Here's the rundown on propositions approved and rejected in California -
california propositions

California Criminal Guide: Tips for Thugs

The Beacon - 15 Aug 2018
Things are getting competitive for criminals these days, but there's also some good news. All criminals can gain a big edge by moving to California. In 2014, the Golden State passed Proposition 47, the so-called Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes ...
california propositions

California tax shelter saves children big bucks on inherited property

San Francisco Chronicle - 17 Aug 2018
The California Association of Realtors is preparing an initiative for the November 2020 ballot that would scale it back, in part to pay for another property tax break the group is pushing for in this year's election. The parent-child tax break amended ...
california propositions

'Three Californias' proposition kicked off the November ballot

Davis Enterprise - 21 Jul 2018
The California Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that a proposal to divide the state in three cannot be placed on the November ballot. Though the “Three Californias” initiative gathered over 450,000 verified signatures, initially qualifying as “Proposition ...
california propositions

To endorse Prop. 10 or no? SF YIMBY faces soul-defining choice

San Francisco Examiner - 16 Aug 2018
Will the champions of “build, build, build” endorse Proposition 10, the state ballot prop that would repeal rent control advocate's most pernicious roadblock, Costa Hawkins? The 1995 Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act is the white whale of California ...
california propositions

Lead Poisoning Widespread Among California Workers

Capital & Main - 15 Aug 2018
Now, utilizing data obtained from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), our joint investigation with the University of Southern California's Center for Health Journalism has found at least 80 companies — including one that recently ...
california propositions

Mental health diversion law: A good idea that needs some work

Los Angeles Times - 13 Aug 2018
A recent county report found that more acute psychiatric beds are needed to stem the increase in mentally ill defendants landing in court. Above, a patient in the emergency psychiatric unit at County-USC Medical Center in 2015. (Barbara Davidson / Los ...
california propositions

4 California Ballot Propositions Pass, 1 Goes Down

Jefferson Public Radio - 06 Jun 2018
Currently, a proposition passed by voters takes effect the day after the election. Since as much as half the ballots cast in California these days are mailed in, it's possible for a measure to be put into effect, but be overturned once the vote totals ...
california propositions

Your guide to the 5 propositions on California's primary ballot

Los Angeles Times - 17 May 2018
There are five propositions in all, a small menu of proposed laws all written by the California Legislature. This is the fourth statewide primary held since Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law that moved voter-circulated ballot measures to November elections.
california propositions

How California's Ballot Propositions Fared in Tuesday's Election

NBC Southern California - 06 Jun 2018
Four of five statewide ballot propositions were approved by voters Tuesday, including a $4 billion bond measure to fund parks, water-quality and flood-protection projects, but voters rejected a measure to control spending of funds raised by selling ...
california propositions

Daily Business Report-July 25, 2018

San Diego Metropolitan - 25 Jul 2018
California Propositions 1 and 2, both on the November ballot, together raise approximately $6 billion for housing, veterans' home loans and homeless prevention housing. Russell said the SDHF will be campaigning locally for San Diego residents to vote ...
california propositions

Here Are The 11 Propositions On California's November 2018 Ballot

Capital Public Radio News - 30 Jun 2018
Editors Note: When this story was originally published, there were 12 propositions on the November ballot. The California Supreme Court blocked Proposition 9, the Three Californias initiative, from the ballot on July 18. Californians will vote on a ...

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