BrainDead is an American political satire science fiction comed... -
braindead (tv series)

BrainDead is an American political satire science fiction comed...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
BrainDead is an American political satire science fiction comedy-drama television series created by Robert and Michelle King. BrainDead stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Laurel Healy, a documentary film-maker who takes a job working for her brother Luke (Danny Pino), a U.S. Senator, when the funding for her latest film falls through. Assigned as his new constituency caseworker, she discovers that Washington, D.C. has been invaded by extraterrestrial insects which are eating the brains and taking contr
braindead (tv series)

14 of the most shocking TV deaths of all time

INSIDER - 16 Jul 2018
In this time of peak TV, it shows how attached we get to the characters of our favorite programs when unexpected deaths occur. Some fans get angry, others get weepy, and everyone talks about it at the water cooler the next day. Whether you like it or ...
braindead (tv series)

27 comic-book, sci-fi and fantasy TV shows on Amazon Prime Video

Den of Geek UK - 29 Jun 2018
All four seasons of the space thriller plus the prequel miniseries are available to stream. Well worth watching if you somehow missed it at the time, and also well worth a rewatch if you've been enjoying the recent spate of 'conscious AI' movies and TV ...
braindead (tv series)

Clooney's interview with Letterman is must-see TV

Buffalo News - 21 Jun 2018
"The Proposal," the brain-dead series that followed it, had a 2.2 rating. It isn't much, but that's decent by summer standards. I would expect it to drop next week. U.S. Open champion Brooks Koepka made some golf history over the weekend by winning the ...
braindead (tv series)

Why Medical Students Hate Fox's New TV Show The Resident

Medscape - 27 Feb 2018
Perhaps most disappointing—and most potentially damaging—is the bungled depiction of brain death. In one of the most dramatic scenes in the pilot episode, Conrad surreptitiously turns off the ventilator supporting Chloe, a "brain-dead" patient of his ...

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