Cambridge Analytica died because it couldn't stop playing the victim -
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Administrators offered £1 for Cambridge Analytica affiliate

Financial Times - 15 Jul 2018
Administrators for SCL Elections, an affiliate of Cambridge Analytica, attempted to sell the company but only received four proposals, including an offer for £1 for the scandal ridden data firm's brand name, according to a corporate filing on Saturday.
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UK Regulators May Fine Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica

WIRED - 10 Jul 2018
The ICO is also taking steps toward bringing criminal action against SCL Elections, the now-defunct parent company of the political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, which harvested the data of millions of Americans without their knowledge before ...
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The lesson of the Cambridge Analytica scandal

British GQ - 14 Jul 2018
Two years ago, Britain voted to leave the EU. At the time, referendums were nothing new, but we're only now understanding the power to manipulate them from the digital shadows. The lesson of the Cambridge Analytica scandal is not confined to a single ...
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Auspex International is the new Cambridge Analytica

Fast Company - 13 Jul 2018
That's because Auspex was founded and is run by former Cambridge Analytica staff. Their new data analysis company claims to be “ethically based” and offers “boutique geopolitical consultancy” services, reports the BBC. Auspex says it will focus its ...
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The Cambridge Analytica scandal echoes the financial crisis

Financial Times - 12 Jul 2018
Say the words “Cambridge Analytica” to a western politician — or anyone clutching a smartphone — and they will probably wince. After all, this year some startling revelations have tumbled out about how that British consulting company harvested social ...
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15 minutes

Quartz - 11 Jul 2018
Facebook ultimately got a slap on the wrist for the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with its UK fine limited to a paltry max of £500,000 ($662,000). Published July 11, 2018 | Photo by AP Photo/Paul Sakuma. FILE - In this July 6, 2011 file photo, Facebook ...
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Congress Grills Cambridge Analytica Alum on New Firm's Data Use

WIRED - 28 Jun 2018
"Given news reports indicating that Data Propria is being led by former Cambridge Analytica employees, including yourself, we believe the American people must be assured that Data Propria is not using consumer data wrongfully obtained by Cambridge ...
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UK watchdog: Facebook faces fine for Cambridge Analytica scandal

WFMZ Allentown - 10 Jul 2018
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - Facebook broke British law by failing to safeguard user data, and by not telling tens of millions of people how Cambridge Analytica harvested their information for use in political campaigns, British authorities announced Tuesday.
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The Man Who Saw the Dangers of Cambridge Analytica Years Ago

WIRED - 19 Jun 2018
“Their intention is to extend this to the entire US population and use it within an election campaign,” Rust wrote of Kogan and his client, a little-known political consulting firm that went on to be called Cambridge Analytica. He predicted, “I simply ...
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Financial sector faces 'Cambridge Analytica moment', warns FCA

Financial Times - 06 Jul 2018
The financial sector faces its own “ Cambridge Analytica moment” if it loses public trust over the way it handles data, the new chair of the financial regulator has warned. In his first interview as the head of the Financial Conduct Authority, Charles ...
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Trump's 2020 campaign might include ex-Cambridge Analytica staff

Engadget - 16 Jun 2018
A handful of former Cambridge Analytica employees might be working on Donald Trump's re-election campaign. The Associated Press reports that two of its reporters overheard Matt Oczkowski, Cambridge Analytica's former head of product, say that he and ...

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