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bridget jones s baby

A Fourth Bridget Jones Movie Could Be Coming

Pretty 52 - 12 Jul 2018
The film trilogy which kicked off back in 2001 proved to be a huge success at the box office even 15 years later, as Bridget Jones's Baby got everyone into the cinema back in 2016. Now it's emerged that actress Renée Zellweger would love to bring ...
bridget jones s baby

For the Rom-Com to Make Its Comeback, It Had to Break Its Formula

Esquire.com - 13 Jul 2018
After a heyday of great (and not-so-great, but enjoyable!) romantic comedies in the '90s and early aughts, the genre has served audiences few choices—like Amy Schumer's Trainwreck in 2015 or Bridget Jones's Baby in 2016. But with the critical acclaim ...
bridget jones s baby

Fantasy Baseball Trade Chart (Week 15)

FantasyPros - 12 Jul 2018
But I'm writing this article in a hotel room with two small people asleep on my arms and a wife giving me dirty looks for not paying close enough attention to Bridget Jones's Baby. In my defense, Renee Zellweger looks kind of funny and she's watching ...
bridget jones s baby

Patrick Dempsey: dieci curiosità sul Dottor Stranamore

Cinefilos.it - 16 Jul 2018
La serie gli ha aperto le porte a commedie d'alto profilo e dall'alto budget, come Come d'incanto, Un amore di testimone, e Bridget Jones's Baby. 3. Patrick Dempsey e la dislessia. All'età di dodici anni, gli venne diagnosticata la dislessia, e lasciò ...
bridget jones s baby

Renee Zellweger hints at a FOURTH Bridget Jones movie

DigitalSpy.com - 04 Jan 2018
Whether you consider yourself a wanton sex goddess, had your very own Daniel Cleaver at one point in your life (let's face it, we all have), are still searching for Mr Darcy who likes you "just the way you are", or just like a good drink and swear a ...
bridget jones s baby

See Renée Zellweger channel Judy Garland in new movie pic

Today.com - 19 Mar 2018
Either way, Zellweger is definitely a master of dialects, judging by her spot-on British accent in the Bridget Jones series, so she's no doubt working on channeling Garland's distinctive, husky speaking voice. Zellweger will star alongside British ...
bridget jones s baby

Let's Talk About the Ending of Bridget Jones's Baby

Vulture - 16 Sep 2016
Today sees the release of Bridget Jones's Baby, the latest installment of the Bridget Jones Cinematic Universe. As in the previous editions — 2001's Diary and 2004's The Edge of Reason — Baby sees our Bridge torn between two very different men ...
bridget jones s baby

Film Review: 'Bridget Jones's Baby'

Variety - 06 Sep 2016
Hapless London-based media type Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) returns to the big screen after a 12-year break to battle unexpected pregnancy, twentysomething hipsters and, once more, the perils of live TV in “Bridget Jones's Baby.” With our heroine ...
bridget jones s baby

Bridget Jones's Baby Rediscovers the Joys of the Original

Vulture - 20 Sep 2016
The third Bridget Jones movie, Bridget Jones's Baby, became notorious when, solely on the basis of its trailer, a male Variety critic implied (I'm decoding, not quoting) that he didn't find Renée Zellweger as attractive after she'd had cosmetic surgery ...
bridget jones s baby

8 Movies to See Before They Leave Netflix in May

HarpersBAZAAR.com - 25 Apr 2018
A strong mix of Netflix go-tos are expiring from our favorite instant-viewing service in May, starting with time-honored classics like Bridget Jones's Dairy, Field of Dreams, and The Hurt Locker on May 1 before moving into Disney Channel throwbacks ...

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