BrainDead is an American political satire science fiction comed... -
braindead (tv series)

BrainDead is an American political satire science fiction comed...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
BrainDead is an American political satire science fiction comedy-drama television series created by Robert and Michelle King. BrainDead stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Laurel Healy, a documentary film-maker who takes a job working for her brother Luke (Danny Pino), a U.S. Senator, when the funding for her latest film falls through. Assigned as his new constituency caseworker, she discovers that Washington, D.C. has been invaded by extraterrestrial insects which are eating the brains and taking contr
braindead (tv series)

'The Resident' review: Clichéd television medical drama

Newsday - 19 Jan 2018
Instead, let's ask the big questions, like: How could two good actors end up playing such obnoxious characters in a boilerplate medical drama that sets out to make them so contemptible in the first place? Here's one possible answer: So that viewers ...
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Greg Eichelberger reviews 'I, Tonya'

Blackfoot Morning News - 20 Jan 2018
Actually, the tale is more of the depressing and despairing young life of Harding who is raised by an absent father and an almost unbelievably sadistic mother, LaVona Golden (Allison Janney, "Girl On the Train," "Mom" TV series and also an Emmy nominee ...
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10 Best TV Shows That Were Canceled Too Soon

PJ Media - 03 Jan 2018
Finding quality new shows on network and cable television every fall and January (for mid-season replacements) can be a crap shoot. It seems that the majority of what is green-lighted frankly stinks. Every so often there is a diamond in the rough, and ...
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The top breakout TV stars of 2017 - 29 Dec 2017
Rachel Brosnahan is no stranger to TV audiences after recent turns on House of Cards and Manhattan, but her starring role on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel gives the talented actress her best role in years. Brosnahan effortlessly inhabits Miriam “Midge ...
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EastEnders spoilers: Abi Branning's fate revealed

Daily Star - 28 Dec 2017
After watching EastEnders' cracking Christmas Day episode, viewers have been on tenterhooks to discover whether Abi and Lauren Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald and Jacqueline Jossa) were to survive their death plunge off the Queen Vic. And after tonight's ...
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The Terror Trailer Shows Off New AMC Original Series

TVweb - 14 Jan 2018
In the 20 years since Scott Free was formed, the company has earned over 70 Emmy nominations with 20 wins, and 20 Golden Globe nominations for its highly acclaimed television projects, which include: the Peabody Award-winning The Good Wife, a series ...
braindead (tv series)

Kyle Ng of Brain Dead on Red Bull TV Series

WWD - 13 Sep 2017
Kyle Ng belies the predominant streetwear designer persona.Ng, who cofounded Brain Dead with Ed Davis in 2014, is gregarious, inclusive and good-humored, and his personality is on full display for “Social Fabric,” a 12-episode Red Bull TV series that's ...
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American Dad Season 15 Episode 1 Review: Santa, Schmanta

Den of Geek US - 26 Dec 2017
December marks a promising time for many television shows as they get to embrace the festivities of the season. Holiday installments are a fun change of pace for programs, but American Dad in particular gets a lot of mileage out of their yearly ...
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BrainDead: the brain-eating ant show that sums up 2016

The Guardian - 12 Aug 2016
But what if that fictional show had space ants chewing through the brains of Republicans and Democrats? Do I have your attention now? BrainDead is the new CBS show (airing weekly on Amazon Prime in the UK) from the makers of The Good Wife, although the ...
braindead (tv series)

'BrainDead': TV Review

Hollywood Reporter - 13 Jun 2016
The second ambiguity comes from promotion linked to BrainDead creators Robert and Michelle King, best known for bringing cable prestige to network TV with The Good Wife. "Can the Kings do comedy?" I've heard people ask. The Good Wife was actually, at ...
braindead (tv series)

Blame 'Star Wars' if You Think Science Fiction Is Brain Dead

Daily Beast - 15 Dec 2017
“When you say 'science fiction' to Hollywood,” says Marc Bernardin a TV writer and podcaster who has been an editor for The Hollywood Reporter and the Los Angeles Times, “they see space opera and laser beams.” Or giant robots, killer androids, alien ...
braindead (tv series)

BrainDead series premiere: EW review

Entertainment Weekly - 11 Jun 2016
I tell you about Exposé at the risk of triggering your Lost PTSD for two reasons: 1) CBS only provided the pilot episode of BrainDead for review, and since I don't have a lot to say about it: vamping; and 2) BrainDead strikes me as the kind of lunatic ...

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