Peter Whittall guilt-free, living in Australia - 18 Aug 2018
"I do feel for Pike River every day, it does affect my life, it still affects my life, it will always affect my life." Whittall understands he could become the subject of a police probe with a criminal prosecution for charges ranging from nuisance to ...

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