Brock Turner Loses Appeal to Overturn Sexual Assault Conviction -
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Brock Turner Loses Appeal to Overturn Sexual Assault Conviction

New York Times - 09 Aug 2018
A California appeals court has upheld the conviction of Brock Turner, the former Stanford University swimmer who was sentenced to six months in jail in 2016 for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, despite his lawyer's argument that there was ...
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Brett Kavanaugh, Brock Turner and the cult of elitist virtue

The Stanford Daily - 25 Oct 2018
“I got into Yale Law School. That's the number-one law school in the country”: words uttered by Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in order to dismiss numerous allegations of sexual aggression made against him. A “baby-faced freshman” on “Stanford's ...
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Brock Turner Wanted Only 'Outercourse,' Lawyer Argues in Appeal

New York Times - 26 Jul 2018
A lawyer for Brock Turner, whose six-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman prompted outrage in 2016 and beyond, argued this week that the former Stanford swimmer shouldn't have been convicted of intending to commit rape ...
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Why did we want Brock Turner locked up so long in the first place?

Washington Post - 07 Jun 2018
Liberals are worried that the recall of Aaron Persky, the California judge who gave sexual assaulter Brock Turner a six-month prison sentence when prosecutors asked for six years, will lead other judges to hand down harsher sentences — not to the ...
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UPDATE: Brock Turner headed back to court next month

Dayton Daily News - 17 May 2018
Turner was sentenced by Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky to six months in jail, but served three months of the sentence. Turner returned to Ohio and lives in Greene County, where he is a Level III sex offender — Ohio's most-strict ...
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High school sports results — Nov. 19

Seymour Tribune - 19 Nov 2018
LCA;8;11;14;12;–;45. Medora (0-4): Kailen Flynn 6 2-4 16, Grace Cobb 1 2-4 4, Gwyneth Morris 1 0-0 2, Kelsey Turner 2 0-0 4, Taylor Hunter 0 0-0 0, Kenley King 0 0-0 0, Sara Gorbett 0 0-0 0, Rebekah Ginter 0 -00 0, Jarey Babcock 0 0-0 0. Totals: 10 4-8 26.
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Judge who sentenced Brock Turner is kicked off the bench

Washington Post - 06 Jun 2018
Voters removed California judge Aaron Persky from the bench June 5. Many were outraged when he sentenced former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail after he was convicted of sexual assault. Related links. Read More. Up next ...
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State attorney general responds to Brock Turner appeal

Mountain View Voice - 20 Mar 2018
In a brief filed in the 6th District Court of Appeal on Friday, the California Attorney General's office argues that former Stanford University student Brock Turner's recent appeal of a 2016 sexual assault conviction is "unavailing" and "baseless." The ...

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