Young Cardi Back: Cardi B Memes Herself, This Time With Her Sister Hennessy ... -
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Cardi B denies posting 'transphobic' meme on Facebook

The indy100 - 18 Sep 2018
Cardi B has addressed a “transphobic” post made by her official Facebook account on 16 September. The rapper has claimed that, seeing as a former associate controls her account, she did not publish the offensive post or have knowledge of its existence.
cardi b memes

A Celebration of Cardi B's Love for Cardi B Memes

W Magazine - 26 Aug 2018
Last month, a photograph of a young Cardi B looking like she's ready to teach someone a lesson began to circulate on Twitter and Instagram. With her head cocked to the side and her hand on her hips, it was clear you wouldn't want to mess with this ...
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Cardi B & Nicki Minaj Melee Memes - 08 Sep 2018
Because within seconds of the story of the scandalous scuffle between nemesis female New York City rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, all dressed up and at an A-list hip New York Fashion Week party at the Plaza Hotel, that the two would mix it up is ...
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Cardi B's Real Name Is Not 'Cardigan Backyardigan'

Capital FM - 30 Aug 2018
You Won't Believe How Much Cardi B Is Charging Per Performance Since She's Had Her Baby. One place you might search is on social media, but thanks to theis Cardi B real name meme, you might actually be told Cardi B stands for Cardigan Backyardigan, ...
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Cardi B denies posting transphobic meme on Facebook

Infosurhoy - 19 Sep 2018
“Like I didn't know that that was a word that you cannot use, especially because my trans friends use it and growing up, my parents never told me that that was a bad word,” Cardi B said. “You know, there's bad words that your parents teach you that you ...
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Teachers Bringing Drake And Cardi B To The Classroom Music and Entertainment News (blog) - 22 Aug 2018
Across Twitter, pictures of bulletin boards featuring lyrics from “In My Feelings” and Cardi B memes have been popping up. Questions to Kiki about love and riding, have been replaced by reading and going to college. A classic image of Cardi B has been ...
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Creative Twitter meme takes a stab at celebrities' real names

The Daily Dot - 31 Aug 2018
From Cardi B to Wiz Khalifa, celebrities often get famous under names different from the ones they were born with. But have you ever wondered what a celebrity's real name is? A creative meme making the rounds on Twitter takes a stab at reimagining ...
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Fetty Wap Shares The Best Colin Kaepernick Nike Meme So Far

HotNewHipHop - 10 Sep 2018
It's hard to tell what will hit or not as a meme but Colin Kaepernick's "Just Do It" campaign has been instant gold for meme tastemakers. This year, we've seen Cardi B and Jay-Z become memes and now, everyone is having fun with the Nike template as 50 ...
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All The 2018 VMAs Memes You Need To See

Bustle - 21 Aug 2018
The internet is, as always, on top of it — memes from the 2018 VMAs helped make sense of the absurd and celebrate the year in music the only way that Twitter knows how. From Cardi B "opening" the show and pretending to have her baby on stage with her ...
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summer bikini body memes bikini body meme seelmaru

Eleven Myanmar - 19 Sep 2018
Just 71 funny memes about girls that every guy secretly knows to be true but won t laugh out of fear by awesome daily staff on april 17, 2017. After cardi b deleted her instagram over a feud with azealia banks, fans of both rappers reacted to the drama ...

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