Here's the rundown on propositions approved and rejected in California -
california propositions

4 California Ballot Propositions Pass, 1 Goes Down

Jefferson Public Radio - 06 Jun 2018
Currently, a proposition passed by voters takes effect the day after the election. Since as much as half the ballots cast in California these days are mailed in, it's possible for a measure to be put into effect, but be overturned once the vote totals ...
california propositions

How California's Ballot Propositions Fared in Tuesday's Election

NBC Southern California - 06 Jun 2018
Four of five statewide ballot propositions were approved by voters Tuesday, including a $4 billion bond measure to fund parks, water-quality and flood-protection projects, but voters rejected a measure to control spending of funds raised by selling ...
california propositions

California 2018 primary election: Yes on Proposition 72

Daily Bruin - 04 Jun 2018
California has had plenty of water shortages and any effort to incentivize water conservation in preparation for inevitable droughts should be supported. Proposition 72 makes a small attempt at such incentive by making it easier for homeowners to be ...
california propositions

California measure roundup: Props. 68, 69, 71, 72 pass; 70 fails

San Francisco Chronicle - 06 Jun 2018
California voters decided five propositions on the statewide ballot Tuesday. With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Proposition 68 passed. The measure authorizes the state to borrow $4.1 billion for investments in outdoor recreation, land ...
california propositions

California state measure on June 5 ballot: Proposition 72

KTVL - 05 Jun 2018
SISKIYOU COUNTY, Ore. — One of the propositions for the California state primary June 5 ballot is Proposition 72. It excludes rain-capture systems from property tax bills. A YES vote means installing a system to collect and store rainwater on a ...
california propositions

Election results for the 2018 California primary

The Desert Sun - 06 Jun 2018
RESULTS FOR CALIFORNIA PROPOSITIONS (Last updated at 7:56 p.m. Wednesday). Proposition 68 (21,487 of 21,487 precincts reporting): Authorizes $4.1 billion bond funding for clean-water projects, park improvements and flood-protection efforts.
california propositions

The Times' recommendations for Tuesday's California primary

Los Angeles Times - 03 Jun 2018
Proposition 68: Yes. This $4.1-billion bond would help pay for state and local parks, crucial water projects and rivers (including the Los Angeles, San Gabriel and Santa Ana rivers). Yes, we've had other water bonds, and we will have more, including an ...

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