Child care 'cliff effect' jeopardizes parents as their incomes rise -
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Child care 'cliff effect' jeopardizes parents as their incomes rise

Santa Fe New Mexican - 26 Dec 2017
She had been working for minimum wage at a Burger King restaurant but was offered a supervisory position with better hours and a wage bump to over $9 an hour. She worried the extra money could cause her to lose child care assistance for her two little ...
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Burger King, KFC undergo renovations

Suwannee Democrat - 16 Feb 2018
LIVE OAK — The Live Oak Burger King and Kentucky Fried Chicken buildings are undergoing a remodel. According to the city's Building Inspector Dave Young, Burger King plans to add a double drive thru, an additional driveway, along with interior and ...
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Man stabbed in the back outside Pasadena Burger King

The Pasadena Star-News - 16 Feb 2018
A man suffered a stab wound to his back after being accosted by apparent gang members outside a Pasadena Burger King restaurant on Thursday, police said. The attack was reported just after 3:30 p.m. at the fast-food restaurant at 765 N. Lake Ave ...
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Burger King franchisee flips Broadway restaurant

Buffalo News - 09 Feb 2018
Burgers aren't the only things being flipped at a Burger King on Broadway. So is the restaurant itself. Within a three-week period last month, Syracuse-based Carrols Restaurant Group bought and sold a Burger King location at 1066 Broadway, making a ...
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Burger King made a surprisingly good ad about net neutrality

The Verge - 24 Jan 2018
Burger King — a fast-food chain that sells cheap beef — apparently understands net neutrality more than the average member of Congress. The company released an ad today explaining the concept of net neutrality with a stunt that showed what it would ...
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Burger King Owner Appoints Tech Czar in Bid to Modernize Chain

Bloomberg - 22 Jan 2018
Restaurant Brands was created in late 2014 when Burger King, with backing from Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc., bought the Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons and combined the two businesses. The company bought Popeyes last year. Private equity ...
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Ex-Burger King employee pleads guilty in drive-thru pot case - 16 Feb 2018
BRENTWOOD -- A former Epping Burger King employee who sold marijuana from the drive-thru window will serve one year in jail after pleading guilty Friday. During a joint investigation by the Rockingham County Drug Task Force on Jan. 21, 2017, at the ...
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State dodges sovereign immunity question in Burger King case

Arkansas Times (blog) - 09 Feb 2018
Sovereign immunity — the King Can Do No Wrong — for every function of state government? No, I can't see the governor lining up behind that proposition, even if the Supreme Court does. In time, the court will begin to explain just how far it meant to ...
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Can the state EVER be sued? Burger King case may provide clues

Arkansas Times (blog) - 07 Feb 2018
SUPREME COURT GRILLING: Due Thursday in a Burger King tax case that has broad ramifications. The Arkansas Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Thursday in a case that could provide some elaboration on the scope of the court's rewriting of precedent ...
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As Netflix Surges, Burger King Cooks Up Net Neutrality 'Whopper'

Forbes - 26 Jan 2018
Cut to a hidden camera, capturing "outraged" Burger King patrons. The fast food cashiers are informing hungry customers that if they want their Whoppers now, instead of five minutes from now, they have to pay extra. Jaws drop, feet stomp, curses spew ...

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