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cardinal (catholic church)

A cardinal (Latin: Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae cardinalis, litera...

wikipedia - 15 Sep 2016
A cardinal (Latin: Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae cardinalis, literally Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church) is a senior ecclesiastical leader, considered a Prince of the Church, and usually (now always for those created when still within the voting age-range) an ordained bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. The cardinals of the Church are collectively known as the College of Cardinals. The duties of the cardinals include attending the meetings of the College and making themselves available individually or
cardinal (catholic church)

Sweden's Catholic minority shows church can thrive in secular society

Crux: Covering all things Catholic - 07 Dec 2017
ROME - Even though it is one of the most secularized nations in the world, Sweden is one of the few countries in Europe where the Catholic Church is growing, said the country's first cardinal. This kind of revival shows “it is possible to live a good ...
cardinal (catholic church)

'Trinity Dome' tops Catholic church a century in the making

Houston Chronicle - 16 Dec 2017
Carol Wyble, a Catholic University graduate, once climbed it to watch her husband James, a mechanical engineer, work to bring things to a finish. "It was quite a process," said Wyble, who invited friends from New Hampshire to join in celebrating the ...
cardinal (catholic church)

Cardinal Arborelius named 'Swede of the year'

Vatican Radio - 15 Dec 2017
To represent the Catholic Church in a country, whose identity is mainly secular and otherwise Lutheran, requires a fearless attitude. As bishop of the diocese of Stockholm the Swede of the year also plays an essential role in bringing native Swedes and ...
cardinal (catholic church)

Sweden's Cardinal Arborelius praises liturgical translation reform

National Catholic Reporter - 08 Dec 2017
Arborelius was responding in the interview to a question about Francis' September apostolic letter Magnum Principium (issued motu proprio, or on his own initiative), in which the pope moved most responsibility for Catholic liturgical translations from ...
cardinal (catholic church)

Italy deals Church third big political loss, this time on right-to-die

Crux: Covering all things Catholic - 15 Dec 2017
ROME - Just days before the 11th anniversary of the death of an Italian man whose battle to be allowed to die stimulated wide debate in the country over euthanasia, the Italian senate on Thursday approved a “living wills” measure strongly backed by ...
cardinal (catholic church)

Seeking new life for the center of Boston Catholicism

The Boston Globe - 02 Dec 2017
The roof leaks. The wiring is shot. The heating system is temperamental. And — I'm not afraid to tell you — there are bodies in the basement. And yet when the priest and the builder, the latest caretakers of the 142-year-old puddingstone church on ...
cardinal (catholic church)

Cardinal singles out Barrington parish for helping Puerto Rico

Chicago Daily Herald - 08 Dec 2017
Cardinal Blase Cupich singled out a Barrington church's parishioners for their generosity in trying to help nuns who work in the poorest areas of Puerto Rico while he was visiting the U.S. territory this week. In a tweet on Twitter, Cupich documented ...
cardinal (catholic church)

Lebanon's religious oppose Trump's Jerusalem move; Jordanians march

Crux: Covering all things Catholic - 15 Dec 2017
“For us, Christian and Muslim Arabs, when we lose Jerusalem, we lose everything,” said Father Rifat Bader, director of the Catholic Center for Studies and Media, reading a statement. “We lose the core of our faith, because everything began in Jerusalem ...
cardinal (catholic church)

Spanish cardinal says church teaching rejects Catalan independence

Crux: Covering all things Catholic - 01 Dec 2017
MADRID, Spain - Less than one month before elections in Catalonia, a Spanish cardinal said Catholics everywhere are violating church teaching if they support pro-independence movements. “In democratically constituted nations, there can be no moral ...

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