Proposition 57 was a California ballot proposition, approved on... -
california proposition 57 (2016)

Proposition 57 was a California ballot proposition, approved on...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
Proposition 57 was a California ballot proposition, approved on the November 8, 2016 ballot. The Proposition allows parole consideration for nonviolent felons, changes policies on juvenile prosecution, and authorizes sentence credits for rehabilitation, good behavior, and education. The passage and implementation of the proposition may allow the state to save tens of millions of dollars each year. Due to the approval of the proposition, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will
california proposition 57 (2016)

Study: California's Proposition 47 Reduced Incarceration, Not Crime

Capital Public Radio News - 13 Jun 2018
47 and 2016's Proposition 57 together have contributed to 50,000 fewer inmates in California prisons. “That's a big drop, about 25 percent,” Lofstrom said. “And yet we haven't seen very noticeable changes to our crime rates. They're pretty much where ...
california proposition 57 (2016)

California Focus: A history of non-violence

Sonoma Index-Tribune - 14 Jun 2018
The failure to designate these heinous offenses as violent is an aberration that can be fixed by the state Legislature, one that should have been accomplished last year, after passage of the 2016 Proposition 57 began allowing early paroles of non ...
california proposition 57 (2016)


The Beacon (blog) - 15 Jun 2018
Proposition 57, California's 2016 Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act, expanded parole possibilities for nonviolent offenders and was supposed to reduce the prison population and save taxpayers money. Instead, it burns up more taxpayer dollars and ...
california proposition 57 (2016)

California Primary Election Results

New York Times - 05 Jun 2018
At the top of the ballot in California was the race to replace Gov. Jerry Brown, a term-limited Democrat. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a former mayor of San Francisco, placed first on Tuesday to secure a spot in the race. John Cox, a Republican businessman ...
california proposition 57 (2016)

Fixing some of California's tough-on-crime mistakes of the past

Los Angeles Times - 25 May 2018
In 2016, he presented and voters adopted Proposition 57, which brought back much of the former parole system and with it the incentive for inmates to participate in programs that will make them better bets to return safely to their neighborhoods.
california proposition 57 (2016)

The 'land of the free' still leads the world in incarceration

OCRegister - 08 Jun 2018
Opponents of criminal justice reforms in California like to complain about reforms like AB109, Proposition 47 and Proposition 57 (while never really complaining about Prop 36, passed in 2012, which ended our barbaric practice of sentencing people to ...
california proposition 57 (2016)

Inmates with Violent Pasts Paroled Under Prop. 57

NBC Southern California - 16 Feb 2018
A number of California prison inmates who committed violent crimes, including stabbings and shootings, have been granted parole under Proposition 57's Nonviolent Parole Program, according to records obtained by NBC 4. Prop. 57, approved by voters in ...
california proposition 57 (2016)

Debate Continues Over California Proposition 57

KSRO - 25 Apr 2018
Debate Continues Over California Proposition 57. April 25, 2018 Local News, Top Stories. A second attempt by State Senate GOP Leader Patricia Bates to try and close a loophole in voter-approved Prop 57, the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016, ...
california proposition 57 (2016)

Keep violent sex offenders locked up

Sacramento Bee - 22 Feb 2018
Two years ago, California voters were promised that violent sex offenders wouldn't be released from prison early if they passed Proposition 57, the sweeping ballot initiative allowing the early release of inmates convicted of non-serious and non ...

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