Supporters gather to defend Bundy ranch in Nevada, FAA enacts no-fly zone -
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Cliven Bundy firing lawyer with trial approaching in Vegas

Salt Lake Tribune - 22 Sep 2017
FILE - In this Saturday, April 5, 2014 file photo, Cliven Bundy, stands at the Bundy ranch near Bunkerville Nev. Bundy's defense attorney, Bret Whipple, is seeking to withdraw from Nevada cattleman and state's rights figure's case, less than three ...
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Hailey men acquitted for Bundy ranch standoff

Idaho Mountain Express and Guide - 25 Aug 2017
Eric Parker and Steven Stewart were indicted with two other Idaho men by a federal grand jury in Nevada on March 2, 2016, for their alleged involvement in an armed standoff with federal agents near Bundy's ranch. Parker was photographed in a prone ...
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Judge sets October trial for rancher Cliven Bundy, others

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 31 Aug 2017
A federal judge on Thursday set an October trial date for seven Bunkerville standoff defendants, including rancher Cliven Bundy. Meanwhile, a group of lawmakers in Idaho, where at least five defendants lived before being arrested, are asking U.S ...
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No Guilty Verdicts in Bundy Ranch Standoff Trial

New York Times - 23 Aug 2017
A federal jury in Las Vegas declined to convict four men of any crimes for their participation in the 2014 armed standoff near the Bundy ranch in Bunkerville, Nev. During that conflict, ranchers and militia members blocked federal officers from ...
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Hate in God's name: Part IV

Southern Poverty Law Center - 20 Sep 2017
Many will remember the 2014 standoff between the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and an anti-government extremist rancher named Cliven Bundy in Bunkerville, Nevada. After a decades-long legal battle, a federal judge finally issued a court order for ...
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1/3 of Idaho lawmakers ask AG Sessions to back off Bundy case

Idaho Statesman - 02 Sep 2017
Parker, who was photographed aiming his high-powered rifle at federal agents near the Bundy Ranch in Nevada — a lasting image that went worldwide — and Drexler have been tried twice in the case. In the first trial the jury deadlocked on all charges ...
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After acquittals, remaining Bunkerville defendants seek freedom

Las Vegas Review-Journal - 26 Aug 2017
At the center of the second group of five defendants still awaiting trial is Cliven Bundy, the Gold Butte rancher prosecutors allege conspired to thwart the federal government's roundup of roughly 1,000 cows from public land. Bundy's lawyer, Bret ...
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Cliven Bundy Fires Lawyer With Trial Approaching

CBS Las Vegas - 22 Sep 2017
MESQUITE, NV - APRIL 11: Rancher Cliven Bundy poses for a photo outside his ranch house on April 11, 2014 west of Mesquite, Nevada. Bureau of Land Management officials are rounding up Cliven Bundy's cattle, he has been locked in a dispute with the ...
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How a Marine became Bundys' anti-government 'protector' - 08 Sep 2017
Cliven Bundy drew rightwing gadflies to his Nevada property in 2014, where a long, low-intensity standoff between the freeloading rancher and the Bureau of Land Management ensued. Months later, in January 2016, Ammon Bundy and others seized the ...
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Phoenix man gets 68 years in Bundy Ranch standoff - 26 Jul 2017
A Phoenix man was sentenced to more than 68 years in federal prison for his role as a gunman in a standoff that stopped federal agents from rounding up cattle near Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch in 2014. Chief U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro in Las ...
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Bundy Ranch 'gunmen' face retrial in Las Vegas

High Country News - 06 Jul 2017
Four men who took part in the 2014 standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and the rancher Cliven Bundy face a retrial next week. The defendants, who are accused of helping thwart the government's attempts to impound Bundy's cattle, received a ...
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First Prison Term Handed Down in Bundy Armed Standoff in Nevada - 01 Jun 2017
LAS VEGAS — A judge called a New Hampshire man a "bully vigilante" and sentenced him Wednesday to more than seven years in prison for his role organizing armed backers of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy after a standoff with U.S. agents in 2014.
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At Bundy Ranch trial, questions on guns and violence

High Country News - 18 Aug 2017
Scott Drexler, left, and Steve Stewart, right, from Idaho stand watch on a bridge with firearms as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp, where cattle seized from rancher Cliven Bundy were being held, near Bunkerville, Nevada, ...
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Judge declares mistrial in Bundy Ranch case - 24 Apr 2017
A federal judge declared a mistrial Monday after jurors deadlocked in the case of six men accused of taking up arms against federal agents during the Bundy Ranch standoff in 2014. Jurors convicted two defendants on multiple counts but could not reach a ...
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Fate of Bundy Ranch supporters soon will be in jury's hands - 12 Apr 2017
Prosecutors called as many as 35 witnesses, including county, state and federal law-enforcement officers, who testified they feared for their lives as gunmen took positions above and around them in a dusty arroyo near Bundy's Bunkerville ranch about 80 ...

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