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A can opener (in North American English and Australian English)...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
A can opener (in North American English and Australian English) or tin opener (in British and Commonwealth English) is a device used to open tin cans (metal cans). Although preservation of food using tin cans had been practiced since at least 1772 in the Netherlands, the first can openers were not patented until 1855 in England and 1858 in the United States. These early openers were basically variations of a knife, though the 1855 design continues to be produced. The first can opener consistin
can opener

The Can-Do Story of the Can Opener

HowStuffWorks - 08 Jun 2018
Canned food existed for almost 50 years before the can opener, and even then it took us centuries to come up with a really good one. Anney and Lauren explore the history and physics of this finger-saving device. Prev Episode · Next Episode · Print ...
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Robert Yeates took a stab at creating a can opener

Loveland Reporter-Herald - 30 May 2018
Then in 1855, Englishman Robert Yeates was issued a patent for a can opener. He was a cutler and his first creation resembled a penknife with several blades, among them a curved blade with a fulcrum used to circle the can lid once it had been punctured.
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Police: Man hits brother on head with electric can opener

FOX43.com - 02 Jun 2018
DENVER BOROUGH, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa — A Lancaster County man is facing charges after police say he hit his brother in the head with an electric can opener. Investigators say that on May 21st, Brian Ford, 37, of Denver, kicked in the door at his ...
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This 'handsome' Father's Day deal is under $50

WGRZ.com - 13 Jun 2018
Bottle and can opener. 2) Handsome LED Emergency Lantern / Omnidirectional Portable Light (usually $30): Ideal for camping, emergencies, storms, garden parties, power outages, picnics and that upcoming July 4th BBQ. With just one set of non-included ...
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Mexico Stuns Germany in World Cup Opener

Wall Street Journal - 17 Jun 2018
For Germany, the second-guessing can now begin. It's unlikely to be staring down the barrel of group-stage elimination, but what is the German word for “still having to play Sweden and South Korea and not being certain that everything will be OK”? That ...
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Facebook's new AI research is a real eye-opener

TechCrunch - 16 Jun 2018
You can imagine the usefulness of an automatic eye-opening utility on Facebook that checks a person's other photos and uses them as reference to replace a blink in the latest one. It would be a little creepy, but that's pretty standard for Facebook ...
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Neymar, Brazil Draw 1-1 vs. Switzerland in 2018 World Cup Opener

Bleacher Report - 17 Jun 2018
Coutinho Can Light Up World Cup. The bright spot of Brazil's performance was Coutinho's trademark strike. The Barcelona star received the ball near the corner of the box, cut inside and then curled the ball into the top corner. Sports journalist ...
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ICYMI: 53, Or U, For Super A Food and Gas

Patch.com - 15 Jun 2018
Food residue observed on can opener. Can opener must be cleaned and sanitized before use. Tongs used for self-serve pickled eggs also had food residue on them. Egg tongs must be cleaned and sanitized every 4 hours. Potato punch and mixer also had ...
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Father's Day Gifts: What to Give the Man Who Has Everything

Daily Beast - 14 Jun 2018
I have a sneaking suspicion that most dads have a drawer where they keep all the Father's Day presents that were off the mark but they're just too sweet to throw out, return or regift. Instead of adding to this sad collection of novelty golf balls and ...
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Spain still behind De Gea after forgettable World Cup opener

San Mateo Daily Journal - 16 Jun 2018
"The great players can get back up by themselves," Costa said. "He knows he has our support. He is one of the world's top players. We know of his quality, how great he is. All I can do is give him a hug. I've had many bad games myself. This is a family.
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How to Clean Your House Like a Professional Housekeeper

Lifehacker - 14 Jun 2018
There will come a time in your life where you look around your home and decide you need professional intervention for the mess you've made or accrued over many, many years of ignoring the concept of a “deep clean.” Here's how to avoid getting to that ...

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