Canada's Immigration Website Goes Down For Hours After US Election -
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Harrop: What a rational immigration policy might look like

The Daily Herald - 23 Sep 2018
Immigrants to Canada can sponsor a spouse (or conjugal partner) and dependent children. It's far harder to bring in brothers and sisters. With only a few exceptions, the siblings must be under 18 years of age, and the sponsor's parents must be dead.
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Anatomy of a scam: how rich Chinese gamed Canadian immigration

South China Morning Post - 31 Aug 2018
At least 860 clients of Wang's Vancouver-based firms, New Can Consultants and Wellong International Investments, have either lost immigration status – resulting in expulsion and five-year bans from entering Canada – or been reported for inadmissibility.
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Coalition leader softens immigration tone at final Quebec debate

Toronto Star - 21 Sep 2018
MONTREAL—Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) Leader François Legault used the last leaders' debate before the Oct. 1 provincial election to soften his tone regarding his controversial position to expel immigrants who fail a French-language test. The ...
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CanadaVisa News Briefs | September 13 to September 17, 2018

Canada Immigration News - 19 Sep 2018
Canadian immigration news is shared by the CanadaVisa team across all social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Sign up, follow or like CanadaVisa on of these social media channels to get the latest stories ...
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Quebec Skilled Worker Program's Arrima portal is now open

Canada Immigration News - 18 Sep 2018
Effective today, candidates who are interested in obtaining Canadian permanent residence through the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) can express their interest to the Government of Quebec by creating a profile using Arrima. The Government of ...
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Canada: Top 5 Canadian Immigration Updates So Far This Year

Mondaq News Alerts - 04 Sep 2018
Giving up your fingerprints and a photograph before entering Canada has become the new norm for most foreign nationals who are applying for a Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), Work Permit, Study Permit, Permanent Residence, or Temporary ...
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Adapting to change: Top Ten Immigration Boutiques

Canadian Lawyer Magazine - 10 Sep 2018
Canada's immigration boutiques have spent the last decade adapting to a toughening of the rules governing business immigration with stiffer penalties but they have benefited from new initiatives meant to make coming to Canada easier and faster. At the ...
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Canada needs a northern immigration strategy

Toronto Star - 26 Aug 2018
Canada's modern approach to immigration makes two capital mistakes. First, it presumes that immigration this century remains primarily a “southern” Canadian phenomenon — that is, that most people will invariably move to southern cities such as Toronto ...

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