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brazilian wandering spider

4 Ways to Face Everyday Fears

Beliefnet - 01 Mar 2018
This is why fears of snakes, spiders and scorpions are so common. Certain species of these animals really could kill a person. In areas where species like Arizona bark scorpions, eastern diamond back rattlesnakes, invasive Burmese pythons or ...
brazilian wandering spider

Just 175 of 47000 Spider Species Can Put Human Health at Risk

Latin American Herald Tribune - 14 Mar 2018
The World Health Organization (WHO) considers just 175 species in four genera of spiders to be a threat, according to the researcher at the Biology Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). These genera are the Atrax (funnel-web ...
brazilian wandering spider

Big, Furry Cave-Dwelling Spider with 'Red Fangs' Discovered

Live Science - 11 Apr 2017
Scientists have discovered a new species of wandering spider that looks like it has two red fangs and lives mostly in grottos and old mines in Baja California Sur. The Sierra Cacachilas wandering spider (Califorctenus cacachilensis) is a relative of ...
brazilian wandering spider

Eggs from 'world's most venomous spider' found in Tesco bananas

Metro - 04 Sep 2017
A mum has told how she nearly fed a banana riddled with Brazilian wandering spider eggs to her baby. Debbie Campbell says she spotted a clump of white eggs on the fruit she was about to give to 18-month-old Albie. Why is the sky blue? The beauty ...
brazilian wandering spider

'Deadly spiders' in banana force family from County Durham home

BBC News - 02 May 2017
A woman and her seven-month-old baby were forced to vacate their home for more than three days after hundreds of tropical spiders were found in a banana. Gemma Price, 30, was mid-mouthful of the banana when she made the discovery. Pest controllers ...
brazilian wandering spider

Brazilian wandering spider alert shuts down German supermarket

Deutsche Welle - 16 Mar 2017
A spider alert shut down a German supermarket on Wednesday night. Police and firefighters sealed off the building after a customer discovered several spider cocoons on bananas in the fruit department of a Globus supermarket in the town of Simmern ...
brazilian wandering spider


London News Online (blog) - 06 Nov 2017
A mum of two young children claims she nearly served them lunch with eggs from the most poisonous spider in the world, after she bought bananas which had them attached. Stephanie Gauci, from Lee, was horrified to spot the highly dangerous eggs of the ...
brazilian wandering spider

Shopper finds eggs from deadly spider in Asda bananas

STV News - 14 Feb 2018
The eggs were believed to have belonged to a deadly Brazilian wandering spider. The man phoned the police, who promptly destroyed the eggs. A police spokeswoman said: "Police in Edinburgh were called to an address in the Granton area on Monday 12th ...

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