Thursday Box Office: 'Captain America 2' Earns $10.2M -
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Thursday Box Office: 'Captain America 2' Earns $10.2M

Forbes - 04 Apr 2014
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around long enough that we can make reasonable predictions about the opening weekend take just from the Thursday night box office. Marvel Universe films are relatively consistent in terms of how they play out over ...
captain america 2

Chris Evans, aka Captain America, Comes Back Down to Earth

New York Times - 22 Mar 2018
Chris Evans has a theory about tap dancing. “Tap is waiting to have its day,” he said one recent afternoon, sitting in a TriBeCa hotel clubhouse around the corner from an apartment he's been renting since last month. Mr. Evans, or Captain America, as ...
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Jessica Jones Season 2 Connects to Captain America: Civil War

Screen Rant - 09 Mar 2018
The Marvel Netflix shows have so far traditionally been largely self-contained, and relatively unconnected from the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe. Until Jessica Jones season 2, the only references to the events of the movies have been mentions of ...
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Ta-Nehisi Coates to write Captain America, starting on July 4

Polygon - 28 Feb 2018
It's easy to see how all of that would be relevant when taking on a superhero who superficially embodies America but has always been used to examine the gap between what America would like to be and how it currently is — right from the moment he was ...
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Here's When Bucky Will Become Captain America in the MCU

Nerdist - 24 Feb 2018
The winter of Bucky Barnes' discontent is over, but when will he finally wield the shield? We have a new theory on today's Nerdist News Edition about exactly how and when Bucky will go from being the Winter Soldier to Captain America in the Marvel ...
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Newsarama - 22 Mar 2018
America's powers include superhuman strength, speed, and durability, plus the ability to fly." Credit: Marvel Entertainment. "Rayshaun Lucas aka Patriot voiced by Kamil McFadden (K.C. Undercover, Grown Ups 2) – a natural born leader who is quick to ...

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