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caf�� society (film)

Ingrid Goes West is a barbed LA comedy for the Instagram age

New Statesman - 17 Nov 2017
Tragedy plus time equals comedy, but comedy plus time can look simply quaint. Watching LA Story in 1991, it was hilarious when Steve Martin ordered a half double-decaffeinated half-caf with a twist of lemon. Now that would qualify as one of the simpler ...
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Café Society review – Woody Allen on nostalgic form

The Guardian - 04 Sep 2016
The 1930s setting – Hollywood and New York are sketched with crisp, immaculately tailored art deco lines – is one of the film's main assets. Allen increasingly seems more at ease with a story that pays tribute to a past era of cinema than one that is ...
caf�� society (film)

Cannes 2016: Woody Allen film Café Society to open 69th festival

The Independent - 29 Mar 2016
Jesse Eisenberg plays a young man arriving in Hollywood in the 1930s with dreams of a career in its film industry; though instead finds himself in love, and entranced by the café society which marked such a spirited age. He'll star alongside Kristen ...
caf�� society (film)

'Café Society' is a pleasant and entertaining trip to nowhere

SFGate - 21 Jul 2016
The film's cinematographer is Vittorio Storaro (“The Last Emperor,” “Last Tango in Paris,” “Apocalypse Now”), who evokes the past in a way that looks like reality dipped in memory, just a little more rich and clear than it ever could have been. He also ...
caf�� society (film)

Café Society Is Not the Worst Film Woody Allen Has Ever Made - 27 Jul 2016
Woody Allen makes movies with the speed and precision of a short-order breakfast cook. Year after year, he churns out pancake after pancake for an undemanding diner crowd, with Café Society the 47th pancake he's written and directed in roughly as many ...
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'Café Society' Trailer: Welcome to Hollywood, Bobby Dorfman

/FILM - 11 May 2016
Café Society stars a few familiar faces from the director's past films, including Jesse Eisenberg (To Rome with Love), Parker Posey (Irrational Man), Corey Stoll (Midnight in Paris), Judy Davis (Deconstructing Harry), and Steve Carell (Melinda and ...
caf�� society (film)

Ghostbusters and Café Society seek identity in gimmicks.

National Review Online - 15 Jul 2016
'That's not who we are,” a familiar presidential entreaty, came to mind after watching Woody Allen's Café Society and the new Ghostbusters. Each film offers a comical view of American types, but enjoyment may depend on whether one feels the characters ...
caf�� society (film)

Movie review: Café Society (2016)

The Australian Financial Review - 22 Oct 2016
In Café Society, he explores both options: in a voiceover that turns the film into a Hollywood bedtime story, and in the personality of Bobby Dorfman, played by Jesse Eisenberg. There are times in this movie when Eisenberg sounds so much like Allen you ...
caf�� society (film)

Woody Allen's Café Society film review

Independent Online - 06 Oct 2016
Wispy and familiar in its themes and humorous strokes, Cafe Society benefits from an exceptionally adept cast led by Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart and Steve Carell, as well as from a luminous glow that emphasizes both the old Hollywood nostalgia and ...
caf�� society (film)

Dementia café at Chester Zoo set up by Alzheimer's Society - 06 Jun 2017
For the past two months, people accessing dementia services have been enjoying a relaxing coffee morning at Chester Zoo, courtesy of the Alzheimer's Society. Hosted at the Bembe Coffee Shop, the sessions offer a dementia-friendly environment where ...
caf�� society (film)

'Café Society' gets July US release date

Screen International - 27 Apr 2016
Café Society will expand on July 22 and go into wide release one week after that. The studio is the distribution partner on the film with Amazon Studios, which has said it will bring titles to its Prime Video customers four months after theatrical release.
caf�� society (film)

Local movie theaters show Jewish-themed films

Sun Sentinel - 11 Jul 2016
Other Jewish-themed films showing at Movies of Delray and Movies of Lake Worth this summer include "Kind Words" (opening July 22), "Caf? Society" (opening July 29) and Indignation (opening August 5). For Morrie Zryl, general manager of The Last Picture ...

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